Dysentery is a disease of inflamed mucous membrane and intestinal glands with blood evacuation at times caused by in digestion & acidity. Amoebiasis denotes amoebic dysentery/hepatitis, which results from infection of intestines and colon and the stool may contain blood & mucus or it may lead to a

Simple diarrhea. Diarrhoea results from too rapid passage of the contents through intestines, resulting into fluid stool. Cholera is seen with profuse and frequent stools, incessant vomiting and excited thirst. The root causes for these diseases are found in 6th house 6th lord, Virgo sign, Sun as Karaka for Venus for digestion. The Moon is significator for diarrhea, while Mercury is for cholera. The affliction of the above along with of langna/lagna lord causes these diseases.

Soon of the astrological combinations are give below:

  1. Moon, Mars or Venus associated with malefics in 6th cause diarrhea.
  2. Rahu & Mercury in lagna/ 6th opposing Mars & Saturn cause diarrhea.
  3. Moon and Venus in 6th conjunct with or aspected by Mars, Saturn or Rahu (any two) cause diarrhea.
  4. Waning Moon in 6th/ 8th house aspected by Saturn causes dysentery.
  5. Moon in 6th associated with Venus and a malefic cause dysentery.
  6. Lagnesh with Mars & Mercury in 6th or 8th causes dysentery.
  7. Saturn in lagna and Moon in 6th aspected by Mars cause dysentery.
  8. Malefic lord of 7th or 8th in 6th house and afflicted cause Dysentery.
  9. Moon, Mercury and Venus in 6th house if afflicted by malefics cause cholera.
  10. 6th house, 6th lord, Virgo and Moon if afflicted cause cholera.
  11. Moon in a Trika house if afflicted by Mars and Rahu cause cholera.
  12. Saturn in 6th or Virgo if afflicted causes cholera.