October 21, 2020


Mahurta Shudhi Karan with Sarvatobhadra Chakra

By Anil Kaushal


  • If the tithi, rashi, navamsha and nakshatra are receiving vedha from malefic planets in muhurat, such muhurats should be rejected outright. If a marriage is performed, there will be marital unhappiness in the lives of the couple, if a journey is commenced, the person cannot perform his work and does not come back, and if a disease starts then it taken a very long time to be cured.
  • A malefic vedha on the rashi leads to loss of place.
  • A malefic vedha on the nakshatra leads to overall destruction.
  • A malefic vedha on the nakshatra leads to death.
  • A malefic vedha on all three leads to death for sure.
  • A malefic vedha by the Sun leads to affliction to the mind.
  • Amaleficvedha by Mars leads to murder, battle and death.
  • Amalefic vedha by Saturn leads to loss and pain in the body.
  • A malefic vedha by Rahu leads to injury and wounds.
  • A malefic vedha by Ketu leads to poisoning.
  • If benefic planets cause vedha, then the work undertaken at that time gives good results and leads to success.
  • A beneficvedha by Mercury gives excellent intellect.
  • A beneficvedha by Jupiter gives happiness and prosperity, gains and victory.
  • A beneficvedha by Venus gives all round good results.
  • A beneficvedha by the Moon gives benefic results in when moon is vexing and malefic results when moon is veining.
  • If a disease occurs when a malefic planet is retrograde, the patient dies.
  • If the disease occurs when the malefic planet is in fast motion, the disease remains for a long time.
  • If at the time at which a disease occurs, vedha is by the Sun, it gives pain from fever.
  • If the vedha is by Mars, it gives respiratory problems.
  • If the vedha is by Saturn, it gives colic and rheumatism.
  • If the vedha is by Rahu/Ketu, it gives epilepsy.
  • Malefic vedha on the nakshatra gives pain in the eyes, mental distress and exertion.
  • Malefic vedha on the letter gives pain due to burning and fever, tuberculosis, wasting away of the body and vomiting due to increase in pitta.
  • Malefic vedha on the vowel gives diseases of the mouth and pain in the teeth and cars.
  • Malefic vedha on the tithi gives skin irritation, enlargement of the stomach, headache and swelling in the feet.
  • Malefic vedha on the rashi gives a decrease in the fiery element in the body, harm from water, increased anger, phlegmatic disorders, diseases of the womb and pain in internal vessels.
  • The nakshatra in which a malefic planet is placed is called Akrant and vedha to this nakshatra is called Jwalit It gives pain in the body.
  • The nakshatra previous to the one in which a malefic is placed is called Bhuktaand Vedha to this nakshatra is called Dagdha It gives death.
  • The nakshatra next to the one in which a malefic planet is placed is called Bhogya and vedha to this nakshatra is called Dhoomit It gives diseases, unhappiness andarishta.
  • The Akrant,Bhukta, Bhogyanakshatras plus all the nakshatras receiving vedha by malefic planets should be discarded for purposes of Muhurat.
  • Once the Moon has passed over these nakshatras, then they can be used for Muhurat.
  • Vedha to any one component out of nakshatra, letter, vowel, tithi and rashi gives fear in battle.
  • Vedha to any two components gives loss of wealth.
  • Vedha to any three components gives defeat in war.
  • Vedha to any four components gives death.
  • If benefic and malefic planets are placed together in the same quarter of a nakshatra, then the benefic planet also gives malefic results.