Know about Your Hand

Palm, the inside of the hand from wrist to the base of the fingers which, by the way does no correspond at all with the base of the Fingers as seen from the back.


1. The Skeleton of the Hand:

The Eight small bones at the base from Wrist and their anatomical name is the Carpial Bones or the Carpus. from that base emerge five long and straight bones, scientifically called Metacarpal Bones or Metacarpus, and which constitute the Hand minus the fingers.

The Metacarpus raises the fourteen phalanges: two for the Thumb, three for each of the four Fingers. The phalanges attached to the Metacarpus as the first and the Nailed phalanges as the Third. Desbarolles, and the all those who with him believe in the attraction and penetration of the vital fluid through the tips of the Fingers have reversed the Nomenclature, and call the Nailed phalanges the First ones.


Size of hand is not a same as every person. it categories as below:

1. Very Small Hand

This type of person hand Bohemian instincts: little order in either ideas or action: often times curl instincts, especially in men.

2. Small hand

The type of person hand Delicacy of mind: broad ideas: synthetically talents. I will insist on this point when I reach the Fingers. You women with small hands are not good at sewing and cooking, thus not suitable for the system work but the job related to production and foreign relations.

3. Average Hand

This type of hand person has common sense, practical gifts, and healthy, if moderate imagination. You people with proper hand size are knowledgeable and good at conducting in the society; if you are rational and tolerate, you will get success once you are determined and stick to one thing. If your hands are elastic and solid, you will have a prosperous future.

4. Large Hand

This type of hand a person love and aptitude for minutiae and details: analytical talents. They suitable for elaborate work and have strong analytical skills.

5. Very Large Hand

This type of hand persons hands tend to waste money excessively and don’t restrain the spending. people of this kind have good luck in wealth but you like to spend, thus often live beyond your income.


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