MASNUI PLANETS<br> (Artificial Planets)

In Lal Kitab, Concept of Masnui Planets is very important. According to 1941 version of Lal Kitab at page no 392, the Auther Pandit Roop Chand ji has explained as under: S.No COMBINATION OF TWO PLANETS MASNUI PLANET 01. Sun + Venus Jupiter (khali hawai) 02. Mercury + Venus Sun 03. Sun + Jupiter Moon […]

Lal Kitab Lec-3

    Compiled by Amrao singh   09814233221 Lal Kitab Grammer mPp xzg ls eqjkn 100 Q+hlnh iwjs vlj dh rkd+r dk ekfyd  uhp xzg ls eqjkn 100 Q+hlnh u”V gqvs vlj dh rkd+r dk ekfyd ikih xzg   means jkgw dsrq  luhpj  dk;e xzg Kayam Greha : Established planets (Kayam Grahas  dk;e xzg) are the planets which are beyond the aspect and combination of enemy planet and their sign and fixed house also do […]

Lal Kitab-Lect-2

    Compiled by Amrao singh Rasi : There are 24 hrs in a day:  each rasi is of 2 hrs each, gkFk dh maxfy;¨a ds 12 fgLl¨a d® xkaBs Òh dgk tkrk gS gj ,sd xkaB d¨ jk’kh Òh dgrs gSa ( For teacher )  Explain jk’kh xzg Index finger  rtZuh c`gLifr dh maxyh es[k o`[k feFkqu  e)ek luhpj dh maxyh  edj dqEÒ ehu vukfedk lwjt  dh maxyh dZd flag  dU;k  Little finger  dfu”dk      cqÄ dh maxyh     rqyk o`fLpd Äuq   jkf’k;¨a dh dq.Myh  esa […]

Lal Kitab:-Lect-1

bUlku caÄk [kqn ys[k ls vius&ys[k fcÄkrk dye ls g¨ dye pys [kqn dje ls vius&>xM+k vDy u fdLer g® LAL kitab astrology may  some day tell you the secret of time of death or sex of a child before birth But revealing it before time will give d¨<+ dk lcwr nsxk nqfu;k esa fcekjh dk bykt gS e©r dk d¨Ã pkjk ugha Jyotish is divine knowledge but not magical mantra. It is nqfu;koh fglkc fdrkc gS d¨Ã nkok ,s [kqnkàugha When used in self defence it becomes a source of […]