Ram Nath Goyal
From Mandi Gobindgarh.

Astrology is vedang, ‘EYES OF VEDAS’. How astrology is eyes of Veda? What is that use of astrology? Which makes astrology ‘EYES OF VEDAS’ ? To predict about materialistic world is this is the only use of astrology which is sufficient to say that astrology is ‘EYES OF VEDAS’. Then what is that use of astrology, which make it capable equivalent to vedas.Also Rishi Prashar Ji  has warned that knowledge of astrology should not go in wrong hands. Why Prashar Ji has warned this? What are those wrong hands? What is that use of astrology for which Rishi parashar Ji wants that astrology should not be used for? What is that ambitions of Rishi Ji? Why they have warned about this? Will we have ever thought about it?

I think we should think on it and we should also know what is the meaning of Rishi Ji to say that. This knowledge should not go in the wrong hands. Is it not our duty to know about this mentality of the great Rishi? What are those wrong hands, and what is that wrong use of astrology, which we should not do. Come on let all of us, should pay attention to this. I am doing a little effort in this direction and hope you will like it.

We should advise the native about his spiritual journey on this Planet EARTH from his horoscope. Horoscope is a map for spiritual journey of the native. From horoscope we can guide the native which MARG he should adopt for his spiritual journey. Bhakti Marg is suitable for him or he should go for Karma Marg or Giyan Marg etc. All this we can know from horoscope. When he can meet the Guru, when he will get the Diksha. What is the appropriate time for meeting with Guru so that this relationship is long elastic. And we can remedy for Planets which are producing obstruction on this path. First house is our birth and 12th house is Moksha. I think horoscope is made for this purpose. I think remedying the Planets so that native may be able to meet the Guru, and listen the Updesha of Guru properly. This also has much importance as compare to remedying the Planets for materialistic world.

Let us say a Planet is Cursed in a horoscope we give him various remedy to remove the maleficence of that Planet. We suggest GEM Stones, we asked to chant various Mantras and so on. Should we not think on the reason why the Planet has been Cursed? Is it possible to remove the maleficence of that Planet without finding and removing the reason of its being Cursed? Is it a wise step to clean the floor on one side and spreading of garbage on other side? Which is still continuing? I think we cannot do so even we should try to clean it what to talk of this life even for coming so many lives.

So the reason why the Planet was Cursed is very important to find out. How can we remove the reason without knowing that! Suppose our Venus is Cursed it means we have not treated nicely our spouse/females in last lives. Similarly let us say Jupiter is Cursed, what it means, we have misbehaved Guru or Teacher in our previous lives. Similarly other Planets are also Cursed due to our misbehaviour with one people or the others.

  • MARS
  • SAT
  • SUN
  • MOON
  • RAHU
  • KETU


Is it not necessary that we should also rectify our behaviour towards the peoples represented by the Cursed planet. What a tragedy, it is? Native is doing everything, he has wear the GEM Stone of Rs. 20,000/-  or more, he has gone to some temple to please the planet. He has also arrange an Pundit to chant Mantras for him. But what about his behaviour towards the people represented by Cursed Planet. I will not hesitate to say worse than that of previous lives, why worse! Than previous lives, because now that Soul has come to give him back the behaviour he has shown in the last lives. So that native is more in anger than that of previous live. He says who are you to behave me like this? So speed of melefying the Planet has ever increased. Although we have given him various remedies but the biggest remedy has been omitted.Biggest remedy is to improve the behaviour; until we do not improve the behaviour we cannot rectify the Planet. This is the biggest remedy. All other remedies are small one in front of this remedy. If we don’t do this, Planet will be afflicted in coming live also. So how this process will end? There is one and only one way and that is to improve the behaviour. So this is the only way nothing else is possible. LORD SHRI RAM NEVER ABUSED MOTHER KAKAI FOR HIS EXILENESS. PRABHU SHRI RAM JI ARE MARYADA PURSHOTAM. THEY HAVE VERY WELL TAUGHT US THE WAY TO REMOVE THE MELEFICANCE OF THE CURSED PLANETS.

We are lawyers of GOD in a similar way as there are advocates to explain the law passed in parliament to the public. Similarly as astrologers we are the advocates of GOD. We should know the law of GOD and same should be explained to the native. So think as an astrologer is it not our duty to explain the native to improve his behaviour for cursed Planet as foremost remedy along with other remedies.





We can use astrology  as Torch light so that miseries in future in the horoscope of the native are removed. GOD arranges the Pravda in alternative mixture of happiness and miseries. So when the period of happiness is running by seeing the miseries in the horoscope we can convince the native for the Simran of the GOD in the period of happiness, to reduce the intensity of coming miseries. There is no harm in purchasing the Umbrella before on set of rains. On Birthday so much natives come to the astrologers to know about the future of the coming year.

One most important thing to understand is that the things that troubles us in our live, ARE ALL PART OF A BIGGER PLAN OF GOD. We should try and we should able to understand the lessons inherent in these things. There is an higher purpose, mission of our life. Everything good or bad in our life is a reflection of what we need for awakening our higher potential and to proceed to us on the path of higher mission. Remember very clearly that all:-


ARE FUELS for the FIRE of our potential, Spiritual Growth and Evolution. So we should see the intention of GOD for the native in these miseries and we should work to enhance the intention of GOD, naturally I think everyone will agree with me that we should not work against the intention of GOD. So we should explain to the native hidden secret of transformation in the miseries. By postponding the karmas with compound intrest neither we are helping the GOD nor the native.


Astrology help us to know the true purpose of life. Without horoscope how we will come to know the true purpose of life. We should not forget that it is the duty of every being to know with certainty his true purpose of life and to follow it strictly. Life purpose is not just:-


  • One’s spiritual path.
  • One’s role in society.
  • One’s carrier.
  • One’s karmic responsibility.
  • The development of one’s raw talents.
  • It is all above and more.

Without the help of our horoscope we are get lost. There are very few who are able to complete the journey of life successfully without the help of astrology.

Once we are off the path due to lack of harmony between soul(SUN),mind(MOON) intellectual (MERCURY) it takes many life time to come back on the right path. These act in harmony only in enlightened Soul which puts most of population out of track.

So the first horoscope tells us about the correct path. Secondly it also shows various pitfalls and obstacles in the path. The third thing we will able to know about the correct time of taking action, because wrong time of initiation can put the right thing in wrong direction and so leads to failure. If the chart is badly afflicted there are very much chances to get off the track. But astrology helps us and with proper remedial measures we can follow the path correctly. By knowing the wrong impulses in the chart we can also use our will power to counter these negative impulses.

One  main thing we have to understand clearly, that wherever negative Karma is experienced by native, we should able to understand the hidden transformation properties of that native Karma. It is this transformation requirement of the SOUL, to fulfil it, GOD has included this Karma into PRABHDA Karma from the SANCHIT Karmas. So we can and we should work to fulfil the intention of GOD. We should not remedy the situation in such a way that intention of GOD is smoked away.Belive me this is neither in the interest of the Native nor in the interest of the GOD or the UNIVERSE. So astrology should be used in such a way that hidden transformation of the Karma comes out and NATIVE  proceeds in the right dirction.So in this way native  will be transformed and will be able to love God unconditionally i.e. without any demand. You know one great man has said ‘THAT GOD HAS CREATED THIS WORLD TO TASTE SUCH SWEET LOVE OF DEVOTEES.’

Is it possible to change shape of iron without heating it, or a Goldsmith can make jewellery from Gold without heating it.Similarly human cannot be transformed without experiencing pain of miseries. If we  help the native to remove this pain we are losing the opportunity of his transformation. We say during the dasha of RAHU as a negative planet, whole world may see it as a negative planet at this Junker but excuse me I cannot see. RAHU is our well-wisher, he is making the ornaments from GOD. For example-suppose there is a burning urination and we have shown to so many doctors no one will be able to diagnose due to activation of RAHU in the chart. You see what great transformation is possible there, what is the intention of RAHU, this misery may be the reward of great punyas and this transformation can be able to  redicate the DOSHA OF KAMA FROM YOU COMPITELY NOT ONLY FOR THIS LIFE EVEN FOR COMING LIFE.

RAHU SATURAN and KETU are our friends not our enemies. According to PRABHDA our chart at the time of our birth is selected by GOD. So there is some purpose of life, some lessons we have learn to this life, there are some path of which we have to travel. If we follow this path willingly RAHU,KETU and SATURAN will reduce our miseries considerably. A class teacher do not punish the student who has learn the lesion. Let a say SATURAN in the chart wants that Native should serve the poor, distribute medicine among the poor and if Native follow this path willingly believe me SATURAN will not punish the Native and the Miseries will be greatly reduced. SATURAN will not punish the Native. Miseries are reward of negative karma on the other hand swear miseries are reward of great punyas. Think deeply why severe miseries are reward of great punyas instead of great negative karma. It is only due to the hidden properties of transformation, of the miseries. Do you think is it a wise step to destroy the opportunity of transformation of the native which he has earned by doing so may punyas. It is what is happening when we postpone the miseries. THINK THINK THINK, we should proceed in the right direction so that we may be able to help the GOD in his mission. I think all of us should also tries to find other means of good use of astrology so that RISHI PRASHER is not ashamed of.


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