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By: Gayatri Devi Vasudev

Conception Ascendant

Readers S. Saravanabhavanof Mayuram is convinced the janmaRashi (Chandra Lagna) plays an important role in astrological prediction equivalent to janma Lagna or birth Ascendant.He writes: “Various references on this aspect can be found in almost all ancient text books of astrology. In some of the chapters, prasna Lagna (Horary Ascendant) and Adhana Lagna (Ascendant at conception time) have also been mentioned.

“Among these, Horary or prasna Lagna (ascendant) can be safely reserved for prediction with reference to cases where there are no birth charts. The Ascendant at birth is the common item to consult. But as regards Chandra lagna and Garbhadana Lagna (sign rising at the time of conception), there is a significant reference in the chapter dealing with Varahamihira’s Dwadasamsa method of birth time rectification. This expounds a method linking the time of conception with the time of birth. There is a rule here that the Chandra Lagna (Moon-sign) of birth will denote the Adhanalagna (time of Conception).From this point we can infer that Chandra Lagna and Adhana Lagna are one and the same.

The Importance of Adhana Lagna Can is known from various historical references and Muhurtha methods. It will not be out place here to relate the story of the birth of Emperor salivahana. A learned scholar is astrology fixed the date for the Nisheka (nuptial) Muhurtha of the king who could not reach the palace in time from the dense forest  due to stormy rains and floods in the intervening river. On enquiry into the details on the precarious position of the king, a pot-maker offered to give his daughter in Gandharav marriage to the king who readily agreed, because of the highly favorable planetary positions that world with the birth of salivahana after whose reign, this period in kali yoga is called as SalivahanaSakabda.Where there are missing links in the interpretation of the astrological delineations, lagna (Ascendant) and Chandra Lagna (Moon-sign) will alternatively give us clues for predictive purposes.

The moon Lagna can be said to be strong in:-

Taurus, house of exaltation, or the adjoining signs of Aries and Gemini as well as in own sign Cancer and Pisces.

Kendra’s-the 1st, 4th, 7th or the 10th.

Own house in sapta Vargas that is in cancer.

Even signs in Rashi and Navamsa.

Second drekanna o a sign.

4th house where the Moon gets Digbala.

Aspected by Jupiter, Venus and Mercury.

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