October 24, 2020

(Artificial Planets)

In Lal Kitab, Concept of Masnui Planets is very important. According to 1941 version of Lal Kitab at page no 392, the Auther Pandit Roop Chand ji has explained as under:

01. Sun + Venus Jupiter (khali hawai)
02. Mercury + Venus Sun
03. Sun + Jupiter Moon
04. Rahu + Ketu Venus (khali hawai)
05. Sun + Mercury Mars (Nek)
06. Sun + Saturn Mars (Bad)
07. Jupiter + Rahu Mercury
08. Venus + Jupiter Saturn like Ketu
09. Mars + Mercury Saturn like Rahu (Manda)
10. Mars + Saturn Rahu Uccha
11. Sun + Saturn Rahu Neecha
12. Venus + Saturn Ketu Uccha
13. Moon + Saturn Ketu Neecha
  • We must note that Masnui Jupiter and Masnui Venus is “Khali Hawai”.It indicate artifical thoughts, Jupiter thoughts are related to spiritual level whereas venus thoughs are related to material realms.
  • We must note that Masnui Saturn itself behave like ketu and like rahu manda, but when natal Saturn joins with either Mars, Sun, Venus or Moon, it become Masnui Rahu and Masnui Ketu.

As per Lal Kitab-41 version, This simple reflects the outcome results due to the conjunction of two planets. One what is very important to explain: in Lal Kitab Saturn is Munsif (Who records the judgement) and RAHU/Ketu are Paap. Rahu/Ketu can have the nature as of Saturn but don’t have powers equal to Saturn.

  • Rahu and Ketu are “Paap Grahs” and these two planets are controlled by Jupiter , but Jupiter itself influenced and disturbed by mercury (LK-1941,pg 4, line7-10, also see pg 307 line 11-13).
  • It must be also noted that when Saturn joins with Jupiter in the natal chart all other planets becomes Dharmi grah ie; all Papi Grah will not do any mischievous.
  • Masnui Venus : in which fight and mockery of Rahu and mischievous enjoyment of ketu (sex for enjoyment without children) is included (lk-41, pg 307)

“This line indicates how component in Masnui planet is working.”

  • Lk-41, pg 386 line 1-4 : When Jupiter is in Khana no. 9 than lord of Khana no. 12 will be Rahu but if Jupiter is NOT in Khana no. 9 & 12 than Lord of Khana no.12 will be Mansui Mercury=(Rahu + Jupiter).

“This line indicates the relationship with house. planet and its masnui concept”.

Lk-41, pg 380 : It says that

  1. Venus+Jupiter will affect the results of Khana no 2,
  2. Sun+Jupiter will affect the result of Khana no 5,
  3. Mars+Mercury will affect the results of Khana no. 3,
  4. Venus+Mercury will affect the results of khana no. 7,
  5. Mars+Saturn+Moon will affect the results of khana no. 8.

It says that above Masnui will bring changes or affect the respective houses.” we should focus on the matters related to that house only.