Aries: Native will be highly passionate and will have relations with many opposite-sex persons.
Taurus: Enjoyable marriage and marriage life, beautiful and committed spouse, steadfast in love.
Gemini: Nymphomaniac, Passionate, Dual relationship, Literate spouse, But, if afflicted by malefices gives Two marriages or separation from spouse.
Cancer: Over indulgent in sex, quick sexual arousal, But if afflicted by malefices gives Two spouses, One spouse emotional, Married life charmless.
Leo: Less interest in sex, Spouse has majestic look and belongs to the reputed family, Mutual understanding and faith. Virgo: Gets satisfied with affections and love during conjugal than sex. Likes the association of lower cast persons of the opposite sex, Ideal spouse.
Libera: Successful and lavish marriage, may go for love marriage, Liberal and beautiful spouse.
Scorpio: Extramarital affairs, Premature ejaculation while excite in love, quarrelsome spouse. Sagittarius: Peaceful and successful married life, Non-serious flirt affairs.
Capricorn: Wavering and temporary love affairs, Loss of reputation due to affairs, Delay in marriage, Quarrelsome & boastful wife spouse.
Aquarius: Jolly and nice-natured spouse, Chaste in sexual habits, Late marriage, unsuccessful love affairs. Pieces: Many affairs but successful marriage in the end, sensible wife.

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