It includes the whole surface of hand, from the wrist up to the base of the fingers, and from the Side of the Hand to the Percussion, from the base of the Fourth finger to the wrist.

It is divided into:


Finger reading: It is particularly covers things related to the heart or personality. The length and fingerprint lines of fingers also relate to the person’s fate: marriage, work, etc. 

How to Read Finger Lengths

The First Finger: It’s called index, or finger of Jupiter. The First Finger “low-set” reduces the size of the Mount of Jupiter and gives Awkwardness in social matters, often caused by an unfortunate of conceit and ignorance.

The Second Finger: It’s called the middle Finger, or Finger of Saturn. The second finger “low-set” reduces the size of the Mount of Saturn and seldom displaced to some extent, owing to its position.

The Third Finger: It’s called the Ring Finger, or Finger of Apollo/Sun. The Third finger “low-set” reduces the size of the Mount of Sun. The qualities revealed by circumstance from full cultivation.

The Fourth Finger: It’s called the Little Finger, or Finger of Mercury. The Fourth finger “low-set” reduces the size of the Mount of Mercury. circumstances are against the subject and his life will be struggle.

The Thumb: The thumb  regarding the thinking ability and the mental power of an individual by reading his or her palm. The thumb has two pole upper pole and lower pole.


1.The line of the life: The life line is the line that extends around the thumb. It is usually in two Mounts. The Mount of Lower Mars and the Mount of Venus.

2. The Mount of Moon: The pad formed on the left of the Life Line of the right palm and below the upper Mount of Mars along the percussion extending up to the bracelets at the wrist is called the Mount of Luna or Moon.

3. Rahu and Ketu: The centers line of palm is dividing into two parts upper Mount is called Rahu and Lower Mount is called Ketu.

4. Heart line: The heart line runs horizontally across your palm and is the topmost line you’ll see. It begins at the edge of your palm on the pinkie side, and runs to just underneath your index or middle finger.  

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