Nakshatra Medical Astrology

Parts of the body denoted by ach sublord

(as per Nakshatra Medical Astrology)

Sub     LIBRA            – Lumber Region, Skin, Kidneys


  1. Venus – Mars – Mercury:

Degree: 00.00.00-1.53.20

Anatomy: 12th Rib – Lumbar – The last rib of the chest.

Disease: Tuberculosis.


  1. Venus – Mars – Ketu:

Degree: 1.53.20-2.40.00

Anatomy: Inguinal Ring – The ring at the junction of the abdomen & thigh – hair matrix (Inter cellular tissue of the Hair)

Disease: Pain and swelling at this part.


  1. Venus – Mars – Venus:

Degree: 2.40.00-4.53.20

Anatomy: Coccygeus muscle (The muscle adjoining the coccyx) – The Hair (A long slender filament appended to the skin)

Disease: Muscle catch-pain at this region.


  1. Venus – Mars – Sun:

Degree: 4.53.20-5.33.20

Anatomy: Hypogastric – part situated below the stomach – Epidermis.

Disease: Pain and swelling in the stomach. Burning sensation.


  1. Venus – Mars – Moon:

Degree: 5.33. 20-6.40.00

Anatomy: Capsule (Capsule enclosing the adrenal glands).

Disease: Failure of Adrenal glands.


  1. Venus – Rahu – Rahu:

Degree: 6.40.00-8.40.00

Anatomy: Inguinal Ring – Ring at the junction of abdomen & thigh – Duct of sweat glands (The duct that secretes sweats)

Disease: Pain and swelling in this part.



  1. Venus – Rahu – Jupiter:

Degree: 8.40.00-10.26.40

Anatomy: Lumbar – Trigone Triangular area at the lumbar region.

Disease: Tumour and extra growth at this region.


  1. Venus – Rahu – Saturn:

Degree: 10.26.40-12.33.20

Anatomy: Pelvis  – The bone below the abdomen.

Disease: Chronic ailments in the pelvic bone.


  1. Venus – Rahu – Mercury:

Degree: 12.33.20-14.26.40

Anatomy: Cortex – External layer of the adrenal glands.

Disease: The infection of the layer over the adrenal glands.


  1. Venus – Rahu – Ketu:

Degree: 14.26.40-15.13.20

Anatomy: Medulla – Inner most portion of the hair – hair follicle (Cavity where the hair is deposited)

Disease: Infection of this part leads to falling of hairs.


  1. Venus – Rahu – Venus:

Degree: 15.13.20-17.26.40

Anatomy: Piri formis muscle (Pear shaped muscle at the Coccyx).

Disease: Pain and swelling at this part of the muscle.


  1. Venus – Rahu – Sun:

Degree: 17.26.40-18.6.40

Anatomy: Pryramid – Renal part in the form of a pyramid.

Disease: Burning and shooting pain in the pyramid.


  1. Venus – Rahu – Moon:

Degree: 18.6.40-19.13.20

Anatomy: Kidneys – The small organ at the lumbar region to filter the blood.

Disease: Affection of Kidneys, leading to urinary troubles.


  1. Venus – Rahu – Mars:

Degree: 19.13.20-20.00.00

Anatomy: Mesenteric – Membraneous fold attaching the small intestines to the wall of the body – (Meissner’s Corpuscle – Corpuscular tactus sensitive muscle at the end of the intestines).

Disease: Sudden  intestinal afflictions.


  1. Venus – Jupiter – Jupiter:

Degree: 20.00.00-21.46.40

Anatomy: Appendicular – Pertaining to the Vermiform of the appendix.

Disease: Appendicitis shooting pain in the appendix resulting in the removal of the appendix.


  1. Venus – Jupiter – Saturn:

Degree: 21.46.40-23.53.20

Anatomy: Renal (Part pertaining to the Kidney).

Disease: Chronic affliction of the kidney.


  1. Venus – Jupiter – Mercury:

Degree: 23.53.20-25.46.40

Anatomy: Papillarry duct (Nipple like duct at the lumbar region).

Disease: Convulsion in this part of the duct.


  1. Venus – Jupiter – Ketu:

Degree: 25.46.40-26.33.20

Anatomy: Ureter – The urinal track.

Disease: Urethral complications.


  1. Venus – Jupiter – Venus:

Degree: 26.33. 20-28.46.40

Anatomy: Portal – (The opening of the embryonic foregut) Capillary Loops: Nervous structure around the Urethra.

Disease: Pus and swelling in the urethra.


  1. Venus – Jupiter – Sun:

Degree: 28.46.40-29.26.40

Anatomy: Spleen (The gland at the cardiac end of the stomach, and filters blood and removes any foreign body in the blood.

Disease: Swelling and pain in the spleen.


  1. Venus – Jupiter – Moon:

Degree: 29.26.40-30.00.00

Anatomy: Appendicular  – pertaining to the Vermi forms of the appendix

Disease: Appendicitis swelling of the appendix necessitating its removal.