Palmistry (The Thumb)

Thumb Will, Logic & Personality. Tells the will power and logic sense of a person. Need to compare to the two section, which ever is bigger in surface area will be dominating. Thumb Position Much can be read into the position of the thumb — where it sits in the hand. According to The Study of […]

Palmistry Lesson 2

Introduction to Palm, History of Palmistry, Hast Rekha, Relationship between Astrology and Palmistry.


  THE GIRDLE OF VENUS   Nearly always DOES indicate an intense state of nervousness, and in a large majority of cases great liability to hysteria. COURSE Rises between the fingers of Jupiter and Saturn and runs across the Mounts of Saturn and Apollo, ending between the fingers of Apollo and Mercury. The Girdle of […]

Marriage Line Reflects successful marriage life

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The Line of Life

  The Line of Life Position and Direction Normal: Starting from under the Mount of Jupiter, encircling the Mount of Venus and the Lower Mount of Mars, provide both are normally placed and of average superficial dimensions. This portion of the Mount of Venus between the Mount of the Moon and the Life indicated in […]