L-17 CIL House-11                                                                                         

Eleventh  House of any horoscope is also known house of Wish Fulfillment, Yon Relationship with a Friend, Like Love.

Sh. S P Khullar, the founder of CIL Theory has given promise in respect of all the 12 cuspal positions. According to him, all cuspal Sub-Sub Lords should justify what is destined for the native in all facets of his life. According to him,

11th Cusp: Wealth, Fortune, Influence, Society, Accumulation of Money, Fulfilment of Desires, Litigation, Speculation.

Sh R. S. Chaani has very beautifully define the way of promises, we are to see from the different cusps. According to him,

Subjects and Linkages related 11th house.                                                                  

S. No Subject Involvement Commitment Final Confirmation

(Sub-Sub Lord)

1. Wish Fulfillment 11 1 1 Yes
11 1 11 Yes
11 1 1-11 Yes
2. Yon Relationship with a Friend 7-11 7-5 7-5 Yes
11 7-5 7-5-11 Yes
3. Like Love 5-11 5-7 5-7 Yes