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Lal Kitab Grammer

mPp xzg ls eqjkn 100 Q+hlnh iwjs vlj dh rkd+r dk ekfyd 

uhp xzg ls eqjkn 100 Q+hlnh u”V gqvs vlj dh rkd+r dk ekfyd

ikih xzg   means jkgw dsrq  luhpj 

dk;e xzg Kayam Greha :
Established planets (Kayam Grahas  dk;e xzg) are the planets which are beyond the aspect and combination of enemy planet and their sign and fixed house also do not have any enemy planets. These types of planets are fully established and are very powerful says the Lal Kitab.

Sathi greha:  / lkFkh xzg
Lord of two house when posited in each other house by mutual exchange.

Greha ka ghar /  xzg dk ?kj  owned by planet or where it is mPp or  uhpA

Ghar ka greha?kj  dk xzg  pacca ghar of greha
Nar greha :        Jupiter, Sun, Mars
Female Greha:  Venus Moon,
Eunuch               Saturn, Mercury Rahu and Ketu.

cjkcj ds xzg  as per list in friendship table.
Dharm sthan  any religious place like gurdwara for sikh, temple for hindu , mosque for muslim and  ‘kfu dk p©jLrk    +   for person who does not believe in religion.

fcyeqdkfcy xzg  when two friend planets are posited in such a way that an enemy planet is posited in the root of either one or both, then they develop a sense of enemity

uckfyx xzg % tc [kkuk u% 1 4 7  10 [kkyh g¨a ;k mu esa ikih xzg ;k cqÄ ,dsyk g¨ r¨ Vsok uckfyx xzg dk g¨xk
बुध छठे रवि १-५-११     टेवा बालिग ग्रह होते हो
If Mercury is in 6H and Sun in 1,5,or 11, than it is called Mature Horoscope.

खाली मुट्टी या बुध पापी  वा असर नाबालिग देता हो
If Kendra are empty or only Mercury or Paapi (Rahu, Ketu or Saturn) in Kendra, than it is called Adolescence Horoscope.

Kundali (Tewa) of Blind Planets     vaÄk Vsok
शत्रु ckge घर १० में बैठे  टेवे होता ग्रह अँधा हो
In the horoscope if enemy planets jointly sitting in the 10th house, then it is called Blind charts.
Like Mercury + Jupiter or Mercury + Moon or Mercury + Mars in the 10H.

According to Lal Kitab, if in any Kundali, two enemy planets sit together in the 10th house, then this kind of Kundali is known as the Kundali of the blind planets. 10th house in the kundali is the place of work for this person, and is also related to his earnings, therefore, if two or more enemy planets are sitting together in this house then it creates an imbalance in the work area of this person. There isn’t complete stability in the service or business of this person. As a remedy to rectiy the blind planets sitting in the 10th house, this person should feed 10 blind people.
Kundali (Tewa) of Half Blind Planets  (u®gjkrk Vsok )
सात  सनि हो सूरज चौथे  आधा अँधा नहोराता हो
If Saturn in 7H and Sun in 4H than chart is called half blind chart, ie who cannot see at night.
According to Lal Kitab, if Sun is in the 4th house and Saturn is in the 7th house, then in this condition then Kundali is known as the Kundali of blind planets. This planetary condition will have unfavorable effects on the the mental and professional life of this person. The mental peace of this person might decline drastically. The 4th house is also the house of our family happiness and because of this planetary condition our family happiness might get diminished.

Nahorata greha : which can see in day but blind at night  like sun in 4th and Saturn in 7th.

Dharmi Greha  
११ ‘kfu  या साथ गुरु का  पाप चंदर १० चौथे हो
पिछले जनम का साधु होगा धर्मी टेवा सुख देवे जो

If Saturn in 11H or Saturn with Jupiter in any house AND
Rahu-ketu in 4-10 axis or Moon with Rahu or Ketu in any house, than it is called Pious (Dharmi) Chart.
Rahu and Ketu pledged in front of moon not to do evil in 4th house and 3rd greha Shani  with the blessing of Jupiter will not do evil in 11th house  and  gives verdict for the evils done by rahu and ketu.
Rahu and Ketu in 4th house or any any house with moon and
Saturn in 11th house or in any other house conjuct with Jupiter will not give evil effects.

Planets collision (Vdjko ds xzg  )
If we notice in Vedic astrology the planets positioned in the 6th and 8th houses make Shadhastak combination. This combination gives negative results to the native. Shadashtak yoga is less malefic in friendly planets whereas the same gives very dangerous results in enemy planet combination.
In Lal Kitab planets in 6th and 8th house have colliding aspect and cast negative results on each other irrespective of any friendly or enmity between them.

Deceptive Aspect.  (Ĩ£s ds xzg   )  A kundli in which a planet aspects another planet situated in the 10th house from itself casts a fraudulent (Dhoke ka) aspect that provides inauspicious results to the native. There is no significance of natural friendship and enmity in this type of aspect. Lal Kitab says that the tenth aspect of a planet is applicable on a planet in a house when there is a responsible relationship between the planets.
 For example if a planet aspects from its own sign, exalted sign or permanent (Pakka) house then the aspect is deceptive and it gives negative results, but the aspect does not harm the house of the afflicted planet.

 Qurbani ke bakre in Lal kitab

 According to the principle of Slaughtered Planets  or Qurbani ke bakre in Lal kitab, a planet when severly afflicted with cause planets friendly to it to give bad results too. The other planets then in principle become the lambs of slaughtered, their auspicious impact slaughtered by the afflicted planet.

Sun: lwjt viuh eqflcr oDr eUnk vlj dsrq ij Mky nsxk

Moon: – vius n¨Lr xzg¨a ¼c`gLifr lwjt eaxy  ½ ij Mky nsxk.

Mars: – eaxy cn ¼Òkà ½ viuh cyk ¼dsrq½ yM+ds  ij Mky nsxk eaxy 10 lwjt 6 yM+ds ij yM+dk ejok;ss 

Mercury:viuh cyk n¨Lr ‘kqDdj ij Mky nsxk  . If moon and Mercury together Mamu will die.

Jupiter:c`gLifr viuh eqflcr oDr eUnk vlj dsrq ij Mky nsxk

Venus: ‘kqDdj v©jr ‘kSrku lqÒkv¨ viuh cyk panz ;kuh Vsos okys dh ekrk  ij Mky nsxk

Saturn: – An afflicted Saturn gets rid of its negative influence through Venus ( as Rahu & Ketu are eLuwbZ venus.  Scape goat : Saturn à Rahu + Ketu = Venus    If sun in 6th and Saturn in 12th the wife will die.

Rahu and Ketu: – These planets incorporate their negative impact by their own and objects related with them.
Mars bad (brother) uses ketu (son) Sun in 6th (PH (pacca house) ketu ) and mars in 10th( effect of 8th house as Sat and Mars rep 8th)death of sons and nephews.
Moon and Venus opposite each other  mother will become blind.
Jupiter in 5th, and ketu in other house during mahadasha of Jupiter PH 6 of ketu will give adverse results.

Grehaphal and Rasiphal
When a planet is posited in a house other than the house of which it is owner, or where it is mPp or uhp or pacca ghar, or becomes lkFkh xzg by way of mutual exchange of positions. In such a condition it will be called  of Rasiphal,  jk’khQy or of doubtful nature .
jk’khQy okys xzg dk mikv¨  g¨ ldrk gS
where as in condition opposite it will be called of xzgQy xzgQy okys xzg dk mikv¨ ugha g¨rk

tue fnu dk xzg % ftl fnu iSnkb’k g¨ ml fnu dk xzg tue fnu dk xzg g¨xk fdLer  d® txkus okys xzg dk iDdk ?kj ;k jk’khQy dk ;k ftl dk mik;    fd;k tk lds

tue oDr dk xzg % ftl oDr iSnkb’k g¨ ml oDr dk xzg tue oDr dk xzg g¨xk  fdLer dk xzg  v©j xzzgQy dk  ftl dk mik; uk fd;k tk ldsA

fdLer dk xzg  t¨ xzg lc ls mÙke xzg & Åap Qy nsus okyk ] dk;e ] lkFkh xzg uk g¨ fcyeqdkfcy ;k nq’k xzg¨a dk vlj uk g¨] iDds ?kj dk ekfyd ]


Greha and Rasi Phal table

Position of Planets in 12 Houses of the Kundali

jk’kh es[k
feFkqu Gemini ddZ
ekfyd eaxy usd ‘kqDdj cqÄ panz lwjt cqÄ
‘kqDdj eaxy cn c`gLifr luhpj luhpj c`gLifr
mPp Sun panz jkgw c`gLifr cqÄ jkgw luhpj dsrq eaxy ‘kqDdj
uhp ‘kfu dsrq eaxy dsrq lwjt panz jkgw c`gLifr cqÄ
iDdk  /kj lwjt c`gLifr eaxy panz c`gLifr dsrq ‘kqDdj cqÄ eaxy cn
c`gLifr luhpj c`gLifr jkgw
eaxy usd panz cqÄ panz lwjt jkgw ‘kqDdj panz c`gLifr luhpj c`gLifr dsrq
xzg Qy dk eaxy usd jkgw dsrq eaxy panz lwjt c`gLifr cqÄ dsrq ‘kqDdj eaxy cn c`gLifr c`gLifr c`gLifr luhpj jkgw
jk’kh Qy dk jkgw luhpj ‘kqDdj
luhpj cqÄ


Compiled by Amrao singh   09814233221


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