One Paryaya for a planet is said to take place when it completes. one’s round of the Zodiac from its natal sign. For example, say Saturn is in Aries at the time of birth. From Aries, he will cover Taurus, Gemini, etc. till it completes Pisces and ingresses Aries again. As soon as he enters Aries, the second Paryaya of Saturn commences. An individual normally experiences three PARYAYAS of Saturn in one’s life span.


1.Ingress of Saturn in first natal Moon sign or Janama rashi indicates childhood. The child is totally dependent on parents. The native is unable to express fully. When Saturn transits first rashi from natal Moon, the native is likely to suffer from infantile diseases. The native has to be kept under strict supervision in regard to his health.

2.In the 2nd house from natal Moon, Saturn gives similar results as above. The child is prone to minor accidents. There are chances of eye trouble and injuries.

3.Transit of Saturn in 3rd house from Janama rashi is considered auspicious and gives good results. In the first round still being childhood, the native enjoys love and affection of brothers and sisters. Enjoys good health, leads comfortable life, parents get happiness, takes interest in studies, enjoys good food: The native starts developing confidence.

4. Saturn in the 4th house from natal Moon is said to be Ardhashtama or Kanta Shani or Kantaka Shani or Dhaiyya. The father gets promotion and status in social life. It may cause very bad health of the mother. He may suffer from colic or flatulence. When Saturn goes to 4th house, though said to be Ardhashtama, the difficulties will be somewhat lesser. According to Ashtak Varga, in Shani Bhinnashtak varga, if there are upto 3 bindus, there will be little comforts. If bindus are more, there will be bodily comforts. If there are 7 bindus, it is very comfortable time for father including good health for him

5.When Saturn transits 5th house from Janama rashi i.e. Pancham Shani, there may be risk of danger to the life of the mother. The native remains confused. His nature will be stubborn and he enters into unnecessary arguments. Quarrels with his classmates. He may be facing sickness which may result into hindrance to the education.

6.When Saturn goes to 6th house from Janama rashi, during that time, if there is maraka dasa besides ashtamadhipati antardasa running simultaneously, there will be weariness to the body. The body becomes weak and tired. Bad time and melancholous mood and displeasure from friends will happen. If Saturn is in 6th house from Janama rashi, where the 11th lord in navamsa or in drekkana is in 6th or 8th house, then in that case the mother will surely pass away.

7.When Saturn passes through 7th house from Janama rashi, there will be sickness of the self or own brothers and sisters. There will be mental agony, bad health and hysterical like condition, unnecessary fear will happen. He develops indecisiveness in regard to future plans pertaining to his career.

8.When Saturn crosses 8th house from natal Moon, which is also known as Ashtam shani or Dhaiyya, the native suffers death of some relative. He develops speculative tendencies which may result in losses. He may have some bad company which will bring disrepute. Saturn in the gth house is likely to cause some injury which may involve his legs. If Markesh dasa and that too of Saturn is operating, he may have a serious accident.

9.When Saturn transits 9th house from natal Moon, which is also known as Navam shani, the native gets fame and name and may start his own earning. It may result into initial hurdles. This period brings bad health to the father, spends money on undesirable activities, chances of accident in journey. In an attempt to earn quick money, he may suffer some losses.

10.When Saturn is in 10th house from Janama rashi, there will be friendship with a businessman or with a person who will help in the career. In the last phase of transit in 10th house from natal Moon sign, marriage of the native may take place thereafter much comforts, good employment or a thriving business may be expected. He may develop tendency to criticise each and everyone, which may result opposition from friends and relatives.

11.When Saturn goes to 11th from Janama rashi, there will be helpful friendship or the native gets a business partner or gets help from someone from the spouse’s family for progress in profession. He enjoys good health, financial gains, property and honour.

12. When Saturn transits 12th house from Janama rashi, the native may face health indisposition, non-cooperation from relatives, financial constraints due to habit of extravagance. There are chances of financial loss due to theft or burglary. He may have to face family quarrels and litigations

In the natal horoscope, if Saturn is Vargottama and has more than 4 bindus in ashtakvarga, during first round, there will be comforts and progress in education even upto 30th year of age, and good Raja Yoga will operate. This will provide good employment, marriage to highly placed partner, and acquisition of wealth. By the end of first paryaya, the native may have reached nearly 28th to 30th year of age).

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