The Upagrahas are stars, or constellations counted from the one occupied by the sun, at any given time. They are 8 in number. when planets are placed in any of these 8 Upagrahas then they cause obstacles in all undertakings. The more the planets in these Upagrahas, then greater is the intensity of the bad results.

However, each Upagrahas has been allotted a planet and these obstacles caused by the Upagrahas can be overcome by doing shanti of the relevant planet, which can also be said to be the lord of the Upagrahas.

Results of Upagrahas

S No. Nakshatra from SunName of UpagrahasResultResult if marriage is performedPlanet for shanti (propitiation )
15thVidyun mukhaFall from a heightLoss of sunSun
28thShoolLoss of bloodImmediate quarrels with husbandMoon
314thSannipataFeverLoss of husband on the 10th dayMars
418thKetuPain into the bodyLoss of husband’s younger brother  Mercury
521stUlkaFearDestruction of body humoursJupiter
622ndKampFear from coldLoss of placeSaturn
723rdVajraPoisoningDestruction of body familyVenus
824thNirghaatFear of weaponsEnjoyment with menRahu

If a Nakshatra is receiving malefic Vedha and an Upagrahas is also placed there, then it is very likely that the person will face death either due to war or disease.

To ward off the evil effects of the upagrahas the planets associated with it should be propitiated.

The Nakshatra Abhijit should not be included while counting the Upagrahas.

Upagrahas of the sun

S No.Nakshatra of Transiting Sun5th Vidyan Mukha8th shool14th Sanipata18th ketu21st ulka22nd Kamp23rd Vajra24th Nirghat
9Ashlesha 131622262345 
11Purva Phalguni15182414567 
12Uttra Phalguni16192525678 
20Purva Ashadha242761013141516
21Uttra Ashadha25171114151617
25Purva Bhadra pada25111518192021
26Uttra Bhadra pada36121619202122

Special Nakshatras

For ordinary person, six Nakshatras are important i.e. the Nakshatra of the natal moon Janam Nakshatra. ·The 10th Nakshatras from the Janam Nakshtra or karma Nakshatra. ·The 19th nakshatra from the Janam Nakshatra or Adhana Nakshatra. ·The 16th nakshtras from the Janam nakshatra or sanghaatik Nakshtra. ·The 18th nakshtras from the Janam nakshatra or Samudaayik Nakshtra or uday Nakshtra. ·The 23rd nakshtras from the Janam nakshatra or Vinash Nakshtra. ·The 25th nakshtras from the Janam nakshatra or Jaati Nakshtra or Maanas Nakshatra. ·The 26th nakshtras from the Janam nakshatra or Desh Nakshtra. ·The 27th nakshtras from the Janam nakshatra or Rajyabhishek Nakshtra.

The nakshatra of the name of the country is called Desh Nakshtra and nakshatra in which the head of state was coroneted is called the Rajyabhishek Nakshatra.

1.Malefic Vedha to the Janam Nakshatra causes death.

2.Malefic Vedha to the karma nakshatra cause quarrels.

3.Malefic Vedha to the Adhana nakshatra cause foreign residence.

4.Malefic Vedha to the Vinash Nakshtra causes strife with relatives.

5.Malefic Vedha to the Sanghaatik nakshatra causes loss.

6.Malefic Vedha to the Samudaayik/ uday nakshatra causes inauspicious results.

7.Malefic Vedha to the Jaati/Maanas nakshatra causes destruction of the tribe.

8.Malefic Vedha to the Desh Nakshatra causes destruction of the Kingdom.

9.Malefic Vedha to the Abhishek nakshatra causes bondage of the king.

10.If any one of the six Nakshatra has malefic Vedha and an upagrahas is also placed on it, then death is certain. But if the nakshatra has a benefic associated with it, then the benefic results prevail.

11.If he Janam nakshatra has Vedha by a benific, then there is destruction of disease and calamity, and if the Vedha is by a benefic, then there is loss of wealth.

12.If the Vinash, Samudaayik and sanghaatik nakshatras have Vedha by malefics, then there is fear of untimely death. 13.If a planet placed on the Janam nakshatra is afflicted in any of these 5 ways i.e

(a) receiving malefic Vedha

(b) conjunct with a malefic,

(c) conjunct with an upagrahas

(d) receives the latta of a planet € aspected by malefics, then the native dies within 1 month.

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