In my previous post  I have talked about the opportunity of vastu study through Indian Council of Astrological Sciences( Chennai )at their Chandigarh Chapter  D.A.V Model  School  sec . 15 Chandigarh on every Saturday and Sunday. You might be thinking ,   “what is the necessity of Vastu Study ?” because any vastu loving person can get the vastu done from Vastu Consultant  for your curiosity i will try to deliberate as under :-
  1. What is Vastu ? : As discussed earlier vastu is full utilisation of energy, i.e five elements
  • Earth
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Space
Vastu deals with selection of land, Orientation, Veethi  Shoolas, Roads around the Plots, Extension and Reductions
Vastu Shastra is written by Indian Sages in Vedas for the well being of mankind.
In these days the major problems are
  1. Stress
  2. Disease
  3. Financial Instability
  4. Chronic Dieses
  5. Accidents
  6. Martial Problem

2. Utilization of Vastu :

Vastu can be utilise for purchase of plot , house and planning of house while construction are full utilisation of positive energy by interior layout even placing of photographs and domestic utilities like Fridge, TV, Sofa, Beds, etc. Water source in a house is of great importance for giving positive and negative results.
3.   Vastu Study is Essential –  Why ?
As i have already written above the Vastu loving people cannot make full use Vastu since they cannot call the vastu expert to their residence everyday and can cause mistakes due to lack of knowledge . The house is having same five elements of which the body is made of and while placing the domestic utilities we shall have to see that fire elements like Refrigerator, Inverter  should be in the fire zone and water pots should be in the water zone, air zone can be utilised for computers etc and earth zone should be maintained by keeping  treasury and remedies done by Vastu Experts for example to remove cuts and extensions are to be maintained for good Vastu effect.