House wise significations

Every house has something to speak on education:

House    Signifies

  1. Self
  2. Education which a child receives from Kutumba (Paternal family and immediate personal family).
  3. In education, 3rd house represents communication skills and energy of a child also, away from home being 12th from 4th.
  4. House of basic education up to school level and environment of study at home.
  5. It represents intelligence, creativity and love affairs of the student.
  6. House of competitive spirit and enemy.
  7. House of opposition and competitors.
  8. House of insult, obstacles, bad luck and deep research.
  9. House of luck, divine grace, father, long journeys and higher education.
  10. House of name, fame, awards and honors.
  11. Gain of education.
  12. House of expenditures, fine, failures and study abroad.

KARKA:       While going through the house there are two planets which are said to be natural KARKA Signification for

the education of the native they are:

Jupiter:     Signifies intelligence &wisdom in education.

Mercury:  Signifies intellect, communication &analytical ability of the native in education.

BADHAK:     Astrologer should consider the badhak planet carefully. If badhkesh signifies 4-9-11.Then we should

ignore badhak. In that case badhak is no more badhak.

Analyzing education:

One should study the significations of the MAHADASHA lord (MDL) including its NAKSHATRA lord and its Sub lord. In the same way, ANTAR-DASHA lord including its NAKSHATRA lord & its Sub lord. We should also try to analyze the Partyantar Dasha lord including its Nakshatra lord and its sub lord at the same time. To see the strength of the MAHADASHA lord (MDL), ANTARDASHA lord (ADL) & PARTYANTAR lord (PDL). The following combinations should be considered as enumerated below:

If they signify:

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