Signs on Hand



A Star is a sign of great importance wherever it appears on hand. A line that ends in a star signifies great accomplishments. A star on mounts enhances the benefits of the corresponding amount. The effects of various stars on different mounts are discussed below




The Island is a negative and unfortunate sign. This signifies the hereditary evils. For instance, it denotes inherited heart disease if heavily marked on the line of heart. It could represent mounting stress on the line of the head, and manifest itself as headaches. Island on mount injures the qualities of the mount on which it is found.



image003The Spot is generally the sign of temporary illness and denote a chronic disease. Different colors of spot have there own meaning:





image004The cross is opposite to the star, and found as a favorable sign. It represents trouble, danger, disappointment and sometime change in life. It should always be considered an ill sign save for two cases: when found on the Mount of the Jupiter and when located between the Head and Heart lines, known as the “Croix Mystique”.





The triangle is a curious sign, and it fount clear and distinct and not formed by chance crossing of lines. It denotes mental flourish and success corresponding to the location of the mark. The triangle will never reach the great heights of success, but it possesses balance.




image006The grille is very often seen, and generally upon the mounts of the hand. It is a point at which the energies of the hand dissipate or escape out. It represents obstacles against the success of that particular mount. For e.g. a Grille on the Mount of Apollo will forever put off the attainment of any true success in life.





The circle is a very rare marking in palmistry. If it touches any line, it brings inescapable misfortune to the line it touches. If it found on the mount of Sun it is fortunate and on any other mounts it tells against the success.

When it touches any important line, it indicates that at that particular point the subject will not be able to clear himself from misfortune.




image008The square is one of the most interesting, lesser and benefic sign. It is usually called as “The mark of preservation”. The line denotes one of the greatest crises in the person’s life. Difficulties will arise in life but the bearer will persevere and the crisis will be turn away. It denotes negative influences when it is found on the upper portion of the Mount of Venus near the life line.



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