By:Satyanarayana Naik

न त्वॆवाहं जातु नासं न त्वं नॆमॆ जनाधिपा: ।
न चैव न भविश्याम: सर्वॆ वयमत: परम् ॥ 2-12 ॥

अहम् = I am = MER + SUN ( Krishna is not involved in this saying as a Karma karaka, now he himself is a reference point then it is the Avatara of Krishna – Therefore it is Mercury. When he says aham it is not Ahankara but. A reference to an ever existence in this context that is Atma: – Therefore SUN)
जातु = Once upon a time = SUN ( time ) + Past = in the sense of = गत ( Rahu ) = SUN+RAHU
न असम् न तु एव = Not being there does not arise or in other words I was existing then in the form of (SUN)
त्वम् न आसी: =You were also existing. (That is Arjuna now being attributed to JUP- was also existing in the form of Atma (SUN)
इमॆ जनाधिपा: – These kings = JUP+MAR ( Now here, the tricky Naadi plays differently while taking karakatwa. In general the kings are referred to as SUN in Naadi and kingdom is also as Sun. Here Krishna is refereeing to Jeevas as kings being in a war and I prefer to take them as JUP + MAR, because next they are also referred to as Atma (SUN) existing then.)
न ( आसन) = Cannot say were not existing In other words these kings as Warriors (JUP+MAR) were existing as Atma = (SUN)
च अत: परम् : Therefore time next = Future = SUN+MOON ( yoga of two timings and then the next time begins with new thithi)
वयम् सर्वॆ न् भविश्यामि न ऎव = it cannot be that we all do not exist in the form JEEVA ( SUN+JUP = Inside Jeeva there is Atma)
The context here is ever existing Atma in different shapes of body and recognised in different personalities.
The language of Naadi is restricted to nine planetary significations, therefore same planets will repeat in different contexts and places. But in Bhagavath gita entire thing takes place in war-field hence placements have no specific signification.
This is what exactly is needed in Naadi, the meanings of different planets are to be attributed with logical explanation, and keep changing its positions back and forth and derive the required meanings. This is the art which a Naadi reader has to learn.
What I used here is my logic of interpretation, some other Naadi person may attribute some other angle of interpretation for combinations or bring in different planets all together according to his logic. Every Astrologer will have different angles of looking at objects, persons and situations separately, Nobody is right or no body is wrong what matters is whether the ultimate essence is derived or not. We should not get into arguments as far as astrology is concerned when it is with in the frame work.





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