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Astrogurukul | October 23, 2018

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Lal Kitab

Saturn activates psycho- emotional- spiritual effect —- By Astrologer Rakesh Kochhar

February 21, 2015 |

It’s surprising that a happy going life some  times moves under psycho- emotional- spiritual effect. You may have noticed this factor in ones life or even in  family member also. Sometimes it’s become so irritating to others and hence resulted … Read More

Lal Kitab Lec-3

May 10, 2013 |



Compiled by Amrao singh   09814233221

Lal Kitab Grammer

mPp xzg ls eqjkn 100 Q+hlnh iwjs vlj dh rkd+r dk ekfyd 

uhp xzg ls eqjkn 100 Q+hlnh u”V gqvs vlj dh rkd+r dk ekfyd

ikih xzg   means jkgw dsrq  luhpj 

dk;e xzg Kayam Greha : Established planets (Kayam … Read More

Lal Kitab-Lect-2

April 29, 2013 |



Compiled by Amrao singh


Rasi : There are 24 hrs in a day:  each rasi is of 2 hrs each,

gkFk dh maxfy;¨a ds 12 fgLl¨a d® xkaBs Òh dgk tkrk gS gj ,sd xkaB d¨ jk’kh Òh dgrs gSa

( For teacher )  Explain … Read More

Lal Kitab:-Lect-1

April 25, 2013 |

bUlku caÄk [kqn ys[k ls vius&ys[k fcÄkrk dye ls g¨ dye pys [kqn dje ls vius&>xM+k vDy u fdLer g®

LAL kitab astrology may  some day tell you the secret of time of death or sex of a child before birth But revealing it before time will give

d¨<+ dk lcwr nsxk nqfu;k esa fcekjh dk bykt gS e©r dk d¨Ã pkjk ugha

Jyotish … Read More

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