Diseases of Fifth House

1. Introduction
1.1 The fifth house is an important Trikona. Both 5 th and 9 th houses are each others Sookshama/ Bhavet Bhavam house. This house represents Poorva Janam Karma, which are cause of our most of the
miseries, sorrows and ailment. The main karaka of this house is Jupiter, which represent among others, pregnancy/ conception, fertility/ sterility, 1st child & children in general. Mars and Ketu cause
abortions/ miscarriages. The Sun is Karaka for heart, belly, stomach bowel troubles, Saturn for abdominal pain and Rahu for intestines.
1.2 The fifth house represents stomach region between diaphragm and navel. The disease to be covered by 5th house include heart surgery, stomach/ intestinal ailments, diarrhea/ dysentery, indigestion,
worms, colic pains, peptic ulcer, appendicitis, pregnancy and related diseases.
2. Heart Surgery
2.1 Sun, Moon and sign Cancer, Leo are Karka of heart diseases. The Karaka of surgery are Mars and Ketu. These, when related with Trika house or lords, indicates heart surgery. In surgery, great strides have been made in cardiovascular field to provide comfort and longevity to an individual. The scope includes the scope includes from a simple ballooning to transplant a heart itself.
3. Stomach/ Intestinal ailments obesity
3.1 Sun, 5 th house and Leo governs stomach. Aries and Virgo cause abdominal ailments. Last quarter of Punarvasu and Pushya Nakshatra indicate abdominal problem; while Hasta and Uttar Nakshatra rule over intestines. Most of the stomach problems are due to indigestion and obesity. Some of the combinations for theses disease are:
a) 6th having a malefic, 6th lord in 7th and Saturn & Venus in 8th house indicate stomach disorders.
b) Lagnesh and 4 th lord in the house while a retrograde planet in 5th show stomach disorder.
c) A malefic planet in 5 th and 5 th lord hemmed between malefics cause stomach problem.
d) Jupiter in Cancer in a Trika house shows obesity, while 5th house 5th lord afflicted indicate stomach ailments.

e) Affliction of Jupiter, Moon and Venus by Rahu and/ or Saturn cause obesity.
f) All the Kendra is occupied by malefics and Jupiter & Venus afflicted causes obesity.
g) 5 th and 7 th lord in a Trika house and afflicted show stomach ailments.
h) Sun, Moon or 5 th lord hemmed between malefics and connected with

a Trika house indicate stomach problems.
i) Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu (any three) afflicting 5th house, Leo or Virgo sign indicate stomach problem.
j) Debilitated Sun or Moon in lagna, afflicted by Mars, Saturn or Rahu causes stomach problem.
k) Mars in sign of Saturn or Saturn in sign of Mars in 5th or 6th house with Moon in Kendra from them indicates pain in stomach.
l) Moon in lagna or 5th house and Saturn in 8th gives stomach problems.
m) Saturn, Rahu/ Ketu in 5th house/ Virgo give problems in intestines.
n) Affliction of Leo Virgo and 5th 6th house by Saturn/ Rahu cause problems in intestines.
o) Rahu in lagna and Saturn in 8th aspected by a malefic causes intestine problem.
p) Rahu conjunct or aspecting Sun/ Moon in 5th house and afflicted causes intestinal problems.
q) Mars in lagna and weak 6th lord causes indigestion.
r) Afflicted Moon in Virgo or 5th / 6th house shoes bowel irregularities, indigestion and disturbed intestinal function.
s) Mercury as 6th / 7th lord with Mars and Rahu/ Ketu in 5th house/ Leo indicates Stomach problem.
t) Sun afflicted by Ketu and malefic Venus in 4th / 5th house shows indigestion and stomach problem.
4. Colic Pain, Peptic Ulcer Worms
4.1 The colic pains involve Sun, Ketu, Leo/ Virgo and 6th house. This is a disease which causes severe gripping pain in the belly and could be caused due to variety of reasons in stomach, intestines etc. The ulcers are bilious disease. Full physical mental relaxation, strict dietary control and regular bowl movements, normally, heals an ulcer with proper medication. Worms are regular features in our environment. These are of various types like Hook-worms, ring-worms, tape- worms and tread worms. They are all parasites and take normal refuse in intestine. If not removed periodically, they may cause serious problems in intestine/ stomach. We should periodically take anti-worm medicine for the whole family together to get rid of them.
The astrological Combinations for these are:
a) The Sun in Lagna or 5th house aspected by Mars of Saturn cause colic pain.
b) The Sun in 4th and Mars in 10th , both afflicted by malefics cause colic pain.
c) Weak Moon with malefics in 1st , 5th or 9th causes colic pain.
d) The Sun, Moon Mars or Sun Saturn or Moon Saturn together in 6th or 12th house cause colic pain.
e) Ketu occupying 5th or sixth house in Leo/ Virgo and aspected by Mars or Saturn causes colic pain.
f) Lagnesh is in debility/ combustion, in enemy house aspected by malefic indicate colic pain.
g) The Sun and Rahu in 5th or 6th house aspected by Saturn indicates worms troubles.
h) The Moon in 4th , Mars in 10th and Saturn in 2nd house shows chronic worms troubles.
i) Weak Moon aspected by Mars and Saturn in 8th house shows worms.
j) Affliction of 5th house, Leo and / or Virgo by Mars, Saturn or Rahu causes peptic ulcer.
k) Weak Sun & Moon, and 5 th house badly afflicted indicate peptic ulcer.
l) 5 th lord conjoins 6 th lord and is afflicted by malefics.
5. Appendicitis
5.1 The appendicitis is the inflammation of the vermiform appendix located at the junction of small and large intestine. The exact role of the organ is not clearly known to even modern medicos. Sun being ruler of abdomen, rule over this also. Afflicting of Sun Moon and their relation with disease inflicting house/ sign/ lords cause appendicitis. Affliction by Rahu or Mars cause severe and sudden attack of appendicitis. Some of the astrological combinations are:
1. The 8th house afflicted by Rahu/ Mars with weak afflicted Moon anywhere.
2. 5th or 6th house being hemmed between two strong malefics.
3. Afflicted Sun/ Moon in Virgo/ Scorpio and 6th house also afflicted.
4. Moon is weak in Virgo associated with a malefic with 6th house afflicted.
5. Sun is afflicted in Leo by Rahu/ Mars, while Moon is afflicted in Virgo.

6. Jupiter or Saturn in 6 th in Virgo, Scorpio or Pisces, while Moon is also afflicted.
7. Malefic Moon in Virgo conjoined with or aspected by Rahu/ Mars.
8. Mars is in 6 th in Gemini/ Virgo and Moon afflicted anywhere.
6. Miscarriage/ Abortion
6.1 The fifth house represents pregnancy/ conception and its successful delivery or untimely termination. Miscarriage/ abortions, whether spontaneous or medically terminated, adversely affect (more for the day) physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. Medicos do not know the exact causes but it is felt that weak uterus, general weakness, mismatching of blood group between the couple and first conception at the advanced age could be the reasons. Astrologically lagna, 5th house/ lord, karaka Jupiter, and Moon afflicted by Mars, Ketu and Saturn could be the causes. From conception to delivery,
the planets Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Sun, Moon, Saturn, Mercury, Lagnesh, Moon and Sun rules one month each in the order given. If a planet is weak or afflicted in the chart of the day, the chances of abortion/ miscarriage during the month ruled by the planet increase.
Some of the combinations are as under:
1. Lagna, Moon, Jupiter are afflicted by malefic/ retrograde planets.
2. There is exchange of 5th, 8th lord or 5th lord is afflicted in 8th house.
3. 5th lord, Jupiter, Moon and Venus are influenced by separatist planets.
4. Lagna or Moon in Papakartari and aspected by Mars or Ketu.
5. Mars and Ketu aspecting 5 th from lagna, Moon or Jupiter.
6. Mars/ Ketu afflict Jupiter, Moon and Venus.
7. Mars with Jupiter/ Venus in 5 th aspected or conjunct with a malefic.
8. During pregnancy, dasha lords are afflicted by Mars, Ketu/ Saturn.
9. Mars and Saturn in lagna, Moon in sign of Mars/ Saturn and afflicted; or Jupiter is afflicted by all three malefic, the child dies in womb itself.
10. Lagna, Moon and Jupiter are weak & in movable signs and related with malefic house/ planets.

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