Diseases of Sixth House

Diseases of Sixth House

  1. Introduction
    • The sixth house is first of the Trika house (others being 8th & 12th), considered a black hole of the horoscope. Along with 3rd and 11th, it is grouped as Trishadaya It is an evil house and is the house for disease in general. It also indicates wounds, accidents, injuries and surgical operations. However the diseases indicated by this house are shorter duration and generally curable. Most of the diseases are of Vata origin. This house also deals with resistance to diseases. A strong 6th lord or a malefic posited here destroys diseases, while a benefic cause them. However two or more malefics or 6th lord afflicted by malefic is never welcome as it causes various illness.

Note: Trishadaya

This group of 3rd house, 6th house and 11th house represent the three evil factors i.e., desire, anger and greed respectively. These three houses in the Trishadaya group are entirely opposite to the most important houses for spiritual advancement i.e. the 9th house, 12th house and 5th houses respectively. The 11th house is the most powerful of the Trishadaya group as it is the last member of the group,

Third house: Third house represents rules desire, neighbours, close relations, secret offences. It has governance over courage. It is also concerned with throat, ears, younger brothers and sisters and father’s death.

Sixth house: This house signifies accidents, anger, disease, enemies, mental affliction, sadness, disgrace, misfortunes and stolen property,

Eleventh house: This eleventh house refers to gains, greed, elder brother, friends, acquisitions, freedom from misery.

For every Ascendant, a planet, becomes functional benefice, functional malefic or functional neutral depending on the lordship of the house. Mars, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu are natural malefic, Sun is considered to be Karur, waning Moon and combust Mercury are also malefic.  Jupiter and Venus are natural benefice. Lord of 6th, 8th and 12th house are functional malefic. Trishadayesh i.e., lord of 3rd house, 6th house and 11th house are also considered as malefic.  A malefice planet that becomes the lord of kendra who is simultaneously lord of Trik and Trishaya houses will be called strongest functional malefic.

Also, when a benefice planet becomes the lord of Kendra, he loses his power to give benefice result due to Kendradhipati Dosha whereas a malefic planet becomes functional benefice, If a benefice planet is placed in Kendra without being the lord of Trik houses (6th house, 8th house, or 12th house), it is good and in this condition that benefice planet gives benefice results.

When a benefice planet becomes the lord of Trik or Trishadaya houses or is placed in this group he loses his power to give his natural benefice results. While when a malefic planet becomes lord of trik and trashadaya houses or is positioned in it he has also to lose his natural malefic power and give benefice results.

One thing to be remembered the about 11th house is that it also apart of Upachaya group, the house of gains and fulfilment, so for the planet placed in this house is considered to be good.  Some astrologers believe that for health 11th house lord is not good.


  • The sixth house represents Waist, lower Abdomen, liver, Spleen, Gall bladder, Uterus and Skin in the body. In the chart of Kall Purusha, this house is occupied by Virgo and it becomes extra-sensitive and vital sign for all disease. Generally diseases like dysentery, diarrhea, cholera, jaundice, diabetes, eruptive disease like small pox, eczema & leucoderma, drug addiction etc. are seen from this house. Saturn and nodes are general Karaka for disease, Mars for accidents wounds & surgeries, while Mercury is Karaka for mental & skin diseases. Sixth is the second of Apoklima houses indicating old age travails/ diseases.

Note: The Apoklima houses are the 3rd, the 6th, the 9th and the 12th houses. Planets located in these houses are believed to be less effective than those situated in the Panapharas (the 2nd, 5th, 8th and the 11th) and the Kendras (the 1st, the 4th, the 7th and the 10th houses respectively.

  1. Diarrhea, Dysentery & Cholera
    • Dysentery is a disease of inflamed mucus membrane and intestinal glands with blood evacuation at times caused by indigestion & acidity. Amoebiasis denotes amoebic dysentery/ hepatitis, which results from infection of intestines and colon and the stool may contain blood & mucus or it may lead to a simple diarrhea. Diarrhea results from too rapid passage of the contents through intestines, resulting into fluid stool. Cholera is seen with profuse and frequent stools, incessant vomiting and excited thirst. The root causes for these diseases are found in 6th house, 6th lord, Virgo sign, Sun as Karaka for bowels and Venus for digestion. The Moon is significator for diarrhea, while Mercury is for cholera. The affliction of the above along with of lagna/ lagna lord causes these diseases. Some of the astrological combinations are given below:
  2. Moon, Mars or Venus associated with malefics in 6th cause diarrhea.
  3. Rahu & Mercury in lagna/ 6th opposing Mars & Saturn cause diarrhea.
  4. Moon and Venus in 6th conjunct with or aspected by Mars, Saturn or Rahu (any two) cause diarrhea.
  5. Waning Moon in 6th/ 8th house aspected by Saturn cause dysentery.
  6. Moon in 6th associated with Venus and a malefic cause dysentery.
  7. Lagnesh with Mars & Mercury in 6th or 8th cause dysentery.
  8. Saturn in lagna and Moon in 6th aspected by Mars cause dysentery.
  9. Malefic lord of 7th or 8th in 6th house and afflicted cause dysentery.
  10. Moon, Mercury and Venus in 6th house if afflicted by malefics cause cholera.
  11. 6th house, 6th lord, Virgo if afflicted by Mars and Rahu cause cholera.
  12. Moon in a Trika house if afflicted by Mars and Rahu cause cholera.
  13. Saturn in 6th or Virgo if afflicted causes cholera.
  14. Diabetes
    • Diabetes is as old as civilization and is mother of various diseases. It is a silent killer and kills one person every 10 second. Worldwide every year more than 3.2 million deaths are attributed to diabetes. Diabetes Mellitus is a disease of glucose metabolism in the body. In this disease, there is excess of glucose in the blood and blood tissues, but it cannot be utilized. It is a case of starvation in the midst of plenty. This is because of the deficiency of a hormone called Insulin, produced by pancreas, which breaks carbohydrates/ glucose into useful components for use by the body. It is characterized by hyper-glycaemia (excess glucose in blood) and glycosuria (lack of glucose/ sugar in urine). The disease is of two types- first grade which is caused in middle age. The type two variety- Hyper-glycaemia (excess sugar in blood) and Hypo-glycaemia (deficiency of sugar in the blood). The second variety is more dangerous and may make one unconscious or even dead. However hyper glycaemia is a silent killer and may cause any serious disease of heart, brain, eye, ear or kidney etc. It is largely a hereditary/ genetic disease, but can be controlled with proper diet and medication. Hectic but sedentary lifestyle and stressful schedules are causing it to strike early.
    • The signs of possible diabetes are sudden loss of energy and weakness, excessive thirst & frequency of urination, unexplained loss of weight, thinning extreme portion of limbs and slow recovery in infection/ wounds. In India, germinated gram, jamun, karalla juice and Neem leaves are used for good relief for centuries. Jupiter rules the pancreas, the liver and carbohydrates. Venus rules over the entire hormonal system and glands in the body. Affliction of Jupiter, Venus along with Moon, 6th house/ lord and Virgo cause the diabetes.

Some of the other combinations for this disease are us under:

  1. Afflicted or debilitated Jupiter or Venus in 6th/ 8th
  2. Saturn and Rahu afflict Jupiter by association/ aspect.
  3. Combust/ debilitated Jupiter in Rahu-Ketu axis.
  4. Jupiter or Venus as functional malefic in 6th house and aspected by a malefic.
  5. Afflicted Jupiter retrograde in a Trika house without benefic influence.
  6. 5th lord in a Trika house and afflicted.
  7. Mars in 10th and afflicted by Saturn.
  8. Jupiter in Nakshatra of and aspected by Rahu.
  9. Jupiter or Venus afflicted in 2nd house, while Lagnesh is in 6th house in debility.
  10. The lagna, Moon, Jupiter and Virgo all afflicted.
  11. Afflicted Jupiter in 6th and Venus in 12th or vice-versa.
  12. A strong malefic in 8th/ lagna, while Jupiter is with Venus/ Moon afflicted.
  • Mars with Jupiter/ Venus in 6th house/ Virgo, and afflicted.
  1. A malefic in a Trika house in a watery sign and afflicted.
  2. Saturn, Sun and Jupiter/ Venus in 5th
  3. Watery signs and watery planets are afflicted.
  4. Liver Diseases
    • The Liver is the largest and heaviest gland (weight approx. 1.2 to 1.5 kg) and located on one side of stomach below the diaphragm. It is virtually a gigantic multipurpose chemical factory. Some of its main functions are:
  • Conversion of food into proteins, carbohydrate and fat,
  • Detoxification of substances like drugs, alcohol & poisons, which are neutralized / rendered harmless,
  • Maintains sugar level of blood,
  • Erythrocyte (a blood cell of vertebratesthat transports oxygen and carbon dioxidecombined with the red pigment haemoglobin, to and from the tissues) destruction,
  • Production of bile and enzymes for proper digestion of food
  • Sends nitrogenous waste to Kidney for filtering and excretion
  • Storage of Vitamin A. The liver is an amazing organ, which can function even if only 25% of it is healthy. Even after damage, it can regenerate itself by growing new cells.
    • There are many types of disease related with functioning of liver like Jaundice, loss of appetite, Cirrhosis of Liver, Cancer or TB of liver, Abscess of liver and Amoebic hepatitis (last two being secondary conditions of amoebic dysentery) etc. Astrologically a weak lagna, with afflicted Jupiter in 5th/ 6th house causes most of liver diseases. If Jupiter and Saturn are together or in mutual Kendra or aspect afflicted by malefics chronic liver diseases develops. Moon and Mars are ruler of blood and Venus of glands & drugs/ alcohol etc. Mars also causes abscesses.
    • Jaundice: It is the yellow discoloration of the body tissues and fluids caused by excessive bilirubin and derangements in the liver. It is a bilious disease and infective hepatitis is the main cause of jaundice, which is caused by the entry of a virus in the gastro-intestinal tract. Fever, malaise, loss of appetite, nausea, pain in abdomen due to enlarged liver and constipation are early symptoms. Some of the astrological combinations are as under:
  1. Weak Moon afflicted in 6th
  2. 6th lord and Moon/ its sign lord under affliction.
  3. Moon and Saturn in 5th/ 6th house and afflicted.
  4. Moon as Lagnesh/ 7th lord is afflicted.
  5. Moon is in the sign of Mars and hemmed between or afflicted by malefics.
  6. Leo & Virgo signs and 5th/ 6th lord are afflicted.
  7. 5th lord is in 8th and afflicted.
    • Cirrhosis of Liver: This is a disease in which normal tissues of liver are damaged and replaced by scary/ fibrous tissues. This may happen due to variety of reasons. One is infantile cirrhosis of liver, which is caused due to under-nourishment. In this liver increases in size and occupies greater part of abdomen, giving it a protruded appearance. The second is caused in adults due to excessive and regular drinking of alcohol etc. over a long period of time damaging living beyond regeneration. Most common astrological cause is Jupiter in Virgo/ Scorpio and afflicted by Saturn by conjunction or aspect. The 6th lord, Moon and Venus may also be afflicted.

सिरोसिस यकृत की कैंसर के बाद सबसे गंभीर बीमारी है, इस बीमारी का इलाज लीवर प्रत्यारोपण के अलावा और कोई नहीं है। इस रोग में यकृत कोशिकाएं बडे पैमाने पर नष्ट हो जाती हैं और उनके स्थान पर फाइबर तंतुओं का निर्माण हो जाता है। यकृत की बनावट भी असामान्य हो जाती है, जिससे पोर्टल हाइपरटैंशन की स्थिति बन जाती है।

  1. Drug Addiction
    • Over past few decades, consuming drugs among young adults are increasing throughout world. There are various toxic drugs going round like charas, hashish, morphia, LSD, heroin, cocaine, cannabis and marijuana etc. In the beginning one takes drugs out of curiosity, wrong notion of increasing concentration/ stimuli or as a part of modern-day life. Once addicted it is very difficult to get rid of it. The biggest disadvantages of the drugs are their adverse side effects, like brain/ nervous disorders, chronic bronchitis or damage to liver, seclusion and poor health. Astrologically, Moon is significator of eating and 2nd house indicate food. If the 2nd lord, Moon and Venus together or separately are afflicted by Mars, Saturn and or Nodes in an evil house, it indicates a drug addict.
  2. Skin Diseases
    • Human body is covered with an elastic membrane known as skin. Its main functions are
  • Protection of the underlying structures,
  • Appreciation of tactile ( Touch) and thermal sensation,
  • Control of body temperature,
  • Secretion,
  • An immunological (resistant) agent,
  • Excretion of waste through perspiration and
  • An agent of supply of Vitamin D through sunlight. The skin is generally of two types-dry and greasy. In many ways, a dry skin presents more problems to its owner than a greasy one, although a greasy skin is often associated with acne and dandruff in early adulthood days. Dry skin is also the result of excessive water loss. There are various skin disorders, which are characterized by extra dryness for various reasons. Nobody has been able to discover a drug or food stuff which can improve the state of skin. However, taking Vitamin A at times does wonders. Color of the skin depends upon the amount of pigment melanin, it contains on the thickness of the epidermis and on the amount of oxygen content of blood flowing through the superficial vessels of the dermis.
    • The skin diseases include rashes, itches, acne, dandruff, eczema, chicken-pox, leucoderma and leprosy. The Mercury, 6th house and Virgo are main Karaka for skin; Moon & Mars for blood, Venus for skin luster and Saturn & Rahu for disease. The affliction of these and weak/ afflicted lagna and Lagnesh cause various skin diseases. Some of the combinations for general skin diseases are:
  1. Sun, Moon and Mars in 6th house produce red spots on skin.
  2. Strong Saturn in lagna, 3rd or 6th house conjoined or aspected by Mars causes itches and skin diseases.
  3. Moon in Cancer, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces aspected by malefics.
  4. Mercury or Moon conjoined with Sun in 6th and aspected by 8th
  5. Malefic and afflicted Mars in 6th.
  6. Mercury in lagna aspected by 6th/ 8th lord or Saturn.
  7. Mercury or Moon in 6th/ Virgo and hemmed between malefics.
  8. Mercury in 2nd aspected by Moon.
  9. Jupiter associated with Saturn and weak Moon afflicted by Mars.
  10. Saturn with Sun in lagna/ 6th and in mutual aspect with Mars.
    • Eczema and Chicken-pox: Nummular eczema is common skin reaction patter of hyper-sensitivity characterized by dark thick skin patches. It is often an expression of allergy or popular-vesicular, which later ooze and become crusted. The eruption often waxes and wanes and tends to remain local. The onset of eczema in infancy is v normally associated with introduction of new food to the diet or allergy/ sensitivity to certain thing. Such a child should not be vaccinated for small pox. Generally it disappears as the child grows. Chicken pox is an infective disease caused by a virus in any age group. The infection spreads by droplet or from clothing. The complications are mild fever, bronchitis or laryngitis. One attack normally offers protection/ insulation for future. A second attack is rare.
    • Leucoderma: Leuco means white and derma means skin. White patches on skin have been looked down as a serious physical defect. It is also called “Sweta Kushta” or white leprosy, which is not the case. It is a disease of blood and skin and is not contagious. Moon, Mercury and Saturn are primary Karaka of this disease. The root cause of this disease is bowels and hence 6th house 6th lord and Sun are also causative. As it affects the luster, Venus also has role. Some of the astrological combinations are:
  11. Moon and/ or Mercury in lagna hemmed between malefics.
  12. Mercury is afflicted by malefic Moon or malefic without benefic influence.
  13. Lagnesh conjoins Moon, Mercury or Mars and afflicted by Saturn/ Rahu.
  14. Moon and Mercury/ Venus in a watery sign and afflicted by malefics.
  15. Mars and Moon are in Aries, Taurus or Scorpio.
  16. Moon and Venus in 8th or 10th house and afflicted by malefics.
  17. Lagnesh with Mars and Rahu/ Ketu.
  18. Moon or Mercury in 4th aspected by malefics.
  19. Mars and Moon in 6th/ Virgo and afflicted.
  20. Watery signs and watery planets are afflicted.
  21. Saturn Moon conjunct in 6th or aspected by 6th
  22. Malefic in lagna (without Lagnesh), but with Mars.
    • Leprosy or Kushta Roga: The human race is cursed with a few ghastly diseases and leprosy is one of them. The medical science is yet to know why a certain person is susceptible to this disease. The leprosy is primarily of two types- anesthetic type and nodular type. The later type is more contagious and also difficult to cure. The anesthetic type is not that important and young natives may continue their normal routines; but even then ‘contact’ is not desirable nor allowed. In this there could be pink or pale patches of skin, which are insensible to touch, prick and burn. In the nodular type, the skin becomes thickened at various places and raised in ridges and the sign is also discolored or shining. Leprosy affects the skin and lymph nodes, the nasal mucus membrane, larynx and also the internal organs such as liver & lungs. The nerves swell and undergo degeneration. Saturn and Rahu are main Karaka of this disease. With Mars they affect blood and with Moon & Mercury they affect the skin. Some of the astrological combinations making a native susceptible to leprosy are:
  23. Lagnesh joins Mars and Mercury in 4th or 12th
  24. Weak Jupiter is in 6th with Moon and afflicted by Rahu/ Saturn.
  25. Lords of 6th, 8th and lagna are in 6th or Rahu & Moon are in 6th and afflicted.
  26. Mars or Mercury as Lagnesh is conjoined with Moon and Rahu/ Ketu.
  27. A malefic in lagna with or afflicted by Saturn and Rahu.
  28. Saturn, Mercury conjoined Lagnesh and Rahu and Sun/ Moon are in 6th.
  29. Mars conjoin Sun/ Saturn in lagna/ 6th house afflicted by 6th
  30. Saturn and Mars in 9th afflicted by malefics.
  31. Lord of 12th is combined with lord of 6th in 6th band is afflicted by Rahu/ Saturn.
  32. Rahu in 3rd, 6th or 12th house associated with Moon/ Mercury and aspected by Mars/ Saturn.
  33. Rahu and Mars in 6th in relation with Saturn and Moon.
  34. Lagnesh conjoins Rahu in a Trisandhya house and afflicted.
  • Moon occupies 5th Navamsha of Sagittarius, Pisces, and Cancer or of Capricorn and is conjoined with Saturn, Rahu or Mars.
  1. Sun, Moon and lagna are afflicted by Mars and Saturn/ Rahu.



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