Diseases of Ninth house

Diseases of Ninth house 1. Introduction The 9th house is the best of the Trikone houses and called Bhagya Sthan or house of destiny/ luck. The destiny is nothing but the results of past Karmas, which includes some diseases as well. As per Kaal purush chart, this house and Sagittarius sign represents hips, things, limbs […]


PROFESSION OCCUPATIONS ARE DIVIDED INTO 6 FOLLOWING CATEGORIES 1. Intellectual: Scientists, doctors, historians, mathematicians, judges, lawyers, astrologers, astronomers, philosopher are indicated by Jupiter and Mercury. 2. Economic ruling class: Politicians, industrialists, bankers, insurance workers are indicated by Sun, Moon, Mars. 3. ¬†Aesthetic: Actors, dancers, dramatists, musicians, cinema-stars, people working on T.V., video and cinema, behind […]