bUlku caÄk [kqn ys[k ls vius&ys[k fcÄkrk dye ls g¨
dye pys [kqn dje ls vius&>xM+k vDy u fdLer g®

LAL kitab astrology may  some day tell you the secret of time of death or sex of a child before birth
But revealing it before time will give

d¨<+ dk lcwr nsxk
nqfu;k esa fcekjh dk bykt gS e©r dk d¨Ã pkjk ugha

Jyotish is divine knowledge but not magical mantra.

It is nqfu;koh fglkc fdrkc gS d¨Ã nkok ,s [kqnkàugha

When used in self defence it becomes a source of peace of mind. It is not a weapon to attack others. In the field of luck, If a drain of water is coming and water is blocked by some brick or stone lying in the drain, then with the help of subject an attempt can be made to remove that obstacle. But quantity of flow of water can not be increased or decreased. The knowledge of ilam can save you from troubles by extending divine help.

The farman are written one after another  in subject sequel there reading it complete N times will make the subject clear.

Without book the predictions and remedies may not be helpful.

First have experience on horoscope made thru traditional methods then after experience try corrections. Caution: learning from own hand and own horoscope may create obstacles in learning the subject:

There are critics but helping others will  result in dj Òyk g¨ Òyk

Difference in Traditional vedic astrology and Lal Kitab

Example horoscope à Lalkitab horoscope.

dq.Myh cewftc rqyk yxu uhps nh tkrh gSA

Åij dh dq.Myh esa yxu dks ,d dk fgUnlk nsdj gLc +t+Sy ( as under ) gksxhA

%%&gkykr ns[kus ds fy;s c`gLir [kkuk uEcj 1] lwjt uEcj 2 oSxjg i<+k djsaA blh rjg gh c”kZQy i<+ ysaA

%%&gj xzg ds [kkukokj vlj ds ‘kq# esa t¨ phtsa+ fy[kh gSa tc oks iSnk g¨axh] bl [kkuk uEcj esa fn;k gqvk vlj ‘kq# g¨xkA elyu ‘kqDdj uEcj 1&9 esa lQsn xk; gS ;k ‘kknh 25osa lky eank Qy ‘kq# gksxkA

Farman 1.

yky fdrkc Qjekosa ;¨a&&vDy ys[k ls yM+rh D;¨a tcfd

uk fxyk rnchj (upaya)  viuh && uk gh [kqn rgjhj g¨ lc ls mÙe ys[k xSch&& ekFks dh rd+nhj g¨

Person works hard through out life, but could not achieve desired results, but he sees another person rising to heights with in a short span of time. Very perturbed he looks towards sky and asks why ?

The answer is Farman

uk t+#jh * u¶+l rkd+r  & uk vax gh njdkj g¨      * vfLrRo

ys[k peds tc Q+d+hjh & jktk vk njckj g¨ g¨

Farman 1

fcèkkrk tue feys r¨] ys[k t;¨fr”k crykrk gSA
yky fdrkc cPpk xzg pkyh] fdLer lkFk ys vkrk gSA
bl cPps dh uUgh eqëh esa] idM+k nso vkdk’k dk gSA
Hkjk +[kt+kuk ftl ds vUnj] fufèk fl+)h dh ekyk gSA
u© fufèk d¨ xzg 9 ekuk] fl+)h 12 jk’kh gSA
9 +t+jc tc 12 fxurs] g¨rh ekyk iwjh gSA


Farman 2 related to burj, cqtZ and lines in hand . farman says that in the hand the stars are placed on burj and rasis and is divine mirror which is indentical to the greha position in kundali.

gkFk nk;k¡ vkSj dqaMyh tue d¨] rnchj enZ dk uke gqvkA  
ck;k¡ gkFk v©j panj dq.Myh] rd+nhj *c’kj dk dke gqvkA * vkneh
myV gkFkksa ls v©jr ekuk] xzgQy jk’kh vke gqvkA  
usd gok tc pyus yxh r¨] tgku n¨uksa dk +uke gqvkA  

Farman 4  

vkfye d¨ bYe esa ‘kd D;k gS
tue oD+r
lek  djs uj D;k djs lek cM+k cyoku &
vlj xzg lÒh gh ij g¨xk ifjank i’kq bUlku

Now when a native takes his birth the ys[kk t¨[kk of luck starts. Based on birth time horoscope was  made for exploring the results of life. Which is based on ilam jyotish.

But if 2 or more persons are born at same time same place their life will not be identical.

Or is 100 or thousand people are killed in war, catastrophe disaster etc then the lines in hands show different pattern as per samudrik ilam or ilam kyafa. Resulting doubt in both  ilams.

To solve this problem both the subject where mixed. But before knowing the basic principles the problem will not be solved,  To get benefits of the subject various components like, grammer, phaladesh, yogas etc were designed.

The author of Lal Kitab has enunciated such significant principles of astrology that stand well tested today and as such they are of utmost importance in our day to day life. some unfailing principles and astrological precautions are described here for the benefit of people .

They are as follows:

Remedies Applicable to All

Sweet loaves of bread, specially baked in Tandoor, should be offered to animals every month for warding off sickness, quarrels and other troubles, caused by Mars negative in the horoscope.




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