विभिन्न भावों में सूर्य प्रथम : अ) लग्न में बैठा सूर्य एक जातक को स्वभाव से अशान्त बनाता है, नेतृत्वता
सूर्य (सात्विक, अग्निवत्, क्षत्रिय) सूर्य स्वास्थ्य, पिता, शक्ति, अधिकार, यश-कीर्ति, सरकार, शनि, शुक्र राजसिक, औषधी, आंखों के रोगों, ऊन, लकड़ी
THE SIGNS IN HANDS In palmistry, the important things related to a person’s life can be known from the lines
THE MOUNTS OF HANDS This is termed as mount because it looks like a mountain on your palm. They play
THE THUMB The Thumb is most important part in Palmistry. Using Thumb in palmistry find the some special person. The
TYPES OF HANDS 1. SQUARE HAND: This type of hand height and width is equal. the fingers of this hand
House wise significations Every house has something to speak on education: House    Signifies SelfEducation which a child receives from Kutumba
Nakshatra Nadi Astrology Nakshatra Nadi Astrology is in fact an extension of Hindu Vedic Astrology, on which lot of research
Know about Your Hand Palm, the inside of the hand from wrist to the base of the fingers which, by