Makar Sankranti

Dr Baneeta Dhaliwal MD,PhD(Gold Medalist) 09878329967 This festival is celebrated based on the solar year. As per Vedic astrology, Sun transits from Saggitarius to capricorn sign on the zodiac. Sun changes its position from  Dakshinayan (South) to Uttarayan ( North). Makar Sankranti is also known to be the festival of Sankraman kaal of the Sun. […]


By Anil Kaushal (Mob: 9417587333) . . In astrology this question can be answered very easily in the following manner: First we should know the karka which force a native for this. Rahu is the karka planet for cheating. Important tools of Rahu: Moon, Venus, Jupiter, 7th house and 7th lord are the tools of the Rahu. With […]

Astrology camp dates

. . . . 02.01.2016 Sanatan Dharam Mandir, Sec-37,Chd. From: 3PM to 7PM. 03.01.2016 Sanatan Dharam Mandir, Phase:IV, Mohali From:10AM to 2PM 10.01.2016 Gilco tower Markeet, Gilco Velly, Kharar From: 10AM to 2PM 19.01.2016 Shiv Mandir Opp: Doon Public School,Sec-21, Panchkula From: 4PM to 7Pm 24.01.2016 Sharda Saravhitkari Model Sr.Sec. School, Sec-40D, Chd From: 10AM to 2PM

Dikpaalas or Dashamsha Lords

Compiled by Anil Kaushal We believe that all directions have their lords. There are in all 10 directions. East belongs to Indira; South – East to Agni; South to Yama; South – West to Rakshasa; West to Varuna; North – West to Marut or Vayu; North to Kuber; North – East to Ishaana; Downwad to […]


Muhurta By Anju Anand     Definition as in Oxford Dictionary: An auspicious time for an enterprise to begin or for a ceremony to take place From Sanskrit muhūrta ‘a division of time’ (approximately 48 minutes, one thirtieth of a day). Muhūrta (Sanskrit: मुहूर्त) is a Hindu unit of measurement for time in the Hindu […]

Nakshatras and Astrology

Kritika By Ast. Hatinder Kaur (Senior Faculty) (26*40’ TO 30*Aries, 0* TO 10* Taurus) Mantra:-Kruththikaa Bankojavaasini baaba Vimochani kruththikaathevi sahaayakrube. Group of seven stars in the form of necklace. Diety:–Agni (karttikeya). Symbol:-Knife & Flame. Kritika is derived from a Sanskrit word which means CRITIC. They penetrate the cause of all kinds of imperfections between appearance […]

Nakshatra and Astrology

Bharni By Ast. Hatinder Kaur (Senior Faculty) 13-20 to 26-40 Aries Diety:-Apbharni, twin of yama (Yamuna) Yam Means ‘binder’ Yogic discipline , breath control, hatha yoga, meditation. Mantra:-“ Barani ksheera samuth bave, thivyaroopini baranthevi sahaayakrube.” Birth star of Rahu ( Nakshatra of chandals). The Symbol:- Yoni , The organ of female reproduction.A vessel made of […]

Nakshatras and Astrology

Nakshatras are lunar mansions By Ast. Hatinder Kaur (Senior Faculty) 1. Nakshatra means – which can not be destroyed. 2. Naks+setra- to arrive at , approach( The Moon approaching its mansions). 3. Nak+ksa+trs- Protecting during the night of destruction. 4. 27 Nakshatra represent conciousness. 5. Each Nakshatras represent a particular quality of consiousness Nakshatras are […]


Saturn’s transit in Scorpio – Part 2 Delinated By Ast. Hatinder Kaur (Senior Faculty) Sample Horoscope with DOB: 19.07.1997, TOB: 13.26hrs, Ludhiana (Pb) – LAGNA CHART Saturn is yoga karka and natal Moon is not functional malefic. Janam nakshatra is Purva Ashada (with Venus as the Lagna Lord & Janam Nakshatra Lord) Venus is Saturn’s […]