October 21, 2020

Diseases of Second House

  1. Introduction
    1. The second house to any house represents release of creative potential energy required by the preceding house as per one’s Karmic past. The second house from lagna represents one’s wealth and additions to family, hence it is also called “Dhan Bhava”. Among body parts it represents face, mouth, tongue, oral cavity, speech, nose, cheeks, right eye, lower jaw, throat, teeth, chin and nails. So in this chapter we will discuss disease relating to these parts. However this house is also 6th of 9th house denoting ailments of father, 8th from 7th denoting longevity/ death of spouse and 12th of 3rd denoting losses, expenditure and hospitalization of younger siblings and Maraka-sthan of self.
    2. While the 1st house/ lord is akin to Brahma (the Creator), the 2nd house/ lord is akin to Vishnu (the Sustainer). The second house indirectly control, eloquence/ oratory, vision, faith in sacred texts, lies, deceit, memory, folk-lore’s and jewelry & gems. The Karaka for this house are Jupiter for wealth & family, Mercury for speech & memory, luminaries for eyes and Venus for face and facial luster. In chart of Kaal Purush the second house is occupied by sign Taurus. So strength/ affliction of Taurus and its lord Venus are also important for consideration of diseases pertaining to this house.
  2. Diseases of the Eye
    1. Eyes are very beautiful & delicate parts and one of the important senses of human body. It is considered as an index of beauty of general well-being and state of emotion/ feeling. The eyes as body part is represented by Sun & Moon for right and left eye and the vision, squint, blindness and of retina. The eye is a complicated organ and its affliction something involves nervous and circulatory systems. In astrology, the Sun rules over right eye, Moon the left eye and Venus & Ketu the vision. They should not be posited in a Trika house or afflicted by a Trika lord. Mars denotes soreness and surgery, while Saturn represents blindness. The sign Leo rules over eyesight and the affliction of Leo and Taurus & Pisces (sign of 2nd & 12th house of Kaal Pursha) leads to eye ailments. Mars and Ketu indicate damage to the eyes through injury, burns or inflammatory causes.
    2. General Astrological Combinations: These are based mainly on classics like Jatak Tatwa, Gadawali etc. and include as under:
  3. Afflicted 2nd lord is related with Venus by conjunction, aspect or exchange.
  4. 2nd house/lord is afflicted by Mars, Saturn or Rahu.
  5. Malefics in 2nd or 12th afflicted by Saturn or Rahu.
  6. 2nd lord and lagna are associated with malefics.
  7. Lord of 2nd/12th are posited in Navamsha in a evil house/sign related with a malefic.
  8. Lords of 2nd and 12th posited in a Trika house.
  9. Sun and Moon in afflicted by Mars, Saturn or Rahu.
  10. Sun and Moon in Leo lagna aspected by Mars or Saturn.
  11. 6th band 8th lords occupy 2nd house and 4th house is afflicted.
  12. Venus in lagna or 8th house aspected by malefics.
  13. Sun in 6th or Cancer lagna and afflicted.
  14. Sun or Moon in lagna, 2nd or 12th house afflicted by Mars Saturn or Rahu.
  15. Saturn and Mars in 6th or 8th
  16. 2nd lord in a watery sign and waning Moon both afflicted.
  17. Sun, Moon, Mars, Saturn and Rahu occupy 2nd, 6th, 8th and 12th house in any order.
  18. Afflicted Sun & 6th house affect right eye and afflicted Moon & 8th house affect left eye.
  19. Venus afflicted by 6th and 8th
  20. Sun, Venus and Legnesh in a Trika house and afflicted.
  21. Sun or Moon or Rahu-Ketu axis with Mars and Saturn in Trikone.
  22. Mars, Saturn and Rahu in 2nd, 8th and 12th
  23. 2nd/12th lord and Venus/ Saturn in debility in Navamsha and afflicted.
  24. Lords of lagna, 2nd & 12th and Venus together in a trika house.
  25. Sun and Moon in 6th and 12th
  26. Moon in 2nd house from Sun and afflicted.
  27. Sun or Moon debility in 6th or 12th afflicted by malefics.
  28. 2nd lord in 6th and a malefic in 2nd
  29. Debilitated Mars afflicted in 2nd or 12th
  30. Lord of lagna and 2nd joins Saturn in 2nd/12th
  31. Waning Moon joins Venus and a malefic in 2nd/ 12th
  32. Lords of 1st, 2nd and 7th joins Moon in a Trika house.
  33. All the malefics occupy 4th or 5th
  34. Venus and Moon are in a Trika house cause night blindness.
  35. Venus and Mars in Cancer cause night blindness.
  36. Birth at the time of eclipse and luminaries further afflicted without any benefic influence.
    1. Conjunctivitis: It is a common but contagious ailment. It is caused due to inflammation of Conjunctiva (outer most layer of the eye and the inner surface of the eyelids) because of some infection or allergy. The usual symptoms are bloodshot eyes, irritations in the eyes, excessive watery flow, headache etc. The causes are allergy or infections leading to inflammation of conjunctive. The trouble is enhanced by dust or smoke. If the attack is not treated, it may turn into serious ailments. The astrological reasons are Mars of Ketu in Aries in 2nd/ 12th house afflicted by Saturn.
    2. Diplopia: It is simultaneous perception of two images of a single object that may be displaced horizontally, vertically or diagonally in relation to each other. Normally the two eyes view and object from different angles and later their images are combined by visual centers in the brain. When this does not happen, there is diplopia. This may be caused by paralysis of extra- ocular muscles, cataract, retinal detachment, convergent squint, migraine or excessive general weakness. Astrological reasons are affliction of Sun or Moon or both by nodes and / or weak Mars. The aliment requires thorough check up and treatment as per the cause of the ailment.
    3. Cataract and Glaucoma: When the crystalline lens of the eye starts degenerating and become opaque gradually diminishing vision, it is sign of cataract. It appears in both eyes though it may develop earlier in one eye. It usually occurs in old age, but may occur earlier due to diabetes and some metabolic disorders. Diminishing vision, fast changes in refraction, seeing spots before the eye or diplopia are some of early symptoms. The only treatment is by operation and changing of lens, which is rather an easy operation now.

In glaucoma there is increase in intraocular pressure. The early symptom are blurring of vision, headache and appearance of halos around lights. Later the eyes become congested and there may be severe pain and diminution of vision. Its treatment in early stages are easy but later even an operation may not cure if fully. Both cataracts and glaucoma may run concurrently making things difficult. Generally association of Ketu with Sun in 2nd, or 12th or in 6th or 8th house without any benefic influence cause this ailment. The affliction of first Drekkana of Cancer makes one susceptible to glaucoma. Ketu is the main karaka for cataract and glaucoma.

  1. Squint: It is a condition in which one eye looks in a different direction from the other. It could be in any direction and may manifest quite early in life. It could be with or without Myopia. It is basically a defect of eye muscles, which in initial stage could be rectified by proper exercises. Astrologically afflicted Mars and Ketu in 2nd or 12th house or afflicted Ketu with Sun/ Moon in lagna indicate this disease. Affliction of Aries and Scorpio by Saturn & Mars denote squint.
  2. Night Blindness: This disease is normally due to deficiency of vitamin A which affects the retina. It may be seen in several persons of the same family. Astrologically, combinations for night blindness (in addition to points Nos. 32 & 33 of Para 2.2) are:
  1. Sun and Moon in 2nd house and afflicted.
  2. Afflicted Sun in Leo or Libra.
  3. Lord of 2nd / 12th with Venus in Taurus, Libra or Pisces related with Lagnesh.
    1. Blindness: Any or some of the combinations mentioned in Para 2.2 severely afflicted without benefic influence may cause blindness. Normally if Sun and Moon are in Aries, Cancer or Leo aspected by Mars, Saturn and/ or Rahu may cause blindness. Saturn is the main karaka for blindness. The blindness may be caused due to some disease or due to injury/ accident and it may occur since birth as congenital or later as part of old age travails. This disease is genetic in some cases.
    2. Retina Defects: The retina is a canvas type delicate layer at the back of the eyeball that is sensitive to light and sends the impulses of vision to the brain. Temporary defect in retain includes minor holes or its partial detachment which can be cured through operation. But permanent detachment/ damage to it cause blindness in the affected eye. Astrologically the affected house and planet id found badly afflicted without benefic influence. There are some sensitive points concerning the eye and the optical nerves. These are around 15th degree of Aries/ Libras, 20th degree of Virgo/ Pisces and 11th degree of Taurus/ Scorpio.
  4. Speech Defects
    1. The second house rules over speech in general. Planet Mercury as Karka governs the speech of a native. So affliction to either of them causes defects in speech. For intelligent speech, 5th, 6th, 8th and 12th houses should also be considered. But it may be emphasized that any disorder, defect or wanting in correct expression can only occur if 2nd house/ lord and Mercury are afflicted. Let us now consider some common astrological combinations for defective speech;
  5. 2nd lord in a Trika house with 4th
  6. 2nd lord is weak occupy a Navamsha of a malefic planet and associated with another malefic.
  7. Mercury occupies a sign of Saturn and be aspected by it.
  8. Mercury in a watery sign is aspected by an afflicted Moon and Sun is aspected by a malefic in 6th
  9. Mercury conjunct Sun in 6th house in a watery sign and afflicted by Mars or Saturn.
  10. 2nd lord is associated with 6th lord and aspected by Saturn.
  11. Mercury and 6th lord are in lagna.
  12. Jupiter, Karaka of Tongue, and 2nd lord occupy a Trika house.
  13. Mercury in lagna or 2nd house is afflicted by a Trika lord.
  14. Ketu occupies 2nd from 2nd or 7th
  15. 8th lord in 8th in Rahu-Ketu axis.
    1. A native will be born dumb/ mute if he is born deaf. So such cases we will discuss in next chapter. In this chapter we will discuss cases of late speaking or stammering. Stammering is a defect or articulation leading to sudden check in utterance of words or to rapid repetition. Stammering is not hereditary and usually some habit, spasm, fear, infection in speech center or self-consciousness or difficulty in pronouncing some difficult consonants may result in stammering.
  16. Diseases of Teeth
    1. The second house is the seat of teeth. Taurus and Libra sings control diseases of teeth. The affliction of 2nd & 7th house, their lords, karaka Saturn & Rahu and their relation with 6th house/ lords generate dental problems. The astrological combinations for dental ailments are:
  17. A malefic / afflicted Saturn in cancer causes early loss of teeth.
  18. Aries, Taurus or Sagittarius is in lagna with malefics there or


  1. 2nd lord with Rahu in a Trika house.
  2. Saturn, as functional malefic in 2nd aspected by Rahu from 6th
  3. Saturn & Rahu in 2nd or in opposition to Lagnesh and Jupiter is weak.
  4. If 2nd lord & Rahu are posited in 6th house or 2nd lord and dispositor of Rahu are conjunct.
  5. 2nd & 6th lords are conjunct, exchanges or aspect each other in natal or Navamsha chart.
  6. Jupiter and Rahu posited in lagna without benefic influence.
  7. Venus & Saturn in 8th, lord of 6th in 7th and a malefic in 6th cause teeth decay.
  8. 6th lord in Aries/ Scorpio, Mars in lagna aspected by Saturn.
  9. Mercury conjunct with Rahu and 2nd lord in a Trika house.
  10. Malefics in 7th or Sun, Moon & Saturn in 7th without benefic influence.
  11. Mars in lagna in a watery sign, Saturn & Rahu in 2nd, 6th or 8th.
  12. Sun & Saturn in watery sign aspected by malefic.
  13. Sun, Moon & Venus in lagna, 2nd, 6th or 7th aspected by a malefic.
  14. Pyorrhea: It is a chronic but curable and inflammatory disease affecting the periodontium i.e. tissues that surround and support the teeth. In initial stages, there is bleeding of the gums, followed by pus exudation from the junction of tooth and gums. It causes bad odour from mouth. This disease is responsible for the maximum tooth loss and is a common but most neglected disease.
  15. Nasal Diseases
    1. The second house represent nose and Mercury is its Karka. When 2nd house/ lord, Taurus sign and Mercury are afflicted or are related to 6th house/ lord, nasal problems are indicated. The 2nd house rules over right nostril and 12th house left nostril. Rahu is Karaka for breathing. The airy signs also rule over breathing. Some of the astrological combinations for nasal diseases are as under:
  16. 2nd house/ lord afflicted, Moon in the 6th and Lagnesh in a malefic house.
  17. 2nd lord Jupiter and a malefic aspects 2nd
  18. Sun, Mars and Saturn in a house related with Mercury/ 2nd
  19. Mercury be under multiple affliction and without benefic influence.
  20. Moon, Saturn and a malefic in a Trika house and Lagnesh in a malefic Navamsha.
  21. Saturn aspects Mars and 2nd House and Taurus sign. Mercury in a Trika house and is aspected by Rahu.
  22. Rahu, a karaka for breathing is in a Trika house aspected by functional malefic.
  23. Airy planets-Saturn/ Rahu should afflict airy sings and/ or Mercury.
    1. Sinusitis: This is a common allergy/ infection to foreign proteins which may enter para- nasal sinuses through inhalation, common cold, influenza or badly maintained teeth. The infection easily spreads from one sinus to another. The symptoms are pain, tenderness, bouts of sneezing, irritation and nasal discharge.
    2. Polyps: This is disease which is a kind outgrowth of mucus membrane/ lining of nose or sinuses. They may also be found in the colon, stomach, urinary bladder or uterus. Mars is Karaka for all tumours. A malefic Mars afflicting 2nd/ 12th house may cause the disease. The Polyps once removed May again from in the same or the other nostril.
  24. Facial Disease
    1. May facial skin disease like pimples/acne etc. is common and need minimal treatment; but some are rare and be disfiguring or critical like Noma or skin cancer. The face, mouth and oral cavity are also ruled by 2nd Venus and Moon are Karakas for facial beauty and luster. Mercury is the Karaka for all types of ulcer and of Skin. Some of the combinations are 6th lord and Moon afflicting 2nd house, Mercury & Venus in 6th/ 7th and afflicting; and 2nd lord afflicted by 6th & 8th lord.