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Astrogurukul | October 23, 2018

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FINGERS – ungaliea Ka Gayan

March 7, 2013 |

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aMgilXo ky nwmo pr ivcwr krqy smX phly hI ÆpÃt {p sy ilKw jw cukw hY ik AMgUTy ko hÆqryKw-SwÆZ my siµmilq nhI ikXw jwqw, hwlwMik AMgUTw hwQ … Read More


February 19, 2013 |

ASTROLOGY FOR WHAT By Ram Nath Goyal From Mandi Gobindgarh.

Astrology is vedang, ‘EYES OF VEDAS’. How astrology is eyes of Veda? What is that use of astrology? Which makes astrology ‘EYES OF VEDAS’ ? … Read More

Ashtakavarga Transit Results

September 25, 2012 |

Ashtakavarga Transit Results

The Planet gives following results when it transits over a sign containing 8-0 Bindus


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Nakshatra and Lord

September 25, 2012 |

Nakshatra and Lord

Nakshatra (Devanagari: nákṣatra) is the term for lunar mansion in Hindu astrology. A nakshatra is one of 27 (sometimes also 28) sectors along the ecliptic. Their names are related to the most prominent asterisms in the respective … Read More

History of Astrology

September 24, 2012 |

Ancient Babylon

Astrology has been around for thousands of years. Tracing its roots back to ancient Babylonia, it was practiced by the priests to decipher the will of the gods. From Babylonia, astrology was adopted by the Greeks. … Read More

Medical Astrology

September 24, 2012 |

Medical Astrology The Signs and the Houses

The likelihood of illness or injuries relating to a particular sign is derived from both the nature of the sign with regard to its type by triplicity and that of its natural ruling … Read More

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