Palmistry An Introduction


Palmistry is the art of characterization and foretelling the future through the study of the palm, also known as Chiromancy or cheiromancy in Greek. It is practiced all over the world with numerous cultural variations.

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The study incorporates lines on palm and external features of the hands such as the shape, texture, mounts, and finger formation etc. A good Palmist should be able to draw a clear picture of your life from your hands and should relate this to you when reading your palm.



Palmistry was thought to have originated from ancient China approximately 3000 years B.C. Details of Palmistry can also be found in Indian Scriptures approximately 500 years B.C. The ancient Tibetans, Sumerians, Babylonians, early Hebrews, Persians and Egyptians all. Studied Palmistry.

The Greeks also studied palmistry and they introduced this to Europe in 14th century. Amongst the famous names in Palmistry were Aristotle, Alexander the Great, Hippocrates, and many others. Cheerio is known as the father of palmistry and he wrote several well-known books on palmistry.


The easiest way to convince one is by going to a Palmist who knows nothing about you. If he is able to mention a few things that happened in the past and relate to the present, then you will be far more receptive to what is said about the future. In past, many distinguished philosophers wrote and approved this science, which led us to believe its authenticity.


Many claims about the longevity were found false as in one study British pathologists, who examined the hands of 100 cadavers (dead bodies) in a hospital mortuary, which revealed “the lifeline appeared to have no bearing on how long the patient lived. Also In the first and second World Wars, tens of millions of young men in their late teens and early twenties were slaughtered on the battlefields, it is interesting to speculate whether they all had atrophied “life lines”, and if so, why this trend was not noted and reported by palmists around the world.

The Skeleton of the Hand

The eight small bone at the base form the wrist and their anatomical name is the Carpial Bone or the Carpus. From that base emerge five long and straight bones, scientifically called Metacarpal bones or Metacarpus, and which constitute the hand minus the fingers, or what I designated as hand proper or the palm

Above the Metacarpus rise the fourteen phalanges; two for the Thumb, three for each of the four fingers.


Types of Hand




Size of Hand

Size. In judging the size of hand one must always bear in mind the size as well as the sex of the subject. Measure a hand on the back, from the wrist to the extremity of the seconded finger.

  1. Very small hands: Often found cruel instincts especially in men, slightly disciplined in ideas and actions.
  2. Small hands: Delicate mind, broad ideas, talented.
  3. Average hand: Good common sense, practical and healthy.
  4. Large hand: Analytical talent, tendency to watch others affairs.
  5. Very Large hand: Mania for useless details Never satisfied employer.

Hairs on Hand

  • In a Woman: A hairy hand denotes cruelty and mannish instincts.
  • In a man: Slightly hairy: Self-possession & energy.
  • Very Hairy: Violent nature, Inconstancy.
  • No Hair: Effeminacy, Cowardice, presumption.
  • Hair on Thumb: Inventive & Genius.
  • Hair on the two lower phalanges of the fingers: Stiffness of Demeanor (behave), Lack of simplicity.
  • Hair on all phalanges: Ardent (Strong Feelings), Easily aroused.
  • Light Colored Hair on hand: Easily influence able, Lacks passion.
  • Dark Colored: Quick and Passionate.
  • Red Colored: Most Excitable nature.


Color of Hand

Pink: These hands are light red or pink in color. These individual are fair in habits and behavior. Heal hearty and pious life.

Red: Red color is indicative of much bile in the body system and vigorous circulation of blood. Aggressive and become angry over trifles. The habits (Alcohol) acquired are difficult to leave. Fear of Ulcers, burning of soles and hands, eye disease, high blood pressure, gout, rheumatoid arthritis.

If redness is caused due to dilation of Capillaries of hand which increase the temperature of hand.

Dark red or Black: These individual are angry and furious, addicted to bad habits. Follow unlawful means to earn money and associate with illegal activities.

If the head line starts from the mount of lower Mars or straight going to upper Mars:…..Then native may be killed by some weapon, in an accident or may meet violent death.

Yellow: Yellow hand people have Deficiency of Iron or Hemoglobin in the blood. Lack enthusiasm, lazy and fond of sex, unrealistic and emotionless.

Blue: May be addicted to tobacco or alcohol. Liver function may deteriorate heart disease etc. This is due to blood circulatory disorder when hand is warm and blue. If the hand is cold and bluish, it indicates local circulatory disorder.


Spots on Hands

Sometimes there are black or red spots in the hand. This is because of contaminated blood. Native suffer from Gonorrhea may be inherent or syphilis. If simian line (Intermingled head and heart line) is also present then there is nervous weakness.

The ladies with such symptoms suffer from menstrual disorder.

Hot Hands

Hot handed persons are over sexed and furious. They suffer from burning urine and mental irritation. This is due to excess of acid or bile in the body. Such persons should avoid spicy food, tobacco and alcohol. Fear of brain hemorrhage.

Cold hands

Cold hands are because of insufficient blood supply to extremities or peripheral parts of the body. Persistently cold in all kind of weather due to constriction of tiny blood vessels or capillaries in the hand. The blood vessels dilate after the over excited and equally satisfied sexual experience. Then the hand becomes warm. These hands also indicate hypothyroidism (Under active Thyroid Gland). There may be increase in frequency of urination. Females may suffer from uterine disorders, Leucorrhoea, dislocation of uterus, breast paint etc.


Hollow hands

It is when the middle of the palm is deep. Such native suffer from dryness in throat and stomach ailments, very irritable, bad teeth, get hurt in leg because deep drowned in thought when walking.

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