Kendras and Bhava Madhya or Cuspal degree




Kendras and Bhava Madhya or Cuspal degree:

1st House Asd Nak Lord Lagnadhipati
4th House Cusp Nak Lord Sukhadhi Adhipati
7th House Cusp Nak Lord Vivahdhipati
10th House Cusp Nak Lord Karmadhipati


If Kendras are owned by Paap Grahas they become extremely benific and confer upon extraordinary good results during their dash-antar dash. The also give good results in dash and antar dasha of palates they are connected with through PCA.

But if Kendras are owned by benefics then a Dosha appears which is called

Kendradhipatya dosha which influence malefic impact on the native not only in their Dash and Antardasha but also on day to day life of the native.





Most malefic: Jupiter
2nd degree malefic Venus
3rd degree malefic Mercury
4th and less malefic Moon


MOVEABLE LAGANAS (1-4-7-10): We find only two benefices which gets this dosha.

Lagana  Benefices with Kendra lordship
Aries Moon as 4th lord Venus as 7th lord
Cancer Moon as 1st lord  Venus as 4th lord
Libra  Moon as 10th lord Venus as 1st lord
Capricorn Moon as 7th lord Venus as 10th lord

Fixed Laganas: (2-5-8-11)

We find only Planet VENUS as benefice Kendra lord.

DUAL LAGANAS: (3-6-9-12)

All the Kendras are owned by benefices in dual laganas. So, dual lagna natives are more liable to get afflicted by Kendradhipati dosha.

In these laganas Jupiter is the most benefic one and Mercury comes after wards. So, Jupiter becomes most dangerous planets in Gemini and Virgo lagna. Because, it also play the role of Markesh in both the laganas. So we can aspect Mrityu or Mrityu tulya kashta from Jupiter.



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