Let The Colours and Numbers Speak

Colours speak a powerful language of their own. They have a remarkable impact on the environment, moods add health of the humans. While some colours elevate the spirit of human beings others are responsible for depression. These colours have become part and parcel of Modern Vastu. When we use different colours for different purposes it is called Colour Therapy. In fact, Colours play an important role in every individual’s life. Colours speak a lot about the human personality.

Even Astrology and Numerology speak about the colours as each planet represents one or the other colour. Sun the king of planets represents orange colour; the moon, the queen of planets represents white colour; Mars, the commander, represents red colour; Mercury the prince of planets represents Green colour; Dev Guru Jupiter represents yellow colour; Venus the Daitya Guru represents the white colour and Saturn the planet of justice represents a black colour.

Liking for any colour speaks a lot about the personality of the individual. If someone likes the Red colour, the person is said to be energetic and strong but remains restless. The person liking the orange colour speaks the strength of his Soul. Similarly, if someone likes the Green colour it shows his love for Environment and Education. It also represents the intelligence of the person. When someone likes yellow colour it symbolises his Spiritual and Religious knowledge and Academically strong. Liking for the white colour tells that the person can be peace-loving. Similarly, love for the blue also represents love for human beings. They believe in the policy Live and Let Live. Liking the Black colour represents slowness and love for justice.

We shall not be doing justice to Colour Therapy if we consider it belonging to the past generations only. Rather the present generation is giving more importance to Colour Therapy. While building the house and office they hire a standard interior decorator who can tell about the utility of colours for Health, Wealth and Prosperity. The importance of colours is not acknowledged only in India but in foreign countries as well. In fact, colour therapy is given a lot of importance worldwide.

In fact, the modern generation is deeply interested in Vastu and the Magic of numbers that is numerology. A large number of clients enquire about the preference of numbers and colours when they plan to buy a new car. They are deeply interested to know their lucky numbers and lucky numbers for the purchase of a house or shop. The craze for changing the spellings of the name for arriving at the Congenial number is evident for a better future. So many influential persons prefer to change their spellings for prosperity and a better future.

If we again talk of colours, the proper use of a colour matching Scheme can remove the Vastu doshas of the building to some extent. Colour Therapy is not just a myth rather has a scientific reason behind it. For example, the Green colour is good for the eyes. In different hospitals especially eye Hospitals the Green Colour is used in different forms. There are so many other examples like that. In fact, colour therapy is worth using even scientifically for a happy and better future.

Sr Faculty cum Secretary
  ICAS Chandigarh Chapter