Diseases of Seventh House

 Diseases of Seventh House

  1. Introduction
    • The 7th house is the least favoured among the Kendra sthans. It is exactly opposite the lagna or house of self. It is also 12th of the most dreaded 8th house (the infamous Trika house of longevity and the biggest black hole) and also the apex of Kaam Trikona (others being 3rd & 11th). So it is considered a potent Maraka house. But it is also house of marriage and all aspects related with matrimony, sexual behaviour and dissipation of vitality/energy. The 7th house represents organs of urinary system, various glands and internal female genital organ. By principles of Bhavet Bhavam, it is also Sookhma Sthan of both the adjacent Kendra i.e. 10th of 10th and 4th of 4th Thus the planets in 4th and 10th house influence 7th house and vice-versa. According to scriptures, one should perform Shanti-Karma during dasha of 7th lord to pacify evil results.
    • The 7th house or Libra (sign of 7th house in Kaal Purusha chart) rules over groin (area between navel and things), semen, sexual activities/ ailments, semen, sexual morality, bladder, uterus, menstrual disorders, kidney, spleen, gall bladder, prostate glands, and hernia. The main Karaka for this house is Venus. Mars is the Karaka of blood, sex & vigour; while Jupiter is of Husband. Moon controls emotions, female genitals, menstrual cycle and maternity. Sun, Saturn and Rahu are separatist planets causing pain and problems in matrimonial comfort/ happiness.
  2. Kidney/Gall bladder Problems
    • Kidney is an important agent of purifying blood and excretion of waste and urine. Although a person can comfortably live with one kidney only, but considering its importance God has given natives two Kidneys on either side of back of lower abdomen. Each kidney weighs only a few grams, but they contain more than a million filter units called Nephrons. The main function of the kidneys is to filter the blood, extra water, minerals, nitrogenous waste and extra protein content of the food and to forward them to bladder as urine. The most common disease of kidneys are inflammation, pain, stone formation inside them or their failure due to chronic diabetes or blood or blood pressure over a long period of time. Stones are mainly formed of calcium and phosphoric salts & uric acid and can be successfully removed through an operation. Comparatively it is easier to remove stones from Kidney than from Gall bladder, which sometimes necessitate the removal of gall bladder itself. The Karaka of all type of stones is Saturn; while Mercury rules over Gall bladder and the Sun rules over all bowl diseases. The Saturn along with Mars and Rahu should afflict 7th house, Libra, Venus and Moon.
    • But the problem of chronic failure is a complex ailment requiring cleaning of blood by artificial means called dialysis or by transplanting someone else’s kidney. This treatment is costly but can prolong the life of the patient, if it succeeds, up to 10 years with its entire trauma. All kidney donors also have similar astrological symptoms as a kidney patient as they also have to undergo a major operation. Venus is the main karaka of Kidney with Mercury & Moon and 6th & 7th house is support. Some of the main astrological combinations are:
  3. Mercury in a Jupiterian sign aspected by Sun.
  4. Moon/ Venus in a watery sign and its dispositor in 6th/ 7th and afflicted.
  5. Malefics occupy 6th, 7th and 8th
  6. 7th house, 7th lord, Virgo, Libra, and Venus all afflicted by Mars, Saturn or Rahu.
  7. Venus, Moon, 7th lord and 8th house are afflicted malefics.
  8. Mars and Venus/ Mercury in 6th/ 7th and afflicted.
  9. Saturn in 7th aspected by Rahu.
  10. 7th lord a watery planet and a watery sign in 7th, both afflicted.
  11. Mercury in a watery sign in 6th or 8th and afflicted by malefics.
  12. Three or more malefics in 3rd, 6th, 7th or 8th
  13. Venus in Cancer/ Scorpio and afflicted by malefics.
  14. Sun and Mars are in 6th, 7th or 8th afflicted by Saturn/Rahu.
  15. Lord of 6th or 7th associated with lord of 8th or 12th and afflicted.
  16. Malefics in 7th house and 7th lord is in 6th or 8th
  17. Lord of lagna conjoins lord of 8th in 8th with malefic aspect.
  18. Diseases of small but vital organs
    • Hernia: It is protrusion of part or whole of an organ from its original position through a natural/ artificial opening. Usually it used to describe part of intestine through a defect in the abdominal wall. It may occur at various places and at any age. Its causes could be many, but obesity, laxity/ dysfunctioning of muscles or raised pressure in the cavity could be the major ones. Surgical operation is the best answer. Hernia is judged by 7th house and Libra sign. Moon and Venus are the Karka for the same. When Moon and 7th house/ lord are weak and afflicted, hernia is caused. Some of the notable astrological combinations are:
  19. Lagnesh or Moon in 8th house with Rahu/ Saturn.
  20. Mars and Ketu in 6th/7th house and afflicted.
  21. Mars conjuncts Saturn and/ or Rahu in 6th, 7th or 8th
  22. Lords of lagna, 6th, 8th and 12th houses related to each other.
  23. Malefic Jupiter afflicted by Saturn/ Rahu.
  24. 7th lord in 8th or vice-versa and re afflicted.
  25. Weak Moon is in 7th/ 8th and afflicted by malefics.
  26. Weak Moon in lagna afflicted by Mars and Saturn.
    • Spleen: It is an important gland located below diaphragm on left side behind stomach. Its main function is to maintain immunity of the body and purifying blood of broken/ dead blood cells. When it is infected, it gets enlarged indicating lack of immune state of the body and the body. Sometimes due to some accident, it gets burst endangering life as it bleeds a lot. Then its removal by surgical operation is the only answer. Astrologically Moon is its Karaka and 7th house/ lord/ Venus support it. When these are afflicted by Mars, Satrun or Rahu, Spleen problems occur. Some of the combinations are:
  27. Moon between malefics and Sun in Capricorn or Saturn is in 7th.
  28. Waning Moon with a malefic in lagna (owned by Saturn) or in 6th, 7th or 8th
  29. Mars in lagna with a weak 6th or 7th
  30. Sun in lagna with or aspected by Mars.
  31. Saturn conjoins Moon in 6th, 7th or 8th
  32. Sun, Moon and Mars together in 6th or 7th
    • Prostate Gland: This gland is there in males only, located close to bladder and around urethra in urinary system. It basically provides nutrition to semen. However its location is such that if this gland increases in size, due to infection, it obstructs the urinary system, flow of urine and allied problems. Normally these problems start only after age of 60 or so, but it may occur earlier if infected or as a side effect of some other disease. Astrologically Mars and Venus are the main Karaka and 7th house/ lord/ Libra sign on affliction indicates its susceptibility.
    • Adrenal Glands: These glands are located on top of each kidney. Each gland consists of two distinct but intimately connected points-the core/ medulla and the outer coat/ cortex. The glands secrete hormones which control sexual behaviour of a native. An insufficient secretion of hormones results in an affliction called “Addison Disease”. The sufferer becomes sexually important. An excess secretion may result in over development of the sex organs and premature ageing. In females, masculinization takes place leading to decrease in size of the breast, development of deep voice or growth of hair on face. The glands also control production of bile and control liver and flow of blood. Overworking may lead to high BP and more bile lead to acidity, vomiting or severe headache. Astrologically these glands are ruled by Mars, Venus and Jupiter.
  33. Diseases of Female organs
    • Diseases in female organs are to be judged from 7th house/ lord and Libra sign. Mars is general Karaka of Female diseases & tumours, while Mercury causes therein. Venus rules over ovaries and Moon rules over menstrual cycle. The womb refers to Virgo and 6th
    • Menstrual Disorder: Menstruation is a normal physiological phenomenon of female sex. Normally a female has menstruation from puberty to menopause. Moon governs menstruation cycle which is normally of 28 days coinciding with lunar cycle and lasts for 3 to 5 days. Mars governs blood, breakage of tissues and uterine endometrium. Hence a favorable position of Mars w.r.t natal Moon is also necessary. Normally when Mars in transit influences natal Moon or lagna, menstruation starts. Any affliction to Moon, which also controls emotional behaviour of a female, causes menstrual disorder. The disorders include leucorrhoea (white discharge due to local infection), sudden stoppage of menstruation/ Amenorrhoea (it may occur due to pregnancy, interruption of menses due to any reason, some mechanical obstruction, sudden shocks, worry or mental strain or fear of pregnancy), dysmenorrhea or painful menses (due to congestion of womb/ ovaries or their disorder) and menorrhagia or excessive menses when flow occurs with unusual frequency or continues longer than ordinary or is more abundant than natural though at the proper time and accompanied by pain in the head and/ or lions. These diseases are indicated by 6th house/ Virgo (womb), 7th house/ Libra (ovaries), Moon & Mars are Karaka planets (for irregular flow) and Saturn/ pain for pain and irregularities. Some of the astrogical combinations for menstrual disorders are:
  34. 7th lord is debilitated/ combust and placed in an evil house with a malefic.
  35. Venus posited in Scorpio/ 8th house and afflicted.
  36. Association of Moon with Mars, Saturn and/ or Rahu in an odd sign.
  37. Moon and Mars associated with Saturn, Rahu/ Ketu, or lord of a Trika house.
  38. Moon and Mars hemmed between malefics.
  39. Moon and Mars in 6th, 7th or 8th house and afflicted.
  40. Saturn aspecting ill placed Mars or Moon.
  41. Two or more malefics in 6th or 7th without benefic influence.
    • Leucorrhoea: The disease involves white discharge through vaginal passage accompanied by constant itching, weakness and lethargy. Occasionally there could be fever or urethritis also. This is normally caused due to lack of hygiene, use of mechanical contraceptives or vaginal infections. Venus, Moon and 7th house/ lord govern this disease and their afflictions indicate the problem.
  42. Impotency/ Sterility
    • Impotency is a cause. Many married lives are ruined if this disease catches one at a younger age. 7th and 8th house together control sexual behavior of a native. Impotency can be broadly divided in two groups:
  1. A. Temporary
  2. Psychological, which can be corrected medically or through counseling.
  3. Permanent, which cannot be cured and is a permanent source of agony. The first group is again divided in two groups:
  4. One which is Psychological
  5. Which require medical/ astrological remedies to correct minor handicaps.

More often than expected the cause of impotence lies with males, but females are generally blamed for it. The sexual characteristics of different signs of zodiac are:

Fiery Signs: Aries, Leo & Sagittarius are oversexed;

Earthy Sign: Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn are sober in sex;

Airy Sign: Gemini, Libra & Aquarius have a secret lining but mask their feeling;

Watery Sign: Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces are indifferent but exhibit highly passionate feelings with congenial partners.

  • Psychological: There are various phobias/ misconception among both males and females which cause frigidity or inhibition & fear of coitus. Firstly one must understand that different natives have slightly different size or length of Penis / depth of vagina. But this neither affects physical safety nor chances of conception. The penis is normally flaccid, but before copulation it becomes erect, rigid and slightly longer to make copulation a success. At marriage, particularly in India, a girl undergoes many emotional, psychological, mental and at times physical disturbances which create many unfound phobias. It is more so because sex education here is considered a taboo. She requires adequate reassurances against all these. The boys also suffer due to unfound fear of their competence, worries or mental aberrations. Fear, suspicion, uncertainty or jealousy may create psychological incompetence. This can only be relieved through counseling by senior kins or specialist psychologists. Astrologically, it is represented by affliction of Moon by Saturn and/ or Rahu. Some of such combinations for psychological impotence or frigidity are:
  1. Saturn as Lagnesh is conjoined or aspected by Mars and Ketu.
  2. Moon is afflicted by Mars, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu (at least by two).
  3. 8th house/ lord is hemmed between Rahu and Saturn.
  4. Rahu and Saturn combine with lagna or Moon.
  5. Moon & Mars are weak and afflicted by Satrun, Rahu or 6th
    • Temporary Impotence: Venus rules the sex life in males and Mars in females. The 7th house, 7th lord and Libra sign should be looked into and Saturn & Mercury are considered eunuch planets and Karaka for impotence. Any connection of these two planets, as functional malefic, with the above houses and planet may cause impotence. The 5th house, 5th lord, Leo sign and Jupiter indicate child bearing capacity and as such dictate successful conception. The term “Temporary” means that cause of impotence is temporary or partial in nature and can be rectified by astrological remedies or by medical intervention. This could be affliction of astrological parameters given above or medical reasons such as a period of weakness after illness/ shocks or lower semen counts or minor blockage in reproductive organs. These when rectified bring back the couple to normal course of child bearing capacity. some of the astrological combinations for impotence are:
  6. If lagna, Moon sign or 7th house is afflicted by Saturn and Rahu/ Ketu, one suffers temporary impotence.
  7. Saturn and Ketu or Moon-Saturn-Ketu in 7th or 8th house is indicative of operation on sex organ or womb.
  8. Temporary impotence is also caused as a secondary effect to an existing disease like hydrocele, hernia or diabetes.
  9. Rahu occupies 7th house or conjoins Moon and aspected by Saturn.
  10. Rahu & Saturn occupies lagna and Mercury is afflicted in 7th.
  11. Moon and Venus are afflicted by Saturn/ Nodes in 6th, 7th or 8th.
  12. Saturn & Mercury are in 8th and Moon is weak & afflicted.
  13. Saturn in 6th/ 8th/ 12th from Venus in an inimical sign.
  14. 7th lord in 6th with Venus.
  15. Venus and Moon are afflicted by Saturn and Rahu/Ketu.
  16. No benefic in Kendra/ Trikona and Moon and Venus afflicted.
  17. Mercury and Saturn in 7th or 8th without benefic influence.
  18. Lords of 5th, 6th and 7th in 8th without benefic influence.
  19. Venus in a Trika house with lord of 2nd, 3rd, 6th or 7th.
    • Permanent Impotence: If the causes of impotence are of permanent nature like Dridha (firm) evil Karma or curses of the past lives (represents by severe affliction to child bearing capacity) or medical incompetence due to severe injury to affected parts or side effects of serious illness or permanent blockage/ obstruction in genetic organ or almost complete lack of healthy semen, the impotence becomes permanent. In such cases astrological remedies or medical help also do not help. It is a very traumatic situation and may result in domestic disharmony or even divorce. Some natives accept as their fate while some other adopts child/ children. A few couple takes help of surrogacy.
    • Sterility/ Infertility: all combinations given for impotence in male are also applicable for frigidity. Some additional combinations are given below.
  20. The 8th house has Sun conjoined Saturn or Sun Moon together in Cancer/ Leo or Moon conjoins Mercury in Gemini/ Cancer/ Virgo.
  21. Lagna has Moon, Venus and Mars/ Saturn aspected by malefics from 5th
  22. Lagna has sign of Mars/ Saturn and is posited with Moon & Venus, aspected by a malefic.
  23. Lagnesh and Saturn are afflicted by Mars and Ketu.
  24. Rahu, Saturn and Moon conjoined.
  25. Saturn & Moon in 4th or 10th from Mars.
  26. Moon afflicted by Saturn and Mars/ Ketu.
  27. Affliction of 5th and 9th house by malefics.
  28. Malefics in 5th, 7th and 9th
  29. Mars & Saturn in 7th and afflicted.
  30. Saturn is rising in Rikta Sandhi and Venus in 7th house of the male.
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