The Line of Life

Position and Direction

Starting from under the Mount of Jupiter,
encircling the Mount of Venus and the Lower Mount of Mars, provide
both are normally placed and of average superficial dimensions.

This portion of the
Mount of Venus between the Mount of the Moon and the Life indicated
in the above illustration by a dotted line is not enclosed by the
Line of Life; but for all ordinary readings it may be started that
the Mount of Venus is all within the Line of Life.

Lying closer to the second phalanx of the thumb, especially if there is a start at the intersection of the Lines of Head and Liver-Childlessness:
Difficult in Childbearing

By reducing the space
occupied by the Mount of Venus proper, the generative power of the
subject is reduced that much; hence the above reading.

Coming out in a great circle into the palm of the hand, and reaching or ending close to the Mount of the Moon – Longevity of unusual duration.

This is in accordance with the principle given below: “The longer the Line, the longer
the life.” In this case the Line of Life will probable enclose the whole of the Mount of Venus.

Normal for awhile and then starting almost straight to the lower portion of the

Mount of the Moon when it stops – Serious female troubles

Womb Troubles – A Line of Life, normal up to 30 years old, suddenly starts toward the lower part of the Mount of the Moon. When it ends near the Rosettes the mount of Venus low but much rayed and a Mount of
Saturn with several vertical lines.

“Seen in the hand of a lady suffering from the consequences of unfortunate child bearing; this position of the Mount of the Moon either exaggerate or much rayed always indicates – I’m woman trouble of the generative organs.”

Congenital Idiocy – Both hands ill shaped with dwarfed thumbs and crooked fingers .In the Left Hand a Line of Life forming, at 30 a right angle ending at the percussion.

With a small islanded Line of Heart. In the right hand a chained Line of Life and Head,
several islands on the Line of Heart and a star on the Mount of the Sun.

“Seen in the hands of a young girl 14 years old whose face was comparatively intelligent, although. She was really afflicted with idiotic from birth. This Line of Life in the Left hand crossing over to the Mount of the Moon is often an indication of epilepsy”.


(A) By Itself


The shorter the Line-The shorter the Life

Although appearing to be short the Line may still be sustained by a good Line of Head and a
Strong first phalanx of the Thumbs: soon will appear in that case minute downward lines or capillaries.”

A strong will power has been known to keep up life in an otherwise debilitated body : the nervous fluid absorbed by a strong thumb and circulated by a good Line of Head will allow the subject to fight against a physical weakness which might cause his death if not energetically resisted. We will find similar indications with appropriate cases, as we proceed farther in the study of the Line of Life.

A short or poor Line, if the Line of Liver does not connect with the
Line of Life and goes up, straight and even to the Mount of Mercury-
To a great extent this is admitted to make up for the defective Line of Life. A fine Line of Liver denoted a perfect digestion and with a good stomach there is a strong probability that life may be prolonged.

Short in both hand- Death at the date indicated on the hand.

I take this occasion for repeating that a long and even perfect Line of Life in both hands, while it promises a long life to the subject, does not necessarily guarantee it. This excellent marking simply announces that an important capital of life is granted the subject by his maker; but it is only by properly husbanding it that it will last the full allotted time. Other signs in the hands will most probably appear as warning of a possible curtailing of this inestimable privilege of longevity. Physical the subject’s life prematurely and perhaps abruptly is there to be read and heeded. Hence the extraordinary usefulness of palmistry as a mentor and a guide.

2. Color, width, Depth.

It is well known that people with frequent periods of ill-health are generally moody and very easily put –out.

Thin and meager in the center –111 health during that portion of life A spot terminating this thinness- Sudden death (with other indications).

Pale and wide – 111 health, bad indicts feeble and envious character.

The paleness of the Lines always indicates poverty of the blood or defective circulation.
A line too broad loses much of its value as a carrier of electricity it is like an overflowing, shallow river that ceases to render its accustomed services.

Deep and red- Violence and brutality of temper; feverish disposition This observation
applies to all the main Lines.

Very deep all through- Brusque manners; often violent ways, repaid wearing out of the system.

This abnormal depth of one or more of the main Line is often a warring of coming paralysis due to dissipation, over work, or troubles affecting the very source of life.

Of a livid color– Raving madness.

3 Malformations.

Chained or linked – Delicacy of constitution, nervous troubles; painful life.

Chained or linked under the Mount of Jupiter – Bad health in early life.

The Line is very generally chained at that place which comprises the first six or eight years of one’s life. During that period, human beings are especially frail- as is shown by the Table or Mortality and even when they escape what is known as childhood’s diseases,’ their hold on life is weak to a degree. Hence the chained or linked formation. It is interesting to notice that the same formation is very generally found toward the termination of the Line of Heart, explaining perhaps this diagonosis so frequently given out by 19thcentury physician: death by heart failure.”

Delicate Childhood Skin Disease – A much chained Line of Life up to 12
years old, then on the Line a star with a deep, dark dot in the center. A much chained Line of Heart and a line of liver formed ladderwise by small fragments.

Very short nails. The line of head
separated from the Line of life at the start and widely forked at the
termination. A long, broad- tipped Thumb.

Poor, Diseased Eyesight until past Twenty – A Line of Life chained up to 20. A Line of head
separated from the Line of Life and beginning under the Mount of Saturn had been gradually attached to the Line of Life by capillary lines. A star on the 3rd phalanx of the third finger toward the second finger.

“A young professor of law, affricated with very poor general health and eyesight up to 20; had short nails. Recovered somewhat from the trouble with his eyes; But the organ remained very weak.”

Formed of small line arranged ladder-wise Poor general health during the period of life represented by the space occupied by this ladder like formation.

(b) In combination with other Indications.

A long fine Line, without any Line of Fate or Sun in the hand-

A healthy but uneventful existence, with but little chance of making money. A short Line in both
hands with all the other main lines above the average in clearness and directness and with a good first phalanx of the thumb –The duration of the Line will be most probably prolonged by the moral
energy and well sustained efforts of the subject.

III.Starting points and forks at the start

Starting on the Mount of Jupiter – Great ambition fully Rewarded

Slightly separated at the start from a good Lime of Head –

Energy and go ahead spirit; enough pluck to face an audience; very helpful to actors, lectures, preachers, teachers, lawyers.

Separated at the start, from a good Line of Hand – The
above characteristics are somewhat accentuated with the addition of some recklessness and haste in the judgment of situations.

A strong second phalanx of the thumb and knotted fingers will counterbalance this tenency to
take risks without properly wigging them. On the other hand, a very long first phalanx of the thumb and short smooth fingers would increase danger.

Widely separated from the Line of Head at the start, the space between filled with a mesh of capillary lines,

the Line of Life and Head being full and red. Foolhardiness amounting
almost to folly.

Ultra Nervous Nature in a Literary Man. A Line of Life widely separated from the Line of Head.

A fragment of a girdle of Venus cut by a small Line of the Sun. Pointed fingers with a fully
marked second Knot.

Seen in the hand of a very excitable literary man who met with ill luck in his profession.

A short outside fork at the start. In a good hand- Justice of soul:
fidelity. With an exaggerate Mount of Jupiter –

A short fork at the start, one prong of which starts from the side of
the hand –

The starting points of the Line and the prongs of its forks must not be looked for back of
the hand, but must only be followed up to the edge of the hand.

A long fork deep into the Mount of Jupiter, if uncrossed-Ambition crowned with

Beginning with a double or triple fork, one prong of which starts at the normal place, the
other or other from the Line of

Head under the Mount of Jupiter but no farther inside the hand- Fortune and honors to the
parents of the subject which ultimately benefit the latter.

If the prongs above mentioned are crossed before reaching the Line of Head- As many
lawsuits lost; these law suits affect the fortune or the honor of the parents of her subject and thus indirectly the latter.

IV.Termination and forks at the termination

Terminating abruptly, with a few short parallet lines –Sudden death If the short parallel
lines are not there
death may not by sudden but it will take place at
the date indicated on the Line. If the marking is repeated in both hands

Terminating abruptly, with a black dot at the end –Death by accident or violence

Forked at the termination-General weakening of the system: more rarely overwork and old age accompanied with poverty.

Forked at the termination the prongs more widely separated- Rheumatism: more rarely
the life will and in poverty away from the country of one’s birth.

Forked at the termination with a long prong more widely separated-
Rheumatism; more rarely: the life will end in poverty away from the country of one’s birth.

Forked at the termination with a long prong crossing the Mount of the Moon to the percussion- Long vovages or distant traveling In health matters I have often read this indication successfully as meaning bladder trouble or diabetes leaves the main Line- and not on the Line of

Forked at the termination one prong running to the Line of Fate and merging
into it – Dull, vegetative ending of the life. Of course in this case, as in all similar ones, the date must be read on the Line of Life where the prong.

Terminating in a series of crosses in both hands –The subject in spite of
an amiable disposition and some talent. Will succeed in nothing and have a long period of ill health and poverty in old age. If in one hand only – Amiability and talent.

Tasseled at its extremity-Poverty through loss of money late in life. General weakening of the system.

Tasseled at its termination, one of the tassels going deep into the

Mount of the Moon- Prospective insanity; probably of a senile character.

At the termination of a short Line a number of Capillary lines gradually appearing and
gaining in strength- The bad omen Indi –canted by the short line has been annulled by much care and precaution.

V. Branches

A branches starting early and reaching into Mount of Jupiter- Successful ambition; egotism.

Branches reaching but not cutting the Line of Head, about its center-

Honors and riches.

Upward branches on either side – Fine health, ambition satisfied or generally riches.

Upward branches cut crosswise by lines of influence– for each cut, a lawsuit or legal separation.

Downward branches on either side – Loss of health and

A large downward branch about the end of the second – third of the
one prong terminating far into the Mount of the Moon; in a firm hand restless, love of travel. In a flabby hand, with sloping Line of Head – Restlessness only satisfied in vice. Of course in both cases, imagination plays a great part in the subject movements and

A downward branch from a black spot on the Line – Nervous complaint left by some disease Gout.

VI. Breaks

A break in one hand only – A very grave illness from which the subject will surely recover: especially if the two fragments overlay each other.

A break in both hands – Great danger of death ,

especially if the lower fragment turns inward toward the Mount of Venus.

A very serious venereal Disease- A triple, much broken Girdle of Venus, starred under the Mount of Saturn , the star

connecting with a cross line from the Mount of Jupiter. A broken Line of Life in both hands. And the nails long, brittle, convex and ridged.

“A young man hopelessly ill from the consequences of reckless dissipation. The poison in his
blood was finally affecting his lungs and consumption had set in died a few years later.”

Broken up and laddered- Period of continuous ill health.

Broken but both fragments overlaying each other and joined by a short, distinct cross bar- Recovery from severe illness.

VII. Connected With the Main Lines

Connected in a sharp angle with the Line of Head – Prudence and average common sense. In all matters of Angles formed by the Lines of Life, Head and Liver. The reader will find full information in my chapter on the Triangle and Quadrangle.

Closely connected with the Line of Head for quite while- Diffidence; timidity; extreme sensitiveness about everything concerning self: ultra conservatism. This disposition may be successfully fought against and triumphed over if the subject possesses a strong first phalanx of the Thumb and a good, long Line of Head, as the will power persistently exerted can do wonders.

An only Love , with Extreme Timidity in Expressing it – A normal Line of Life with a big cross on the Mount of Venus and a Line of Head attached abnormally to the Line of Life at the start and drooping low into a much rayed Mount of the Moon; an excellent Line of Heart starting with a fork on the Mount of Jupiter and a faint Girdle of Venus: the Mount of Venus predominating: the Mount of Saturn quite marked, but the Mounts of Mars missing; the fingers long
and Knotty and the nails also long and brittle .

“A young man was afflicted with such timidity that, although he had everything in his favor otherwise, he never could muster enough courage to ask for the hand of any young lady. He was deeply in love with one most suitable girl whose parents would have accepted him as a son- in –law for the asking but no consideration in the world could make him let anyone discover his love and he remained a bachelor for the rest of his life.”

The Lines of Life, Head and Heart all joined together at the start- An omen of sudden but not
necessarily imminent death.

A wound in the Eye- A Line of Heart connected with the Line of Life; and the Line of head hardly marked at all and running down under the Line of heart separate from the Line of Life. A prominent Mount of the Sun.

“Found in the hands of a well Known Parisian artist who was wounded in the eye while fencing.”

The connection of the Lines of Life and heart with a very small or ill formed Line of head always indicates some accident or sudden illness.

When the Mount of Jupiter is prominent it indicates rush of blood to the head. If the
Mount of Saturn is prominent.
A wound in the leg or legs; if the Sun is prominent. Wound in the eye; if the Mount of Mercury is prominent. Grave and acute bilious trouble; if the Mount of Mars is prominent quick and fatal lung illness; If the Mount of the Moon is prominent. Paralysis if is the Mount of Venus. The trouble will be due to venereal diseases.

Connected with the Line of Fate at the starting point of the latter-

The subject family has ruled his or her existence;

if connected farther up the Line of Fate- The influence of the family will be exerted at that date (counted on the Line of Fate). If a broken end of the Line joins the Line of Fate- Great danger to life which has been averted, or will be averted by good luck.

Capillaries from the termination of a short Line of Life to a Line of Fate starts from
where the Line usually terminates- Preservation from the evil consequences of a short Line of Life.

Interesting case of great Longevity. A line of Life broken in both hands at 60 is
connected at its abrupt termination by many capillary lines, with a very fine Line of Fate
which starts from the Resettle and turns around the thumb just where the Line of Life ought to have been; an excellent Line of Liver.

An old man of 85 years of age had those markings in his hands; he hab been very ill between
60 and 65, but had fully recovered and was still feelings hale and hearty.

Connected with the Line of the Sun at the starting point of the latter, and in both hands- Success in art music or literature. Brilliant fortune.

The type of the subject and his or her aptitudes, judged at an earlier period of the examination

will settle whether talent or money is to be read on that particular Line of the Sun. sometimes both.

Connected with the Line of Liver –Weak general health and with a narrow Quadrangle due to the Line of heart crying toward the Line of Head- Fainting fits

Connected with the Via Lascivious, especially if the latter starts inside the Mount of Venus and is wavy and long Lasciviousness; often life shortened by sensual excesses.

The Line, at its termination, covered up, so to speak, by a number of confused lines
that connet it with a Line of Fate much cut up at the start- Poor health in old age due to privations in the early portion of the subject life.

VII. Bars, Capillaries and Signs

Capillary lines dropping from or attached closely to the Line  –Weakness, loss of vitality; especially when found at the termination of the Line not in
sufficient number to indicated gradual recuperation.

Cut by thin, short lines or hares-For every cut an illness of not a very grave nature

A bar across the broken fragments of the Line overlaying each other- Recovery from a grave illness

Dots on the Line- For every dot a minor casually. A number of dots- Unsatisfactory states of health

Tape Worm- A blue spot on the Line of Life marked the date of the trouble and there were
many confused lines at the upper part of the Mount of the Moon, much developed at that point .A poorly formed star was found amid those confused lines.

These markings were found in the hand of a man troubled with the tapeworm. Persistent
constipation would also be indicated by either an exaggerate swelling of the upper Mount Mars, Moon and even the Upper Mount Mars, or by lines and cross lines on that same place. Should a light blue spot sometimes growing to the shape of a star or a crescent, be found there, it would indicate constipation of a persistently dangerous character.

A blusih spot-Typhoid, malarial or cerebral fever.

Red dots, if many- Feverish disposition.

Black dots- Always indicated grave diseases or other serious trouble.

A deep black dot – A dangerous wound.

A very deep black dot at the termination of a broken line-Sudden death, often by assassination. With a dry skin and a prominent or much rayed Mount of the Moon- Grave nervous trouble.

Gout-A deep cross line on the middle Mount of the Moon. A black spot on the Line of Life at
the date of the first attack. Short nails.

“Both gout and rheumatism are indicated by the above line and also by a cross well marked, or by confused lines on the middle mount of the Moon.”

White dots, when confirmed by ominous signs on the Line of Head- Injury to the header

A triangle near the termination of the Line –Loquacity
and falsehood. But with good Line of Head and Heart –
Tact and  eloquence

A cross at the starting of the Line,

especially if a dot be found upon it- Accident in early life

Two crosses at the beginning of the Line.- In a woman, sensuousness and immodesty.

A series of crosses at the termination; in one hand only Amiability and talent.

If in both hands- Versatility never of much real use to the subject; poverty in old age.

A cross toward the end of the Line-Unmerited reverses in old age; person of ability and character threatened with ill health at that period of life.

A cross cut by a downward branch- Infirmity from which the subject will not recover.

A star-An accident, a fatality in the subject existence.

Asthma. Diseases of the Spleen A star at 70 on the Line of Life. A star on a much chaned Line of Heart under the Mount of Saturn. A very narrow Quadrangle.

A man died at 70 from what was supposed to be a liver ailment. It was proved that his very
Lymphatic disposition had affected his heart, through poverty of the blood, and that, decides his breathing was difficult. Finally a swelling of the spleen was discovered as the main cause of death; it result from this poor quality of the blood,

A star or cross on the Mount of Venus touching the Line-Trouble from some member of the subject family or some intiate friend

A square on or near the Line with one exception which see below-Always a sign of
preservation from grave illness or trouble or of rapid recuperation.

A St. Andrew’s cross within a square on the Line-A great danger will be incurred. But its consequences will not be harmful.

Broken inside a square –Recovery from a serious illness.

Saved from poisoning – A Line of Life broken at 30, both fragment enclosed within a big square.

“A young girl swallowed poison as a consequence of a love trouble but the dose was too large
and she was saved.”

An island at the beginning of the Line. Inherited illness; sometimes my stery of birth.

Deaf and Dumb from Birth- An island at the start of a Line of Life cut by many bars and
worry lines.
An island at the termination of a very long Line of Head. A very high Mount of Mercury No Line of fate.

“A remarkably intelligent young man deaf and dumb from birth.”

An island on the Line- A grave illness or serious trouble, the cause of which will be shown elsewhere on the hand; often due to some form of excess. If there is no other indication the island refers to some trouble of the digestive organs. As such illnesses attack more directly the very principle of animal life.

A Lethargy or catalepsy of one Month-The Line of Life broken at 28; the upper fragment turned up and formed an outward is land extending quite a distance back. The Line of Head started under the Mount of Saturn and descended in clean broken fragments. A similar Line of Heart, No other main Line.

A small man Saturnine type, with knotted fingers, remained a whole month in a state of apparent death. From which he woke up a well man.”

An island on the Line with the Line of Liver wavy- Biliousness and chronic indigestion.

An island on the Line with a star on the Line of Head- A serious illness at the date of the island. If the star is under the Mount of Saturn- The lower limbs affected. Other wise the general reading will be- Brain trouble or consumption according to the chirognomical indications.

Illness Having Deprived the Subject of the Use of His Legs-An island on the Line of Life between 30 and 42. A star on the Line of Head under the Mount of Saturn. A girdle of Venus; a very poor Line of head forked at an otherwise normal termination; a very poor Line of Heart.

“Several years of paralysis of the lower limbs caused by some hereditary brain trouble.”

An island on the line with a star at the connection of the Lines of Head and Liver-
Sterility; difficulties in childbearing and their consequences.

Displacement of the Womb- An island on the Line of Life between 35 and 45 the lower
portion of the Mount of the Moon much rayed and cross rayed. A poor Line of Heart.

“Found in the hands of a iady who had suffered for many years from a displacement of the womb. The trouble especially the function of the heart.”


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