Nakshatras and Astrology

Nakshatras are lunar mansions

By Ast. Hatinder Kaur (Senior Faculty)
1. Nakshatra means – which can not be destroyed.
2. Naks+setra- to arrive at , approach( The Moon approaching its mansions).
3. Nak+ksa+trs- Protecting during the night of destruction.
4. 27 Nakshatra represent conciousness.
5. Each Nakshatras represent a particular quality of consiousness
Nakshatras are classified as follows—-

Janam Nakshatra 10 19
Sampat Nakshatra 11 20
Vipat Nakshatra 12 21
Kshema Nakshatra 13 22
Prityari Nakshatra 14 23
Saddak Nakshatra 15 24
Vadha Nakshatra 16 25
Mitra Nakshatra 17 26
Atimitra Nakshatra 18 27

Deity: Ashwani kumars.
Mantra: Ashwani sumanasa vanthitha thevamanshari aswinithevi sahaayakurbe
Ashwini Kumars were the twins.They are shown riding the horses. They were healers of the gods. They could bring people back from death.
Nakshatra Ashwini comes in Aries(lord—Mars) and is ruled by Ketu.

Ashwani Twins: If Mars in Ashwani in 3rd house person has a twin.
If Jupiter in 5th or Sun in 5th in Ashwani, the native has twins.
Ke is karka of rejuvenation, in Ashwani this rejuvenation is more pronuonced as Ashwani kumars are divine healers
Profession : Mars ,lord of Aries , gives surgery.Ketu, lord of Ashwini gives precision.
First pada: In Navamsa, it goes to Aries, so people make excellent surgeons,
Second pada: In Navamsa , it goes to Taurus, so people make good skin specialist.
Third Pada: In Navamsa , it goes to Gemini, so people become Psychologist.
Fourth Pada: In Navamsa, it goes to Cancer ,Child specialist.
More over it depends on the house involved.
•People associated with Ashwini can also be Jockeys, Transporters, Racers, Armed forces, Horse trainers,Vets etc.
Sun in Ashwini: make a person autocratic,self obsessed.
Adolf Hitler had Exalted Sun in Ashwini in his horoscope.

Venus in Ashwani :- Disturbed married life
Loss of pregnancies
vehicle accidents
If married below 23 year – seperation from spouse
Saturn’s Transit over Ashwini destroyes horses ,horse riders, physicians.
Moon In Ashwani
DOB/TOB/POB : 07-10-1979/14:15/CHD


                                                         D-9                   D10

Moon as 7th lord has gone in Ashwini, so the native has married twice.
Ascendant in Ashwani
DOB/TOB/POB 15-06-1963/02:18/ Ludhiana

                                                         D-9                 D10
Ascendent is in Ashwini, Asc. Lord Mars has gone to 5th house in Ketu’s nakshatra. The native is gynaecologist.

Venus in Ashwani
DOB/TOB/POB : 01-04-1961/08-21/Ambala

7th                                                                                    D1
The native has disturbed married life because of his extra marital affairs. Venus is 7th lord and retrograde, the native is married twice.

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