By K.C. Malhotra

The Hindu New Year Chart is prepared for the day and time when Sun and Moon have exact conjuction in Pisces sign or on Chaiter shukal pratipada. If we take the capital of a country as the place and adjust the time accordingly then we can prepare Hindu New Year Chart for that country and predict the events for the country according to the disposition of the planets.

Let us consider Hindu New Year Chart for India for Samvat 2073. The exact conjuction of Sun and Moon is on 7th April, 2016 @ 16:55 Hrs and take Delhi the capital of India as the place. The following will be the chart of New Year for India.


Asec    –          1: 11 (Utter Phalguni)

Sun      –          23:59  (Revati)                        Moon   –          23:59 Revati

Mars    –          14:13 (Anuradha                     Merc    –          8:43     Ashwini

Jupiter –          20:42 (Poorv Phalgun)            Venus  –          8:06 Utter Bhadrapad

Saturn R–        22:10 (Jayestha)                     Rahu   –          27:34 Utter Phalgun

Ketu     –          27:34 Poorvbhadrapad


According to Jovian cycle of 60 years, the Samvat 2073 has been named as “Saumya” with its lord as Shiva. There will be normal rains, difference among the rulers will be low and there will be less production of grains. In the month of Chaitra prices will be high, in vaisakha the velocity of wind be high. Conflicts in Jyastha, Ashad will have less rains. All juicy material and metals will be cheap. Kartika to Magh are medium, but phalgun witnesses high speed winds and grains will be cheap.

  1. The Ascendant Virgo in rising with Capricorn Navamsa ascendant. Both are earthy sign and is over all a favourable disposition hinting at a year of progress and development for the country with government displaying a strong steak of pragmatism in its policies and approach to major issues facing the nation.

The Ascendant is aspected by an exalated 2nd and 9th lord Venus as also the 11th lord Moon and the 12th lord Sun. The economy appears to be in for sunny weather. The occupation of exaltation sign by 2nd lord Venus in conjuction with 12th lord Sun promises heavy investment from overseas.

The Asendant Lord Mercury in the 8th house is not bad, Mercury here is welcome and an exception to the general rule of a planet suffering from Dusthana. Black money stashed in overseas banks is likely to be brought back. The Government may also work at plugging loop holes that people make use of to put money in foreign banks.


2.Second House : The well placed second house with its ruler Venus exalated and aspecting the lagna from Kender, the GDP may hover around 8 as the lunar year ends. Direct tax laws may be simplified giving some relief to tax payer. Though the 11th lord Moon lacks in Pakeshbala due to his exact conjuction with Sun, but at the same time combination involving the 11th, 2nd, 9th and 12th houses is a formidable Yoga that attracts business environment. On the whole, India may see good economic growth during this lunar year.

3.Third House : The 3rd house rules roads, railways and airways, transport, communication, media as also cyber science and information technology. The 3rd lord Mars Vargattam in his own sign in 3rd house with Saturn, the fares in different transport sectors are likely to see a drop making travel more affordable to common man. However both planets are malaefic, there can be a rise in travel accidents, more especially road and railways.

Certain section of the media may turn reckless and go overboad in trying to sensationalize stories but finally be admonished by the judiciary. There can be more than one instance of a national TV Channel being dragged to Courts.

3rd house also rules neighbours. The affliction it comes under may lead to mini-war situation with Pakistan. China too may creat major tension for us with its dam and road building activities increasingly encroaching into our water and territory.

4. Fourth House : The 4th house gets weakened by its ruler Jupiter being in 12th afflicted by Rahu. More land related scams cannot be ruled out. The interest on housing loans may not be comfortable with realators feeling heat. The 4th house is aspected by the 4th lord Jupiter who is with Rahu. The 4th show domestic environment and it ihas Rahu infliction which is a serious causing factor. At the same time he also rules innovative technology which may be employed to give greater imputus to the Swatch Bharat Compaign and program.

 5.  Fifth House : The 5th house in Capricorn aspected by its lord Saturn from the 3rd house. This is an indicators of programmes of taking primary education to the remotest corners of the country. More students may opt for courses other than professional engineering and medical and instead opt for job oriented courses as would provide self employment. Saturn as 5th lord is afflicted by Mars, who is also the 8th lord ruling disgrace and humiliation. At least 2 or 3 heads of highly respected or prestigious centres of education may find themselves caught in un savory controversies. The 5th house also shows the stock markets. The vargottam Mars conjoining the 5th lord Saturn, who in turn, aspects the 5th house is generally indicative of bullish trends.

 6. Sixth House : The 6th lord Saturn is in Scorpio. The sign scorpio if afflicted causes trouble to excretory system. Incidence of cancer in this part of the anatomy may see a rise but it is with well placed Mars which wil help innovative and new techniques of handling the condition surgically will also be available. Ketu in the 6th house is aspected by a strong Mars and afflicted Jupiter. There may be more cases of stomach and gastro – intestinal disorder with an epidemic breaking out in at least two region of the country, obesity and diabetes also are likely to cause much concern with more and more people coming under their shadow.

 7. Seventh House : The 7th house ruling foreign relations false in Pisces which is favourably placed with Venus and Sun. Most countries of the world may vie with one another to woo India. The Modi Government will take a pragmatic result oriented approach in its foreign policies and is not likely to yield to any kind of pressure from the Super Power. Pisces ruled by Jupiter who also happens to be the ruler of Ascendant in U.S. Decleration of Indepenence Chart. There can be an easing of procedures facilitating students and faculty exchange between India and U.S. The Jupiter’s affliction from Rahu in lunar new year chart shows that U.S. cannot be trusted where Pakistan is concerned.

The 7th house also rules opposition. It comes under mixed influence and could indicate the congress at times, behave with some responsibility in Parliament. The 7th lord with Rahu exposes a top opposition leader to a major health crisis. Scams that have been hibernating so far for whatever reason may rear their heads once again hitting the congress and its allies hard.

8. Eighth House : The 8th house rules longetivity and the presence of the Ascendant lord Mercury here is a protective shield on the Government. However it can also show national mourning with the flag flying half mast at least on two occasions. A much respected national leader – political or gubernatorical – may pass away. A top judicial functionary could also come under a shadow.

9. Nineth House : The judiciary coming under the 9th house is aspected by Mars and Saturn while the 9th lord himself is exalated in Kendra. An international honour is likely for a judicial functionary. At the same time some bold and path breaking judgements are foreseen which could also attract demonstration and protests from vested interest.

The strong aspect of malefics on the 9th house calls for beefing up the security of judicial officers of all ranks from top to bottom. A violent attack againt more than one judicial functionary cannot be ruled out. The Ayodhya temple issue may pick up momentum again.

10. Tenth House : The 10th house is most important in Mundane chart shwing the Government and governance from it. Mars aspect the 10th house adversely. Anti Modi agenda may turn louder but loose steam after July 2016 as the Sun-Venus chidder dasha of BJP party will end and Moon dasha will start which give support to the Government. At the same time the Martian influence can galvanise the Government into taking firm steps and doing away with avoidable delays wherever necessary in pursuing its development programe. A certain ruthlessness will be evident in execution of its decision or in pushing ordinance wherever necessary. The GST bill or another equally important bill may finally be passed. While a watered down Land Acquisition bill also may see progress, if not already. The Women’s Reservation Bill may become law after initial resistance to it.

 11.  Eleventh House : The 11th house indicate source of revenue, Monetary gains through business, trade, industry and taxation. The 11th lord Moon is weak but benefits from being with Venus. Inflation may be checked and could see a reduction.

 12. Twelfth House : This house indicate foreign countries secret plots against the country, spy and secret forces. The Rahu – Jupiter combination in 12th house is signal to a dangerous trends with extremist elements in secret across the border. India must be on guard against I.S. infiltration into our country. The 12th house inflation must not be treated lightly and calls for quick action on our borders if our army men are not be sacrified.


General : – The position of Venus is a happy augury for women in our country with several schems to help their education and social needs. More women are likely to occupy position of importance in government and judiciary as also in areas that have been a male bastion so far. The Government is likely to come up with schemes to help women gain skills and for providing decent wages and working conditions. The issue of equal pay for equal work receives serous attention.

K.C. Malhotra


Rohini Vass Chakra for 2016


A unique method of predicting the quality of rainfall, the Rohini Vaas Chakra first found mention in the classical text ‘Varsh Prabhodh’. This Chakra is based on the tide factor. It is well known fact that the tides follow the Moon, and height of the tide is proportional to the gravitational pull of the Moon. On days of the Full Moon, the gravitational pull of the Moon is maximum, resulting in the highest tides. Thus the moon indicates the tide and consequential, rainfall.

In this system, a chart having 28 houses is drawn as depicted in the diagram below. (Please note that although a simplified version of the chart is drawn here, the applicability is the same). Here the various houses are distributed amongst four contenders, viz. the Sea, Seashore, Junction and Mountain. Please note that while the Sea, Seashore and Junction get eight houses each, the Mountain get only four houses.


Rohini Vass Chakra for 2016


Consider the Nakshatra at the time of Sun’s ingress into Aries (i.e. the Nakshatra which the Moon was transiting at the time of Mesha Sanskranti), and mark it on the starting house owned by Sea). The remaining 28 Nakshatras (including Abhijeet), are marked sequentially, in the clockwise direction.


The all important Nakshatra is Rohini : –

Now, let us take the example for the year 2016, the solar ingress into Aries is on 13 April 2016 at 19:47 hour. Correspondingly the Moon is in Punervasu Nakshatar.

Mark Punervasu on the starting position of the Chakra, counting Rohini from this in the clockwise direction, we find that it falls on 26th house i.e. Mountain. This is indicative of heavy rainfall in mountain part of the country with less rain in the plains. This shows that reservours of the dams will be filled and great production of electric energy is expected.

The above exercise can also be done in a simple manner by counting from Moon’s Nakshatra at the time of ‘Mesh Sankranti’ (i.e. the time of Sun’s ingress into Aries) to Rohini Nakshatra. We then divide by 7 and study remainder. If it is 1 or 2 the result indicates Sea, if 3 or 7 then Seashore, if 4 or 6 then Junction and if 5 then Mountain. We count Punervasu to Rohini, it is 26 and divided by 7, the remainder is 5 which indicates mountain.

(K.C. Malhotra)

Ardra Pravesh – 2016

21 June 2016

23:01:00 hrs.

Delhi 77E13 28 N4.


The rainy season in Northern India starts with the entry of Sun in Ardra Nakshatra. The horoscope drawn at that time with Delhi as place gives clear indications about the direction and strength of monsoon.

The monsoon season lasts till the entry of Sun in Swati Nakshatra. From Ardra to Swati Nakshatra is the rainy season.

This year Sun enters into Ardra Nakshatra on 21 June 2016 @ 23:01:00 hours, Ashad Shukal Pakash when dwitya Tithi has started; Purvvashada Nakshatra, Tuesday and in Brahm Yoga.

Adra Pravesh is on Tuesday, there is a danger to the life of a national leader with some ammunition or sudden accident so top leaders should take steps for their security and should remain watchful. The Ardra pravesh is in Purvashada. Three will be a great criticism among the political parties of the country. Brahm Yoga will result in medium rainfall and average production of grains and other food crops.


Ardra Parvesh is at night as such people will be comfortable and have sensual tendencies. Ardra Parvesh on second tithi and it will effect the export and import of wheat, pulses and clothes so it is expected that the prices of the items may fall.

During Ardra Pravesh Aquarious Ascendant is rising which is airy sign. Also lord of lagna is Saturn is of airy element and is poisted in Scorpio (Watery). Jupiter having Either element is aspecting the lagna. All these conditions are favouarable that Monsoon season will begin in time in India after 21 June, 2016. Four planets, Sun, Mars, Venus and Ketu are in airy signs as such there will be strong winds blowing in some part of the country. Meghesh Mars is in Tula Rashi (airy) which will effect the rainfall in some parts and hot winds will blow which will have effect on loss of crops and increase in temperature.

The trend of rainfall region wise is given below


1.     East Zone : – (Bengal, Mizoram, Jharkhand, East Madhya Pradesh) Scorpio Rashi with 50% water contents in rising. Ketu is poisted in Ist house with Jupiter watery planet aspecting it. So there will be sufficient rains and also strong winds will be blowing due to Ketu. In D-9 Sun and Saturn is in lagna and aspected also by Mars a hot planets. So too much hot season will be felt.

2.     North East :- (Bhutan, Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal, Nagaland, Manipur, Sikkam). This zone is controlled by Aeries and Pisces with 25% and full water contents respectively. No planet is posited in it. But Jupiter with full water contents is aspecting it. So there will excessive rains in the region. Also Mars is aspecting this region which will give too much rise in temperature.

3.     North : – (Delhi, Panjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, U.P., Nepal, parts of Jammu & Kashmir) There is Taurus sign and Mercury is posited in it. Taurus has 50% water contents and Mercury is watery poisted. There will be sufficient rains in this region. But Sat R is aspecting it and strong winds and dry spell will also be experienced.

4.     North West : – (Western parts of Panjab, Hayrana and J & K) This region is controlled by Gemini and Cancer sign. Gemini sign has nil water contents and cacner has full water contents. Sun and Venus are posited in this region. There will sufficient rains in some parts and dry spell too much hot season will be experienced.

5.     West : – (Gujrat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Daman & Diu, Sind) In the West of India there is Leo Rashi with nil water contents. But Jupiter a water planet in it will help to give some relief. Rahu will bring strong winds in this region & some parts may suffer due to shortage of rains.

6.     South West : – (Kerala, Karnataka, West Coart, Goa and part of Maharashtra). This portion is controlled by Virgo with nil percentage of water contents and Libra with 25% of water contents. Mars R is also posited in this region. There will be below normal rains and excessive hot season in this region.

7.     South :- (Tamil Nadu, Part of Andhra Pradesh, Pondichery). In the South of India Scorpio sign in rising. This is a watery sign and sufficient rains are expected. Also Mars is poisted in it which is dry planet. Shortage and rainfall below average is expected in some part of this region.

8.     South East :- (Orissa, Parts of Andhra Pradesh, East coast Andaman and Nicobar) There is Sagittarius and Capricorn sign having 50% and 100% water contents respectively. Also Moon watery planet is poisted over there. Excessive rains are expected in this region and floods are also expected.

With the entering of Venus in Cancer rashi by the Ist week of July in 2016, So we can expect some delay of South West winds. Also Mercury will enter Cancer Rashi on 11th July, 2016. During this period we can expect sufficient rainfall. During october Sun will enter Swati Nakshatra and South West Moonsoon will start withdrawing.


Election of Cabinet for Samvat 2073

To know the effect and to assess the impact of the planets and Nakshatras on the rainy season, crops, water availability, femine etc, sages have laid down a system called cabinet of the universe formed for a year. This council so formed is responsible for producing good crops, providing sufficient rains etc. The cabinet of ten members is formed every year in accordance with the Sun’s entry in various signs in the following manners.

The King of the Year:- The lord of the day on chaitra shukal pratipada becomes the king of the year. In samvat 2073, the chaitra shukal pratipada falls on 8 April, 2016, which is Friday, so the king of the year is Venus.

As per BRHAT SAMHITA by Varahamihira’s, Chapter-19, Shalok-18 – when Venus is the king, the earth will be rich in rice and sugarcane, with its surface filled with water poured out by mountain like clouds, and bedecked with lakes whose waters are filled with charming lotuses and consequently will shine a damsel whose limbs are respondent with lustrous ornaments. Kings will make the quarters resound with the loud cries of victory, having destroyed the mighty hosts of their enemies and will rule over the earth rich in towns and mines and extirpating the hordes of wicked people. Men will enjoy often feast in the company of their guests, friends and businessmen and the sound of victory of the God of Love will be heard everywhere Area ruled by the King:- whole of the country.

Minister of the year:- The lord of the day on which the Sun enters Aries becomes Mantri or Minister of the year. In samvat 2073 the Sun enters Aries on 13 April on Wednesday in 2016. So Minister of the year becomes Mercury.

There will be indication of excess rains. The cases of sexual harassment will increase and will become a serious matter. The prices of barely, masoor, gram and grains will rise.

Area ruled : Andhra, Ujjain and Malwa regions.


Shashyes-( Lord of Summer crops) :- The Lord of the day when Sun enters cancer sign is called shashyesh (Head of the department of crops). The sun in 2073 Samvat i.e. 2016 enters cancer sign on 16 July 2016 on Saturday, so Saturn becomes the lord of shashyes. The people will be in trouble from the rulers and they may behave rudely and have strict behaviour there may be spread of some disease in public and controversies will disturb the place of public. There may be loss of crops.

Area ruled is Magadh and North Bengal.

Meghesh ( Lord of clouds):- The lord of the day on which the sun enters Ardra constellation become Meghesh. This year in Samvat 2073. Sun enters in Ardra Nakshatra on 21, June 2016 on Tuesday. So Mars becomes Lord of clouds (Maghesh). There will be increase in production of barely, grams and grains. No body will follow norms of shastres. Rains will be short in some places and excess in other places. People will suffer due to natural calamities. There will be increase in quantity of milk, cost of milk and animals like cow etc. will be high and increase in wealth, grain and growth of food.

Area ruled by Meglesh : – Magadh and Bengal.

 Lord of Fort. (Durgesh) Commander of Army:- The Lord of weekday on which the sun enters in Leo sign becomes Defence Minister. Sun enters in Leo on 16 August 2016 on Tuesday in Samvat 2073. So Mars becomes the lord of fort. There may be many rumours which may ultimately benefit to the business people. There will be many difficulties Area ruled by Durgesh : – whole country.

Rasesh (Lord of Juices) :- The Lord of the weekday on which sun enters Libra becomes head of sugarcane, gur, sugar.

According to our Jyotish the Vaar on a place is considered with reference to the sun rise on that place. During this year the Sun rise at different place during the entry to Libra and it happens in two vaars. So there will be two Rases East part from Chandigarh will have Rasesh as Moon and West part from Chandigarh will have Rasesh as Sun because it will be Sunday on this part.

(a)          Results of Rasesh as Moon : – There will be good rains, sufficient supply of gur, sugar, increase in quantity of grain and wealth.

(b)          Result of Rasesh on Sun : – Shortage of rainfall, shortage in supply of ghee, oil, clothes and only rich people wil have comfortable life.

Area ruled : – Konkan and Goa.

Nearshesh (Lord of metal) :- The Lord of the weekday when sun enters Capricorn sign becomes minister of industries, metal. In Samvat 2072. Sun enters in Capricorn on 14th January 2016 on Thursday So Jupiter becomes Minister of Industry. Turmeric, yellow commodities, gold, brass and yellow clothes will give good profit. There will be harmony among the people. Minerals will be cheap.

Area ruled is Malwa and Bihar.

 Phalesh (Lord of fruits and vegetables) :- The Lord of the weekday   on which the sun enters into Pisces in Samvat 2073 becomes Lord of fruits, flowers and vegetables. The Sun enters into Pisces on 14th March 2017 in Samvat 2073 on Tuesday. So Mars becomes the Phalesh When Mars is Phalesh there will be less quantity of fruits and flowers. Fear of disease, confrontation among rulers and public, war like atmosphere may prevail, less production of food grain and natural disasters will distress the people.

Area ruled in whole of the country.

 Dhanesh (Lord of wealth) :- The Lord of the weekday on which sun enters Virgo sign will be the lord of wealth or Finance Minister. The sun enters into Virgo on 16th September 2016 on Friday. So Venus becomes the Dhanesh. There will be cordial relations between rich and poor. Increase in the income of poor and the position of business market will be sound, there will be gain in sale and purchase the rulers will be dutiful and general prosperity of the country is indicated.

Area ruled in Rajasthan and Barmar.

Dhanyesh (Lord of  winter crops) :- The Lord of the weekday on which the sun enters Sagittarius will be lord of winter crops or Department of Kharif crops. Sun enters Sagittarius on 15 December 2016 on Thursday. So Jupiter becomes Dhanyesh. There will be good crops of wheat, barely and rice etc. control on prices, public will enjoy religious and auspicious functions and prosperity through agriculture will be the aim of the Government.

Area rules Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.


Four Stambhas (Pillars) for 2073 Samvat

These Stambhas are very important for national wealth and general prosperity as the whole universe depends upon the water, wind, grain and herbs and study of these is very important.

1. Jal Stambh (Water Pillar) :

The measurement of Nakshatra Revati on Chaitra Shukal Paksh Pratipada makes the decision. The Samvat 2073 has Jal Stambh 46.7%. This is of average strength. As such there will be average rainfall in the samvat. Central and eastern part of the country such as Bihar, Urisa, Assam, Bengal and Uttar Pardesh will have sufficient rain, chances of damage du to heavy floods in some parts cannot be ruled out. There can be scarcity of drinking water. The under ground water level will first show encourging results but will drop down ultimately. There will be good production of rice and bazra etc. crops. The total duration of pratipade in this year in 20 hours & 22 minutes.

2. Trin Stambh :

It is the measurement of Bharni Nakshtra on Vaisakha shukal Pratipada. This year in 2073 samvat Trin Stambh is 33.53%. Like last year the trin stambh is also weak in this year. There will shortage of bamboo trees, herbs, flowers and fodder crops. Due to excessive heat there will be damage to some standing crops and vegetables. The price of milk and other dairy product may rise the Vaisakh Shukul pratipade will have 20 hours & 17 minutes duration.

3. Vayu Stambh (Airy Pillar) :

The availability of Nakshatra Mrigshira on Jayestha Shukal Pakash pratipada will indicate Vayu Stambh. This year in Samvat 2073 Vayu Stambh is 80.39% and is very strong. Storms and high speed winds may do harm to some part of the country. The people will be effected with strong hot waves and standing crops will be effected. During Monsoon strong winds will help the clouds to move and good rainfall can be expected. The jayesth Shukal Pakash pratipad will have 20 hours 58 minutes.

4. Anna Stambh :

Measurement of Punervasu Nakshatra on Asadh Shukal Pratipada will give Anna Stambha. This year in samvat 2073 Anna Stambh is 90.8%. It is very shubh and strong. Inspite of average Monsoon there will be sufficient production of food crops such as wheat, rice and sugarcane. The government can face the problem of storage of food items.