MASNUI PLANETS<br> (Artificial Planets)

In Lal Kitab, Concept of Masnui Planets is very important. According to 1941 version of Lal Kitab at page no 392, the Auther Pandit Roop Chand ji has explained as under: S.No COMBINATION OF TWO PLANETS MASNUI PLANET 01. Sun + Venus Jupiter (khali hawai) 02. Mercury + Venus Sun 03. Sun + Jupiter Moon […]

Makar Sankranti

Dr Baneeta Dhaliwal MD,PhD(Gold Medalist) 09878329967 This festival is celebrated based on the solar year. As per Vedic astrology, Sun transits from Saggitarius to capricorn sign on the zodiac. Sun changes its position from  Dakshinayan (South) to Uttarayan ( North). Makar Sankranti is also known to be the festival of Sankraman kaal of the Sun. […]

Facts about Rudrakhs

. . . . .. . Facts • What is Rudraksha ? • Why it is so important ? What is its relevance ? • What is Mukhi or Multifaceted Rudraksha? • What is Mala or Rudraksha Rosary ? • Is it for me ? Its advantage for human ? • Does it have any […]