Diseases of Eighth House

Introduction The eighth house is considered to be the darkest black-hole of a horoscope. It is the most malefic among the Trika houses. The planets associated with this house are called “Chhidra or Randhra” planets. This house indicates death or death like experiences. All the chronic, incurable and fatal diseases, serous and fatal accidents are […]


House wise significations Every house has something to speak on Profession. House          Significations Self and personal indulgence in profession. Bank Account, finance of kutumba and accumulation of Money, family business. Siblings, friends, energy of the native he uses in his profession, communication skills, short distance, away from home, driver. House peace, luxury, house of mother, […]

Dashamsha for Power and Position

Dashamsha for Power and Position Meaning thereby that one should consider happiness and bhagyam from turyamsha (chaturthamsha), happiness due to spouse from navamsha, and every important event which is likely to affect the native's life by considering dashamsha. According to Shuka Sutras, one should study from 10th house karmachinta and vastra bharanсhinta, i.e., livelihood as […]


  In business we have different types of organization set ups, some small businesses are governed by a single individual, some partnership business are run by two and three managing partner. Big companies and big business houses are managed by board of directors where a CEO is appointed to run the day-to-day business of the […]