By Anil Kaushal
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In astrology this question can be answered very easily in the following manner:

First we should know the karka which force a native for this.

Rahu is the karka planet for cheating.

Important tools of Rahu: Moon, Venus, Jupiter, 7th house and 7th lord are the tools of the Rahu. With the help of these tools Rahu get this cheating work done and send a native out of his marriage for sexual relationship.

How Moon: Its a genuine question of one’s mind but its true, Moon is your mind and when Moon is efflicted by Rahu in any way. Your mind stops discriminating between good or bad. Because Rahu is fog or you can say mist which blocks your vision.

How Venus: Venus is natural karka for sex and enjoyment. When, your Venus is efflicted by Rahu in any manner. It makes a person nymphomaniac. Because Rahu flame up your desire for sex and you starts searching opportunities which you can’t afford to miss.

How Jupiter: A big unfair to blame divine councilor with such blames, but it is very true. Affliction of Jupiter with Rahu ignites its malefic desires. In vedic astrology Jupiter/Rahu conjunction form Guru Chandal Yoga. When your guide becomes cheater than what follower will be. He is to fulfill his desire in any way good or bad.

How 7th house or 7th lord: As 7th house is a house of spouse and marriage. Its good for the marriage and marriage partner till it independent or aspect or conjunct by benefices. But if Rahu afflicts this house or its lord, marriage becomes suffocating and native breaks the boundaries of marriage and cheats his or her life partner.

Hence it is resolved that Rahu is the main culprit in the event of Cheating to spouse. Apply on your horoscope and see the results because nobody else knows you better than yourself. You shall find my new vedio on the Chaste partner soon.

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