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Astrogurukul | November 14, 2018

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Bhrigu Saral Paddathi

Bhrigu Saral Paddathi


Compiled by Amrao singh


Secrets of the Founder of Vedic Astrology Sage Bhrighu.

This Article has been taken from  BSP from internet and sharing with you.

Bhrighu Easy Methodology Series.

Bhrighu Saral Paddathi (BSP) ‐ 1

‘Wherever Saturn sits he creates Ups & Down in the 4 th house from it, in minimum any one signification of that house’

This becomes his Karmic House called as ‘Shanis Previous Lives House’

He will first create Up & then Down in the significations of the house or at times
even the reverse, basically he will Create Fluctuations.’

‘kfu vkius ls pkSFks ?kj esa Åap uhp djsxk v©j ml ?kj dh fdlh ,sd ckr d¨ fcxkMs+ xk ;k loZukk’k djsxkA

  • Guidance: Where you see Saturn placed in a chart, that house & it’s Karmic House, you must advice clients not to create any new bad karma on these 2 houses especially, if so done the transiting  Saturn ignites,  then its havoc time.
  • For past karma one can resort to remedial measures but in Saturn’s case mantras work less effectively as compared to real karma of helping others & keeping pure heart (note heart),

Indira Gandhi chart

Natal Saturn in 1H, 4 th from it is ‘Saturn’s Karmic House’ in 4H of mother, throne, grihast ashram (home life). she lost her mother at young age, she lost her throne in a most shameful manner, her home life was destroyed – husband away and died early, daughter in law biggest enemy. The lord of her 4 th House is a Venus, a woman & placed in & placed in 6H of enemies with Rahu (secret enemies), can you imagine the back stabbing she has faced in her life & her revolt against is what gave her the name Iron Lady Of India. In 1984 Saturn was transiting through 4 th house .

Dob is 22/07/1979 t.o.b 14:47, Ludhiana

Saturn is in 10H with Rahu (remedy won’t be found) and 4 th from it is the 1H of brain and it becomes ‘Saturn’s Karmic House’. Rahu is a snake, a worm also moves like a snake, Saturn spoils the 4H from it where in the 1H of brain is situated and also aspects its lord Mars by 10 th aspect.
Now the question to be asked is when would the problem occur, this is the tricky part, in our short experience of timing this method we have found that at times when Tr Saturn aspects ‘Saturn’s Karmic House’ the event is triggered, which can happen many times in Saturn’s round of 30 years.
As he first came to know in 2000 the period Saturn was Tr through 7th house from mid of June 2000

Bhrighu Saral Paddathi (BSP) ‐ 2

  • Wherever Jupiter sits he creates Ups & Down in the 10 th & 6 th house from it, in at least one significations of that house
  • This becomes his Karmic House called as ‘Jupiter’s Previous Lives House’
  • He will first create Up & Down in the significations of the house which means fluctuations (Gadbad).
  • He will destroy at least one signification of that house.

c`gLifr tgka cSBk gS ml ls 10 osa v©j NBs ?kj esa Åap uhp djok;sxk v©j ?kj dh fdlh ,d ckr dks fcxkM+ ds j[k nsxk ;k loZukk’k djsxkA

Dob is 22/07/1979 t.o.b 14:47, Ludhiana

BSP-2: 10 th from Jupiter: The 10 th from Jupiter is the 6H of disease making it ‘Jupiter’s Karmic House’ & you can see that he has a disease, this happening in the sign of Aries which as per kaal purush kundali) is brain of the body, its lord Mars aspects the Asc which also denotes brain.

6 th from Jupiter: 6 th from Jup would be the 2H of wealth & family & prestige in native’s life. This would translate into the native facing financial difficulties as 2H is affected. You can see that the mail from the gentleman says he is in great financial problems.

Timing: The mail did not mention the month but just the year of discovery of worm in
brain as 2000, one can notice that till June 2000 Tr Jupiter was in Aries which is our Jupiter’s
Karmic House thereby triggering the event.

Case 2

Friend from Croatia writes:

Saturn in 1H ‐ she is so talented for music, and she played violon, teachers from Russia, USA called her willing to pay for her scholarship, but, no, she found some drug addict, aggressive man, got pregnant and has daughter now. For one side she seems so talented but when you come to logic or reason ‐ she seems dumb…. Like until some 11 or 12 years of life she was like grown person, then got into puberty, she ran from home when she was 16 years old, parents didn’t know a full year where she is or is she alive or not ‐ she broke all connections with family.

Follow the chart

BSP-2: 10 th from Jupiter
Jupiter’s Karmic House’ would be the 1H of one’s Full Life, you can see from the note that though she is talented her life is finished in a way, in the 1H Saturn the 3L of talents & skill sets & playing instruments (hands is 3H) is placed and when 5L of love Jupiter entered her life this was over thereby showing that Jupiter’s 10 th aspect destroys the ‘Jupiter’s Karmic House’.

6 th from Jupiter This would be the 9H of bhagya (prosperity) & marriage, there AL (Emerged Self) & Ghatika L (Name Fame) is placed and its lord Moon is placed in the 2H of family, which means this Jupiter will destroy the life of this family and subsequent name fame money.

Now use Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi rotate the Bhrighu Chakra (wheel) and 16 th year would be 4 th House where Jupiter is placed, see Bhrighu Saral Paddathi (BSP‐2) matches with BCP method also here.

Timing: In her 16 th year that is Oct 2001 to Oct 2002 Tr Jupiter was in Gemini, use BCP‐2, 6 th
from it is 1H of ‘Natal Jupiter’s Karmic House’ and 10 th from Tr Jup is 5H of love, she fell in
love and her whole life was down the drain.

Sage Bhrighus Easy Methodology ‐ Bhrighu Saral Paddathi 3 & 4

BSP 3: Wherever Saturn sits, he becomes Judge Dredd or Emperor (Shahenshah) and he shouts ‘I Am The Law’.

It is that house where

a) Karma is unfinished & you ‘Need’ to finish it.

b) You will or can make mistakes concerning significations of that house

c) You will be Judged for your mistakes – there is no 99% in this.  If the Universal Law is not followed in that house, Saturn will destroy that house as He is the Law.

Logic of BSP 3 can be derived from Tr Saturn on natal moon – it causes high grief, only when there is unfinished karma we get punished by Saturn.

BSP 4: Wherever Saturn sits he ‘Spoils/Destroys/Activates’ one of the significations of the 2 nd house from it. That He passes on the judgment of this house (where he is placed) on to the 2 nd house from it.

Chart of Indira Gandhi


Natal Saturn is in the 1H of self, her life was a sorrow and she did what Saturn does best serve people. She slept only for 4 hrs a day and rest she devoted to people. Where Saturn sits there karma is unfinished and karma is left to be done, Saturn sits in the sign of Cancer, the sign of mother, she almost became Mother India and at times cold (Saturn).

Saturn destroys the 2 nd from it, and the 2 nd from it is the 2 nd house of family, her family life was destroyed, living separately from her husband, finally her husband died at a early age, in her family she had 2 children one got killed in air crash, 2 nd blown to pieces by terrorists

what family life is left. In conclusion 1 st house is body and 2 nd house is maraca sthana (death house) she herself (self‐body )  got the worst death in terms of physical death.

Back Ground on BSP 4 & Its Importance:

The technique outlined in BSP 4 was first learned by us in the passing in just one line from an astrologer whom we fondly called the ‘Guaranteed Astrologer’ about whom we had written in KNRs ‘Jyotish List’. To write in brief about him, well we were sent to him by mentor who knew him since 20 years and after seeing our chart he said ‘after 10 months you would get job, these are the 4 dates in that month, out of which for 2 I take guarantee’. As he was the only astrologer who took guarantee for his prediction we called him the ‘Guaranteed Astrologer’.

Mentor had sent us to him so that we could learn from him and unfortunately we could learn nothing, but a great fondness for him was there and so far in our experience he has been the greatest predictor we ever met, the purpose of our appreciating this astrologer to this extent is not to undermine any other persons competence which we know can be higher than even this level of excellence which unfortunately has stayed beyond our reach.

Later we learnt same method from another source & that it was a Bhrighu Technique, but since we heard it first from the guaranteed astrologer this must be dedicated to him. Three months ago when we were discussing BSP 1 & 2 with our beloved friend Shanmukha and told him about this BSP‐4 technique, he immediately retorted that in rural coastal Andhra Pradesh (this state is known for developing astrology phenomenally like Kerala in India) the village astrologers use this technique and he said they almost ignore the other 3,7,10 aspects of Saturn and give major importance to Saturn’s 2nd aspect. Having given due credit and importance let us see the logic behind it.

Logic of Saturn’s 1H aspect 1& 2nd H aspect

the issue with any logic in astrology is it need not be accepted and this is the reason Strict Gurus never teach others students and never write in magazines as they are content with themselves and do not want uninvited criticism as it is the job of most wannabe scholars to only criticize. At times there is only philosophical logic that the teacher might be aware of. In our lecture on 26 th Jan 2009 in Ahmadabad city where nearly 20 BSP methods were revealed among 200 astrology students including 50 stalwarts, the question put to us strongly was to reveal the logic of each method. In BSP 1 & 2, one can give exact logic and even show its decoding from Parasara’s 2 BPHS with the exact shloka from it, but if one does that then people might think the attempt is to show to the world that previous Gurus have not learnt BPHS till date and that should never be our intention.

When it comes to BSP 3 & 4 let’s visit a Puranic Story that all of us know about.

Puranas When Lord Ganapathi was created by Mother Parvati, she invited all the Gods to visit and bless the child Ganapathi. When Saturn was standing in the queue with his head down he was asked by Parvati as to why he is not seeing Ganapthi and blessing him, then Saturn advised her that his sight is cursed and it would bring calamity on Lord Ganapathi. Goddess Parvati forced him to see and we know the story of how Ganapathi lost his head. What is to be learnt is Saturn signifies sorrow, grief as he carries the bag of one’s bad karma (good too and this is the key) and where he (the house he is placed in) there this will come and being an orderly gentleman he would want you to bring to order the significations of the house he is placed in. This is BSP‐3. Now as soon as he starts moving his head up in order to move forward, he would look at the house next to himself as that’s the path of his journey, so he looks up to the 2nd house hence he destroys that house too but if our karma is good he will not cause harm and this is where you would find the technique not working and thus you judge how the planet is behaving irrespective of shadbalas etc.

Astro Logic

Sadesathi means when Tr Saturn moves into the 12 th house to ones natal moon, then on natal moon and then next to natal moon – covering 3 houses. As per most authorities this is the worst period in native’s life. So let’s assume that Saturn is in 12th house from natal Moon, now what is this 12th house it is ‘house of loss & also comforts’ and being 12 th from Moon it signifies loss of one’s mental happiness, when will this happen when there are troubles of the worst kind, now who is causing this it is Saturn, which means Saturn where he sits (12 th from moon) is causing loss and discomforts and harming the 2nd from it – which is moon, the mental happiness which means everything.

Thus the logic of BSP 4 is gotten that Saturn spoils and destroys the 2nd from it provided other factors don’t intervene. The  logic of BSP 3 can be derived from Tr Saturn on natal moon – it causes high grief, only when there is unfinished karma we get punished by Saturn. Of course there is more to ‘this sadesati method’ and it must be reserved for another article in order to not lose focus. If you observe this way of looking at Sadesati it has not been revealed so far and if you re‐read it couple of times you would get a far bigger key to decode other shlokas.

Let’s now test BSP 3 & 4 on  charts.



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