Whenever a child takes birth , his horoscope is prepared according to the planetary position of  PLANETS and RASHIS . Man completes his journey of life according to the YOGAS and RAJ YOGAS present in the horoscope of the native . But only study of horoscope  and its remedies may not give full results for peaceful living of mankind.









Our sages gave us guidelines for astrology and vastu. It is said that भगवान  made this word and a balanced combination of five elements:-



भ – भूमि


ग – गगन


अ  – अग्नि


व  – वायु


न  – नीर



The balanced combination of these five elements makes the life happy and joyful .


We get solar energy from SUN and magnetic energy from movement of EARTH.


Solar energy comes from EAST and magnetic energy comes from NORTH .


The combination of these two energies in the NORTH-EAST, which is the main zone of prosperity.


According to MATSYA PURAN ,there was a war between lord SHIVA and devil ANDHKASUR .

The war continued for long time and when lord SHIVA was relaxing end of the day, a DATYA KAAYA took birth and started fighting in favor of lord SHIVA . ANDHKASUR was killed and this DATYA KAAYA started roaming freely which was not tolerated by the DEVAS. The DEVAS complained to the all mighty ,who decided that 45 dieties should sit on the back of the DATYA  and throw him on the earth. the DATYA KAAYA  asked the all mighty about his fault. The all mighty said that there is no fault of you but DEVAS donot accept you here. However , all mighty gave the वरदान to him that you will be known as VASTU PURUSH. Whosoever  construct a house ,shall workship you before starting the construction and will offer you भोग and you will bless them with prosperity and people who donot offer prayer to you and start construction , you can punish them according to your wish. That is why you might have seen that some people die during construction work and some cannot enjoy their new constructed house due to transfer etc.




Ø  Introduction of Vastu Science:- Effects of cosmic energy and its centralization Vastu Purusuh, direction and use of magnetic compass.



Ø  Selection of Land :- The atmosphere around the land, shape of plot, inclination of land, vithi, Angles of land, Pathway to plot, Testing of land, Direction analysis of plot.



Ø  Vastu Vedh :- Obstruction of the main gate , obstruction due to tree, shadow , tap, pole, building, road and other miscellaneous things.



Ø  Home Vastu Analysis :– The source of water, storage of water, exit of water, Boundry wall, Doors, Windows and Ventilations, Stairds, Garage, Master Room of houses, Bedroom, Study Room, Dinning  Room, Drawing Room, Guest Room, Worship Room, Kitchen ,Toilets, Bath Rooms, Store, Verendah, Basement, the Brahmasthan.



Ø  Home Vastu Decoration :- The Vastu colors, Auspicious Articles of Vastu , Vastu of flowers , climbers and picture etc.


(Remedies of Vastu)


Ø  Vastu- Planet Relationship :  Introduction of deities, Relationship of planets with direction, Nature of Planets , Results of Planets and Remedies.



Ø  Vastu Fault Analysis : Problem caused by Vastu Fault, Determination of Vastu fault by study of problems of families.



Ø  Remedies for Rectification of Vastu Faults : Remedies by feng shui , Use of Pyramids, Remedies by Vedic Methods, Yantras , auspicious items such as picture, bells, statues etc.



Ø  Environmental Vastu : Appropriate place of trees , fruits, Flowers and plants.




Ø  Practicals : Understanding map, visits to houses and vastu dosh rectification.







Ø  Vastu  For Health.


Ø  Vastu For Environment


Ø  Vastu For Better Finances


Ø  Vastu And Relationships


Ø  Vastu And Astrology.






Ø  Vastu For Offices


Ø  Vastu For Industries


Ø  Vastu For Shops.


Ø   Commercial Complexes.





Ø  Pyramids


Ø  Vastu Corrections Through Feng  Shui


Ø  Colours



Evaluation Of Houses, Factories And Plots



Ø  Visit to Offices, Industries, Schools, Markets.