Specific Malefic Transit

There are two positions from each planet, which when transited by another specific planets, give very bad results. These transits have to be counted from Nakshatra in which the planet is placed in the natal chart e.g. when Ketu transits over the 9th and 15th star from that occupied by the sun in the natal chart, to gives bad results. 

Relative Maleic Transit Positions

Planet in Natal ChartWhen Transited byTransit over Constellation as counted Planet’s Natal Placementsigns
The sunRahu9th from sun’s natal constellation4th sign
The sunKetu9th from sun’s natal constellation4th sign
The sunKetu15th from sun’s natal constellation10th sign
The MoonMars7th from Moon’s natal constellation3rd sign
The MoonSun12th from Moon’s natal constellation6th sign
MarsMercury4th from Mars natal constellation2nd sign
MarsMoon12th from Mars  natal constellation6th sign
MercuryJupiter5th from Mercury’s natal constellation6th sign
MercurySaturn17th from Mercury’s natal constellation8th sign
JupiterVenus6th from Jupiter’s natal constellation3rd sign
JupiterRahu12th from Jupiter’s natal constellation6th sign
VenusSaturn8th from Venus’s natal Constellation4th sign
VenusMercury18th from Venus’s natal Constellation8th sign
SaturnSun9th from Saturn’s natal Constellation4th sign
SaturnJupiter12th from Saturn’s natal Constellation6th sign
RahuMoon9th from Rahu’s natal Constellation4th sign
RahuMars13th from Rahu’s natal Constellation6th sign
KetuMoon9th from Ketu’s natal Constellation4th sign
KetuMars13th from Ketu’s natal Constellation6th sign

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