Signs on Hand

          Signs on Hand Star A Star is a sign of great importance wherever it appears on hand. A line that ends in a star signifies great accomplishments. A star on mounts enhances the benefits of the corresponding amount. The effects of various stars on different mounts are discussed below   […]

FINGERS – ungaliea Ka Gayan

Download Hindi Font                                        aMgilXwM aMgilXo ky nwmo pr ivcwr krqy smX phly hI ÆpÃt {p sy ilKw jw cukw hY ik AMgUTy ko hÆqryKw-SwÆZ my siµmilq nhI ikXw jwqw, hwlwMik AMgUTw hwQ kI ±XvÆQw my mhœvpUxí BUimkw inBwqw hY Aq: hÆqryKw-SwÆZ my kyvl cwr aMgilXo ky mhœv ko hI ÆvIkwr ikXw gXw hY […]


KNOW YOUR INDEX FINGER: While the thumb is considered more important than the other fingers in determining personality, the other fingers have their own distinct meaning. The index finger, is said to be the finger of “Personal Power and Leadership Success”. We naturally use the index finger to express our personal power. When we are really […]

Thumb Position & Shape

Thumb Position Much can be read into the position of the thumb — where it sits in the hand. According to The Study of Palmistry, the following qualities can be determined by where the thumb is situated on the hand   Thumb Position Too high: Denotes idiocy (especially if the thumb is also short and […]

Palmistry An Introduction

Introduction Palmistry is the art of characterization and foretelling the future through the study of the palm, also known as Chiromancy or cheiromancy in Greek. It is practiced all over the world with numerous cultural variations. [divider] [/divider] The study incorporates lines on palm and external features of the hands such as the shape, texture, […]