What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra is just channelizing of energy, in my opinion if one is satisfied that he is having good health good finances, good relations, growth is ok. But if growth is not upto the mark difference opinion in family, health conditions not good then we have to check that whether edifice is according to Vastu rules or not. Vastu Shastra is a key to live harmonious peaceful comfortable life. Our great sages who were capable to measure the distance of galaxy, conditions of various planets without any instrument
observed that there are various energies in the universe like solar energy magnetic energy kinetic energy, Geo thermal energy which influence the living/non-living things the sages observed that these energies never fight with each other but these energies work independently the sages who were always working for the welfare of mankind need some principles for dwelling units. So that persons living in these units enjoy harmonious life. The rules framed for construction of such houses are known as Vastu shastra.

The sages advised that the plot should be divided into four parts central part is Brham Sthan alloted to Brhma Ji, it should be kept vacant .
2nd part is given to DEVAS.
3rd part is given to MANUSHYA.
4th part is given to PAISACH.
They have advised that construction should be done in the 2nd and 3rd part allotted to Manushya and Devas and outer part should be kept vacant or circulation area so that negative energies coming to the plot does not reach the residents.


The origin of Vastu is very old the references available in various references as under:
Vedas, Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samveda, Atharvaveda, Sthapatya Veda (Upveda of Atharvaveda), Puranas, Matsya Purana, Skand Purana, Agni Purana, Garuda Purana, Narada Purana, Vayu Purana, Varaha Purana, Bhavishya Purana,

Important works on Vastu

Vishwakarma Prakash, Samarangana Sutradhara, Mayamatam, Manasara, Brihatsamhita, Vastu Raj Vallabh, Manasara, Brihatsamhita, Vasturaj Vallabh.

Ancient Exponents of Vastu
Matsya Puran refers to eighteen sages proficient in Vastu Bhrigu, Atri, Vashistha, Vishwakarma, Maya, Narada, Nagnajit, Vashishtha Purandar, Brhma, Kumara, Nandish, Shaunak Garga, Vasudeva, Anirudha, Sukracharya, Brihaspati.

Five Elements

The five elements available in the universe is also found in human body the great sages advised how to maintain the balance between human and nature. The human body when deficient of particular element is given artificially through medicine or gems similarly house/commercial establishment is to be constructed in a manner so that residents living there a harmonious life.

Water:- Water is the main requirement of life and it is used in household in cooking, bathing, drinking, washing, etc. The Vastu shastra gives guidance where underground water tank is to be placed from which zone, water is allowed to enter the house where overhead tank is to be constructed where drainage is to be provided. Water is considered karka for finance if there is proper use of water then one can maintain his finance properly. If water is over used it indicates wastage of money. Drainage in proper direction gives prosperity whereas in the wrong direction it drains out prosperity.

Earth:- Earth gives stability, scientist has proved that earth is a peace of magnet. It has north and south poles it rotates around the sun and also around on its own axis. Human body contains iron and by using vastu we use these fundamental for our sleeping positions. Our head is North and Feet in South.
Here I will like to explain the principle of Vastu to be used for sleeping positions. Like poles repel each other and unlike poles attract each other. Our head is North and if we sleep with head towards North due to this principle magnetic energy coming from north is repelled back and we do not have a comfortable
sleep. If we sleep with head towards South then magnetic energy from North enters in our head due to unlike poles principle and we just have comfortable sleep. If we sleep with head towards East, we get solar energy no repletion and we just have comfortable sleep. This direction is recommended to children
because it increases retention power. If we sleep head towards West, we get bad dreams because West is direction of Saturn and Saturn is malefic in nature. So, this is how we can use Vastu for living better life.

Agni:- Our main source of heat energy is Sun and in Vastu we use this energy for better living. Sun rises in the East and if we sit in the East in the morning, we water get energy which is positive and is very good for killing the harmful insects in our body. As a tradition we give arag to the rising Sun, which increases the eye side and gives strength to our bones. Now the Sun moves towards South-East and
we propose kitchen in this direction so this heat kill the germs in the kitchen and
gives energy to the lady cooking the food.

Air:- Air is a main element for keeping us fit and healthy in Vastu we use this element by providing sufficient open spaces, doors, windows, ventilators, in prescribed grid, height of roof, windows, and plants and trees is also maintained proper for Vastu for healthy and harmonious living.

Sky:- Sky/Space element can be maintained by keeping the central portion of house open to the Sky. It influences life on earth through its various forces like heat, magnetic field, gravitational energy, sky is endless space. The entire universe is under this ethereal vacant space. These five elements if in a proper
proportion harmonious life is there. If any element is deficient life becomes troublesome.


Vastu Purush

In Matsya Puran there is story that there was a war between lord shiva and a demon Andhkashur during the war one day lord shiva was sitting in the evening few drops of his sweat fell on the ground and a Datya Kaya was produced. This Datya kaya start fighting in favour of lord shiva and lord shiva won the fight after that this Datya kaya used to move in a heaven. Though he never harmed anybody in the heaven, but deities were afraid of him and the approach the Brhama ji to solve the problem. Brhama ji said send this Datya kaya on the ground. But deity said that is too big and we cannot through him. Brhama ji advised that all the forty-five sit on him. The deities sat on this Datyakaya and it started moving downward. Now this Datyakaya asked Brhama ji what is my fault? Brhama ji said that these people don’t want to you to live in heaven and I give you Vardan that every person who will construct a house will worship you and you should bless such native with prosperity and the persons who don’t
worship you. You can treat these persons according to your wish. Thus, we see lot of persons construct house and do not able to reside in these houses due to death, transfer etc.
Every plot has a one vastu purush it does not matter whether the plot is big or small and the problems faced by vastu purush or faced by the owner of the house.

For our convince plot is divided into nine equal parts each part has been give one deity and one planet, according to the nature and characteristics of planet are as under :

Flow of Energy

As we know that we get solar energy from Sun and Magnetic energy due to rotation of earth around its axis. Overall energy flows from North East to South West. Keeping this principle in mind we keep North East and North East open and South and South West closed. So in order to have proper energy it is recommended that our house/plot Bed Room for girl of marriageable age, Bed Room for newly married couple, Kitchen (2nd option), pantry, Toilet Cash Box, Bed Room for children, Dining Room, Lobby, Underground water tank, Basement,
Drawing Room, Pooja Room, Study Room. Pooja Room,
underground water tank, Lobby, bed for elderly people,
Entrance, Drawing Room, Living Room, Water source.
Bedroom for elder people, Dining Room, Study Room, Stair, Store, Overhead water tank, Bed Room for children, Entrance, Reception, Lobby, Bed Room for elder people, Store, Stair Case, Overhead water tank, weapon, Bed Room for elder people, Stair, Store. Kitchen best option, Electric Meter, Electric
machines, should be square or rectangular. So that a loop of energy is very good. In case of rectangular plot length/breadth ratio should not be more than 2:1. If this ratio is greater than 2:1 loop of energy will not be good enough to give harmonious life. As we know that Earth is inclined on its axis so North East should be lower and South West should be the highest point. As we know that in human body whatsoever, we eat and it goes to stomach and the energy generated is distributed by the stomach to various organs. Similarly, energy from North East travels to the Brham sthan and from there it is distributed to different parts of house according to their requirement. The diagonal lines from the North East to South West and from North West to South East are known as axis and where these lines meet is known as the most sensitive point any type of construction on this point is avoided.
In modern times when we live in small houses apartments it is very difficult to maintain Vastu principles due to shortage of space but whatsoever is possible can be done to maintain harmony in family like we can have living room, in the east and can sit there for enjoying morning Sun rays and can have master bedroom in the South West direction being stability zone and North West area can be used for guest. Thus, Vastu principles can be helpful in maintaining harmonious life.

Remedies in Vastu
Vastu Solutions

The various vastu principles given by our great sages like.
North East should be open.
North East should be lowest and South West should be highest.
Plot should be rectangular or square.
If these principles or not fulfilled due to shortage of space or site conditions then remedial measures are required to energizes the plot and if both nostrils i.e., North and East are not capable to breath then plot is given artificially the energy required prosperity.

A: Remedies through worshiping and donations.
If a particular part of a plot is defected like West is lower than East, South West has a cut, South West is lower than East, Brham sthan has a pit the related area where these defects are in the edifice the concerned deity like Saturn for West, Sun for East, or not capable of giving auspicious results then worshiping of these planets is being done through Mantras, Havans, Yantras.

Lord Ganesha is capable of warding of all evil results.
For having child: Santan Ganapati
For Dispute free like: Vighnaharta Ganapati
For knowledge and education: Vidya Pradayak Ganapati
For marriage: Vivah Vinayak Ganapati
Toward off worries: Chinta Nashak Ganapati
For gain of Siddhis: Siddhidayaka Ganapati
For happiness and prosperity: Ananda Dayaka Ganapati
To get rid of litigation, and win them over: Vijayasiddha Ganapati
To be free from loans: Rinamochan Ganapati
To be free from diseases: Roganashaka Ganapati
To have gain of faculty of leadership: Netritvashakti Vikaska Ganapati In the similar manner for a specific problem that Swaroop of Ganapati is being worshiped. In the similar manner for a specific problem that Swaroop of Ganapati is being worshiped.

B: Remedies Through Yantras:
In order to gives strength to particular deity its yantra is casted and worshiped and the
native gains strength in that particular area.

Surya Yantra:  Surya Yantra is casted on copper plate in auspicious timely.

Similarly, all the yantras are made of that specific item and pleased in the respective direction and worshiped toward of the fault in that particular area.

C: Remedies Through Stones:
Ruby: Ruby is placed in the Brham sthan it gives power of either that is space to the earth element. It gives power to the eight directions.

Yellow Sapphire: Yellow Sapphire is used in the North East zone to increase the power of Jupiter and Kartatwas of Jupiter that is children and male members of house, finances or maintained well.

Red Coral: Red Coral in the East zone gives strength to the edifice and strength of Mars is increased to give positive results.

Cat’s Eye: Cat’s Eye in the South zone controls a negative energy, controls negativity of Yama and gives prosperity.

Crystal: Crystal in the South West zone adds a divine virtu to the earth element.

Blue Sapphire: West is the sinking zone and Blue Sapphire in the West zone contracts
the negative energy, it represents the Vayu Tatwas and controls a wind element. This also controls North West zones from the negativity of Moon element.

Green Emerald: North is zone of intelligence and finance, Green element in this zone
maintains good finance and intelligence.

Perals: Peral in the North East zone increases water element peral also represents Moon and use of Peral gives water element and control minds.


D: Remedies Through Metals:
Metals are also used for stream lining energies metals are represented by various
planets like.
Gold is used for Sun and Jupiter.
Silver is used for Moon, Venus and Mercury.
Zinc is used for Jupiter.
Brass is used for Mercury.
Lead is used for Rahu and Saturn.
Copper is used for Mars and Saturn.
D: Remedies Through Pyramids:
Pyramids are used for generating energy and they have full capacity to counter the negativity different materials are used for different directions for example: Lead pyramids can be used in South West and South direction Copper Pyramids are used in South East direction. The Pyramids should be made of a material without any impurity
like stone, glass, crystal, etc. The number of pyramids to be used depends on the area of edifice. Pyramids are used on top of religious places to get energies from the space.

Shapes: Various shapes represents various tatwas like square for prithvi tatwas, circular for water, triangular for agni, the use of various materials is to be advised by the Vastu consultant for different locations according to the fault and availability of material and budget provision.

Swastik: Swastik should be put on a main door it will reduce the negative energy and generate the positive energy. This symbol is considered very sacred in Hindu religion and worshiped on all the auspicious occasions.

Trishakti: If the symbol of the trishakti is placed on both sides of main door it generates positive energy. It represents all the three powers of god. The materail should be used to accordin to the direction in which they are placed.


Aum: Aum is placed out side the main door generates positive energy and reduces thenegative energy. Chanting of Aum also gives power to the body and positive vibrations to the area.


Whatsoever we have written is my own experiences or belief.

Er. Vinod Kumar Vyas
Astro Vastu Consultant