The liver is the largest and heaviest gland (weight aprox 1.2 to 1.5 kg) and located on one side of stomach below the diaphragm. It is virtually a gigantic multipurpose chemical factory. Some of its main functions are: (a) conversion of food into proteins, carbohydrates and fat, (b) detoxification of substances like drugs, alcohol & poisons, which are neutralized/rendered harmless, (C) maintains sugar level of blood, (d) erythrocyte destruction, (e) Production of enzymes for proper digestion of food, (f) sends nitrogenous waste to Kidney for filtering and excretion and (g) storage of Vitamin A. The liver is an amazing organ, which can function even if only 25% of it is healthy. Even after damage, it can regenerate itself by growing new cells.

There are many types of diseases related with functioning of  liver like Jaundice, loss of appetite, Cirrhosis of liver, Cancer or TB of liver, Abscess of liver and Amoebic hepatitis (last two being secondary conditions of amoebic dysentery) etc. Astrologically a weak lagna, with afflicted Jupiter in 5th/6th house causes most of liver diseases. If Jupiter and Saturn are together or in mutual Kendra or aspect afflicted by malefic chronic liver diseases develops. Moon and Mars are ruler of blood and Venus of glands & drugs/ alcohol etc. Mars also causes abscesses.

Jaundice: It is the yellow discolouration of the body tissues and fluids caused by excessive bilirubin and derangements in the liver. It is a bilious disease and infective hepatitis is the main cause of jaundice, which is caused by the entry of a virus in the gastro-intestinal tract. Fever, malaise, loss of appetite, nausea, pain in abdomen due to enlarged liver and constipation are early symptoms. Some of the astrological combinations are as under:

  1. Weak Moon afflicted in 6th house.
  2. 6th lord and Moon/ its sign lord under affliction.
  3. Moon and Saturn in 5th/6th house and afflicted.
  4. Moon as Lagnesh/ 7th lord is afflicted.
  5. Moon is in the sign of Mars and hemmed between or afflicted by malefics.
  6. Leo & Virgo signs and 5th/6th lord are afflicted.
  7. 5th lord is in 8th and afflicted.

Cirrhosis of Liver: This is a disease in which normal tissues of liver are damaged and replaced by scary/ fibrous tissues. This may happen due to variety of reasons. One is infantile cirrhosis of liver, which is caused due to under-nourishment. In this liver increases in size and occupies greater part of abdomen, giving it a protruded appearance. The second is caused in adults due to excessive and regular drinking of alcohol etc over a long period of time damaging living beyond regeneration. Most common astrological cause is Jupiter in Virgo/ Scorpio and afflicted by Saturn by conjunction or aspect. The 6th lord, Moon and Venus may also be afflicted.

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