This is termed as mount because it looks like a mountain on your palm. They play a very important role during the reading of the palm. These mounts are related to the planets which hold a different meaning in your hand and show your personality as well as the future.

There are a total of 7 mounts in someone’s hand-

  1. Mount of Jupiter- The mount of Jupiter located below the index finger.
  2. Mount of Saturn- This is situated at the base of your middle finger.
  3. Mount of Sun or Apollo- This mount is situated under your ring finger.
  4. Mount of Mercury- This situated at the base of your little finger.
  5. Mount of Moon- That is situated in the base of your palm under your little finger. 
  6. Mount of Venus- This mount is situated under the base of your thumb. 
  7. Mount of Mars- Mars mount is of two types-
  8. Upper Mars 
  9. Lower Mars 

Mount of Jupiter

The mount of Jupiter located below the index finger and if he more developed then other mounts in hand, the person is endowed with Jupiterian qualities. The mount of Jupiter represents the authority and will power. The person has this mount properly developed then it shows that the person is ambitious, self-assured, confident, career-minded, responsible, honest and reliable in nature. He never cheats the any person. The person has leadership qualities.
If it is flat then it means that the person is clumsy, dishonest and has no proper morals in his life. He does not have Leadership qualities. They are not the people worth good.
If mounts move towards the Saturn then we will say that the person is more affected by Saturn. Then in your horoscope we will say that Saturn looking at Jupiter.
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