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Seminar on Astrology held on 11/10/2013 at bhartiya vidya bhavan, Sec-27, Chandigarh.      

Nakshatra Nadi Astrology

Nakshatra Nadi Astrology is in fact an extension of Hindu Vedic Astrology, on which lot of research work has been done by various sages and Astro scholars from time to time. It has been presented in their own style in their various works for the better understanding of the readers. Since long our Sages had […]


This is common problem with every student of astrology; sometime one feels handicapped in starting dialogue with the Horoscope. This is because, seeing a horoscope means wondering with no specific target in the life span of 120yrs. Result is that Horoscope does not respond your thought. My submission is GO SUBJECTIVE. When a client comes […]

Combined significations of houses and planets

The table below indicates Karakatwas of houses and planets that are used commonly. Signification Karaka House Body Sun 1 Head Sun 1 Dynasty Sun 2 Right eye (in males)/Left eye (in females) Sun 2/12 Heart Sun 4 Stomach/abdomen Sun 5 Fire/Inflammation Sun 6 Father Sun 9 Rank/status/fame Sun 10 Place of worship Sun 12 Infancy […]

What are Vargas?

What are Vargas? 1. Zodiac consists of 360 degrees or 12 signs of approx. 30 degrees each. Each sign is further subdivide into number of generally equal divisions, wherein the position of each planet is mapped in each Amsa accordingly. These are called divisional charts or Vargas. Each Varga represents a specific aspect of a […]