Diabetes is as old as civilization and is mother of various diseases. It is a silent killer and kills one person every 10 seconds. Worldwide every year more than 3.2 million deaths are attributed to diabetes. Diabetes Mellitus is a disease of glucose metabolism in the body. In this disease, there is excess of glucose in the blood and blood tissues, but it cannot be utilized. It is a case of starvation in the midst of plenty. This is because of the deficiency of a hormone called insulin, produced by pancreas, which breaks carbohydrates/ glucose into useful components for use by the body. It is characterized by hyper-glycemia (excess glucose in blood) and glycosuria (lack of glucose/ sugar in urine). The disease is of two types first grade, which is caused among children and in adolescence, and type two, which is caused in middle age. The type two again is of two variety- Hyper-glycemia (excess sugar in blood) and Hypo-glycemia (deficiency of sugar in the blood). The second variety is more dangerous and may make one unconscious or even dead. However hyperglycemia is a silent killer and may cause any serious disease of heart, brain, eye, ear or kidney etc. It is largely a hereditary/ genetic disease, but can be controlled with proper diet and medication. Hectic but sedentary lifestyle and stressful schedules are causing it to strike early.

The signs of possible diabetes are sudden loss of energy and weakness, excessive thirst & frequency of urination, unexplained loss of weight, thinning extreme portion of and slow recovery in infection/ wounds. In India, germinated gram, Jamun, Karela juice and Neem leaves are used for good relief for centuries. Jupiter rules the pancreas, The liver and carbohydrates. Venus rules over the entire hormonal system and glands in the body. Affliction of Jupiter. Venus along with Moon, 6th house/ lord and Virgo cause the diabete.

Some of the other combinations for this disease are as under:

  1. Afflicted or debilitated Jupiter or Venus in 6th/ 8th house.
  2. Saturn and Rahu afflict Jupiter by association/ aspect.
  3. Combust/ debilitated Jupiter in Rahu-Ketu axis.
  4. Jupiter or Venus as functional malefic in 6th house and aspected by a malefic.
  5. Afflicted Jupiter retrograde in a Trika house without benefic influence.
  6. 5th lord in a Trika house and afflicted.
  7. Mars in 10th and afflicted by Saturn.
  8. Jupiter in Nakshatra of and aspected by Rahu.
  9. Jupiter or Venus afflicted in 2nd house, while Lagnesh is in 6th house in debility.
  10. The lagna, Moon, Jupiter and Virgo all afflicted.
  11. Afflicted Jupiter in 6th and Venus in 12th or vice-versa.
  12. A strong malefic in 8th/ lagna, while Jupiter is with Venus/ Moon afflicted.
  13. Mars with Jupiter/ Venus in 6th house/ Virgo, and afflicted.
  14. A malefic in a Trika house in a watery sign and afflicted.
  15. Saturn, Sun and Jupiter/ Venus in 5th house.
  16. Watery signs and watery planets are afflicted.
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