Nakshatra Medical Astrology

Parts of the body denoted by ach sublord

(as per Nakshatra Medical Astrology)


Sub     VIRGO           – External abdominal and umbilical region, intestines Spine

Nos.                              lower


  1. Mercury – Sun – Rahu:

Degree: 0-1.13.20

Anatomy: Pelvis – Lower portion of the Trunk of the body at the side of Coccyx.

Disease: Pain at the pelvic bone.


  1. Mercury – Sun – Jupiter:

Degree: 1.13.20-3.00.00

Anatomy: Pubis – Area in front of the side of the Coccyx.

Disease: Tumour in the public


  1. Mercury – Sun – Saturn:

Degree: 3.00.00-5.6.40

Anatomy:  Lumbar – The part of the back between Thorax & Pelvis.

Disease: Chronic back pain.


  1. Mercury – Sun – Mercury:

Degree: 5.06.40-7.00.00

Anatomy: Appendix – The part in the lower abdominal quadrant without any function.

Disease: Appendicitis.


  1. Mercury – Sun – Ketu:

Degree: 7.00.00-7.46.40

Anatomy: Ventral – Cavity at the lower chamber of the heart.

Disease: Complication of the heart.


  1. Mercury – Sun – Venus:

Degree: 7.46.40-10.00.00

Anatomy: Seminal Sac – The sac collecting the semen.

Disease: Pain and swelling of the seminal.


  1. Mercury – Moon – Moon:

Degree: 10.00.00-11.6.40

Anatomy: Urethral Sac – The sac collecting urine.

Disease: Dullness and pain in the Urethral sac.


  1. Mercury – Moon – Mars:

Degree: 11.6.40-11.53.20

Anatomy: Diaphragm – The inspirational tissues assisting breathing.

Disease:  Sudden breathing trouble.


  1. Mercury – Moon – Rahu:

Degree: 11.53.20-13.53.20

Anatomy: Umbilical – The portion attached to the foetus lying below the chest.

Disease:  Swelling of the umbilical region. Abdominal T.B.


  1. Mercury – Moon – Jupiter:

Degree: 15.53.20-15.40.00

Anatomy: Pancreas – The gland that secretes insulin and lies at the side of spleen.

Disease: Failure of pancreas – Leads to sugar complaints.


  1. Mercury – Moon – Saturn:

Degree: 15.40.00-17.46.40

Anatomy: Bowels – The intestines.

Disease: Chronic bowel failure.


  1. Mercury – Moon – Mercury:

Degree :17.46.40-19.40.00

Anatomy: Kidney, the organ at the lumbar region filtering the blood (The membranous canal conveying urine from the Bladder outside the body)

Disease: Complications of the kidney.


  1. Mercury – Moon – Ketu:

Degree: 19.40.00-20.26.40

Anatomy: Loops of intestines – Sharp curves of intestines.

Disease: Pain and shrinking of intestinal loops.


  1. Mercury – Moon – Venus:

Degree: 20.26.40-22.40.00

Anatomy: Ovary – The sexual glands in female which produce the Ova.

Disease: Ovarian trouble in women.




  1. Mercury – Moon – Sun:

Degree:  22.40.00-23.20.00

Anatomy: Lumbar – The part of the back between Thorax & Pelvis.

Disease: Pain in the back.


  1. Mercury – Mars – Mars:

Degree: 23.20.00-24.6.40

Anatomy: Small intestines – The Bowels.

Disease: Shooting of sudden stomach pain.


  1. Mercury – Mars – Rahu:

Degree: 24.6.40-26.6.40

Anatomy: Rectum – The distal portion of the large intestine which excavates the digested food outside of the body.

Disease: Piles – Complication during motion.


  1. Mercury – Mars – Jupiter:

Degree: 26.6.40-27.53.20

Anatomy: Ilium bone – The expansive, superior portion of the hip bone.

Disease : Tumour in the ilium.


  1. Mercury – Mars – Saturn:

Degree: 27.53.20-30.00.00

Anatomy: Coccyx – The extreme end of the vertebral column.

Disease: Chronic pain at the bottom of the back.





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