Nakshatra and Astrology


By Ast. Hatinder Kaur (Senior Faculty)

13-20 to 26-40 Aries

Diety:-Apbharni, twin of yama (Yamuna) Yam Means ‘binder’ Yogic discipline , breath control, hatha yoga, meditation.

Mantra:-“ Barani ksheera samuth bave, thivyaroopini baranthevi sahaayakrube.”

Birth star of Rahu ( Nakshatra of chandals).

The Symbol:- Yoni , The organ of female reproduction.A vessel made of clay which holds creative forces. Lord Shiva’s wife, Shakti.

Animal:-Male Elephant.

Bharni represents:- Lust for life and fear of death. Power to cause and remove impurities.

Combination of Ma+Ve+Ra
Mars is male energy.
Ve is female energy.
Ra is Addiction to chemicals.

Profession:- Blood Test, Autopsy, occultists, psychics, hypnotists, Poisonous chemicals.

Sun in bharani makes a person notorious Saddam Hussain.

Moon in Bharani interested in occult sciences.

Diseases: Problem with reproductive organ, venereal disease face and eyesight problem.

Donation: Milk, curd , white sandal wood.

worship: Banana and Amla tree.

Venus in Bharani: Excessive attraction to opposite sex, Addiction to alcohol Both, Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky have their Venus in Bharani in 8th house.

Rahu in Bharani: smoking.

Ist Pada: In Navamsha it goes to Leo. Occulists.
2nd Pada: In Navamsha it goes to Virgo. Laboratory test, microbiologists.
3rd Pada: In Navamsha it goes to Libra- Hypnotists, counsellors.
4th Pada: In Navamsha it goes to scorpio. Autopsy, poisonous chemicals.

Saturn in Bharni
Female 23-09-1969 8:30 Dehradun


Bharni satrn
                                                 D9                                             D10

satrn bhrni 2

satrn bhrni3

The native has the combinations of barrenness. But Saturn as 5th lord is in Bharani which is favourable for having children. The native has children.

Moon in Bharni 11-07-1958 08:05 Ludhiana
moon bharni

moon bhrni2

The native has lagna lord Moon in Bharani. He is addicted to alcohol.

Salman Khan 27-12-1965 14:30 Indoor
Asc In Bharani

slma bhrni1
slman bhrni 2
He has ascendant in Bharani. He has become notorious.

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