Nakshatras and Astrology


By Ast. Hatinder Kaur (Senior Faculty)

(26*40’ TO 30*Aries, 0* TO 10* Taurus)

Mantra:-Kruththikaa Bankojavaasini baaba Vimochani kruththikaathevi sahaayakrube.

Group of seven stars in the form of necklace.
Diety:–Agni (karttikeya).
Symbol:-Knife & Flame.

Kritika is derived from a Sanskrit word which means CRITIC. They penetrate the cause of all kinds of imperfections between appearance and reality. They have blunt manners. The native associated with Kritika are supposed to go for the hidden truths of the matter. Knife is a piercing knife. The flame represents the dahan Shakti of fire which aids in purifying. Materialistic approach to spiritualism.
Ist Pada:-In Aries sign and Sagittarius navamsha, They make excellent swordsmen, policemen, explorers, warriors.
2nd Pada:-Moon exalts here . Capricorn navamsa. Moon gives them the need to nourish others. If Mars in 2nd pada ,they don’t nourish but receive nourishment . They are in caring department, tarot card readers, Astrologers and psychics.
3rd Pada:-Aquarious navamsha. This pada is called university of zodiac. Teachers, scholars.
4th Pada:- Pushkar navamsha. Pisces navamsha. They work for rehabilitation, cooks, clay products, furnace makers, utensil & tool makers, civil engineer.

The nakshatra represents Face neck, larynx, tonsils, lower jaw and occipital region.

Mars in kritika:- Prone to accident.

Venus in Kritika:-Not favorable for romance( reason for divorce).

Rahu in Kritika:-Either constructive or destructive.

Ketu in Kritika:-Ketu as karka for moksha is uncomfortable with inherent materialism of this nakshatra.

Lagan Lord in Kritikka
Male 15-12-1990 5:32 Chd

kritika 1

                                       D9                                                                                    D10


Here Mars is lagna lord as well as 10th lord of D-10. As seen in D-1, the native is a lawyer. His specialty is going to the core of the matter and bringing the truth out.

Asc and ketu in Kritikka.
Male 26-12-1993 15:09 Khanna

                                       D9                                                                                    D10

Ketu represents 10th house in this kundli. The native is in civil engineering as Ketu is in 4th pada of Kritika.

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