If a planet owns two houses, how the results should be timed in relation to two Houses, and in relation to houses it occupies and owns?
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In regard to the question, we are facing, the first notable thing is quantum of results of two houses.It is said that it would mainly give results of it’s Moola Trikona Rasi and results of it’s Swarasi would be just half thereof.
Now one may note the sequence of Dasa Results.
1. According to one school, it will give results of Moola Trikona Rasi first and of Swarasi afterwards.
2..However, another school of thought considers that , if a planet is in Sama Rasi then it would give results of it’s Sama or Even Sign first.;and if in Visham or Odd sign then, it would give results of its odd sign first.
3..Another very notable rule in this regard is that , if a a planets owns two Rasies and it is placed in it’s own sign in 5th,7th or 11th, then this planet would not give its bad results which could have been caused by it’s malefic ownership.
4. It is also one of the rules that , if a planet is in 1st Drekkana of the sign occupied by it, it would give result in the first one third of the Dasa,; if in 2nd Drekkana then in the middle 1/3rd part of Dasa; and if the planet is placed in 3rd Drekkana then in the last one third part of the Dasa.
5.Every planet gives give three kinds of results emanating from three factors:namely due to I.Vargas,2. occupation and ownership; and 3. aspects of other planets on the planet. Rules for malefic and benefic planets are slightly different.
A.In case of Malefics, in first part of Dasa, it gives results caused by its occupation of Uchchadi Vargas in divisional charts; in the second part,of the houses occupied and owned by it; and in the third part, it gives the results of aspects on the Dasa or Antar Dasa/ Bhukti Lord.
B.In case of Benefices, Dasa lord gives results of houses occupied and owned by it in first 1/3rd of the Dasa ; in the second 1/3rd , it would give results of its Uchchadi Vargas; in the last 1/3rd part of the Dasa it gives results of planetary aspects on the Dasa Lord.
There is something more but it would be discussed later on.

Compiled By: Justice S N Kapoor